It took me years to find the courage to speak to Luka. He seemed exactly like me. Intelligent. Focused. Serious.

But he’s not the man I imagined.

His reality is cruel and dark. He traps me in his web, his power twisting tighter the more I struggle, until it’s hopeless. I can’t break free.

As he drags me unwillingly into his filthy world, I can’t ignore the terrifying idea circling my mind. What if I belong here with him?

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Nikki Sloane - Sordid Book Reviews

OMG dark and steamyI couldn't put this book down! Loved the story all the way through! So many twists and turns that kept me engaged the entire time. I want more :).Score: 5/5

Sort of RawWhen a book gets banned from a huge source like Amazon, readers stand up and take notice. In this case, that's the wrong reason to read this book. Nikki Sloan's writing and raw story of dominance, power, trust, and love is such a better reason. She takes a sordid tale and twists it into a love story like none before. Forget what you think you know about falling in love. Forget what you think you know about dominance, family ties, and will to survive. All of these ideas are twisted into a well written, fast paced story that pushes the boundaries on acceptance. If dark stories with pain involved bother you, this is not the book for you. But if you can plow into a book knowing it might lead you through dark and scary scenes and out the other side and you're okay with that, then buy this book and be prepared to not stop reading until the end. I probably wouldn't have chosen this book because it's not a genre I usually enjoy but the banned issue and the need to support Ms Sloan sent me in search of purchasing and reading the book. Am I glad I did? Absolutely. Would I do it again? Absolutely. Was it worth the money and time? Absolutely..Score: 5/5

TwistedAnything that gets banned by Amazon is going to get attention. This was an interesting read, really dark, scary at times. It's not for everybody..Score: 4/5

Amazing book!While this book may be a trigger for some it's filled with wonderful dark fantasy. I had never purchased a book by this author before but hearing it had been banned on another site made me run for it. I loved it. ( can't for the life of me think why it was banned to begin with) a great story about Addison and Luka who is part of a mob family. He is dark and controlling but sexy. I wanted more as I raced to the finish with this book. I certainly have a new author on my must read list. Highly recommended!.Score: 5/5

Horrible. rape is NOT sexyThis was pure garbage.Score: 1/5

Twisted, Dirty, DegenerateLoved the Blindfold series. Looked for other books by Nikki Sloane and this was it. Some booksellers do not offer due to storyline - non consensual sex including captivity, and violence. I like books that are light, fun and steamy. This is erotic, dark and twisted. I couldn't put it down. I read the entire book on my phone in an evening. I continue to think about Addison and Luka and their choices. Reading it has made me question what I thought I knew. I recommend it..Score: 5/5

Too shortLoved the other books in this series, but this was way too short. There wasn’t enough substance to the storyline for the price..Score: 2/5

OMG *LOVE*I effing loved this book. LOVED it. Possibly one of my top 10 favorites. Enough said..Score: 5/5

4 Dark StarsHoly Cow! I got to be honest, I was intrigued with this book when Amazon banned it! So the moment she released it, I bought it on iBooks! Nikki Sloane is a new author for me, this is my first book from her and I must say, I did enjoy it. This book is twisted! Luka is a hot, dark dominant who has dirty, filthy mouth. But he is also loyal and sexy as sin! I also like Addison's character. The hot sex and chemistry is off the charts. The dark, twisted domination is set to much higher level. I give Sordid 4 stars. Not a bad read!.Score: 4/5

Amazing!Loved it! I couldn't decide if I loved or disliked Luka. He was dark, yet sexy and loving at the same time. This book had me on an emotional roller coaster and I loved every minute of it 😍👍🏽.Score: 5/5

Almost put this down..When I first started reading this book it made me feel a quite uncomfortable but I plowed through and was very glad that I did because the story turned out to be great. This is not a book for the weak at heart but the story of Addison and Luka really flows through and is a good read..Score: 4/5

This book is AMAZING!I can’t say much without giving it away, but this book is so well written you could smell the sex in the air, feel the hate, the love, the fear, the excitement as if you were the characters. ♥️♥️♥️♥️.Score: 5/5

Amazing dark romance!!Sordid Oh my gosh! I am seriously speechless! Sordid is the first book I have read by Nikki, but I can promise you that it will not be my last! I seriously have no idea how I haven't read any of her books before this one! Sordid had literally everything that I love when it comes to dark romance. It was dark, twisted, emotional, and sooo hot! The characters were amazing, and I loved them both! Addison was a serious good girl, and she had to be perfect in all aspects of life. Luka? Oh man I loved him. He's an extreme dominating alpha male, and who doesn't love that? Once I started, I seriously couldn't put it down. I had to literally force myself to stop reading for awhile because I wasn't ready for the book to end! This books is absolutely amazing and I HIGHLY recommend it!! You will not be disappointed! 5+ stars..Score: 5/5

Ummm WHAT!!!Definitely not what I expected. Was a little bit out of my comfort zone, but I still couldn’t put it down. I found myself being sucked into the storyline. Definitely didn’t end how I thought it would either! Great read.Score: 5/5

This book will have you on the edgeThis book is one hell of a wild ride. The fine line between being dominated and being controlled will have you wanting to throw this book down. But some bonds are formed and can't be broken. That is the case for Luka and Addison. I gave this book 4 stars because it is not for the faint hearted. You must read this book with an open mind to see the love unfold..Score: 4/5

AmazingThis book was so good. Trigger warning for sexual assault victims for sure. It was a great book that showed darker aspects but that was extremely addicting..Score: 5/5

5+ stars for Sordid!Oh Nikki Sloane - you took us to the dark, and it was fantastic. Quick note, if you haven't read The Blindfold Club books by Nikki Sloane, please go read them ASAP! Be warned, Sordid is different from her other books, but it is equally good/great/awesome. Dark/taboo books are tough - will the story be believable? Can the author create characters that we'll pull for? Will the characters find a HEA? In a dark story, the HEA has to be believable. The answer to all these questions is YES. Addison & Luka's story is totally believable - from their first interaction and encounter at the start of the book to the final pages. Luka is an unlikable character - he's controlling, demanding, rough, but as the story goes on, you see more of Luka and understand him. Addison is a strong female lead - her struggle with what she wants (and wants with Luka) and what she thinks she shouldn't want is so real. As a reader, you can completely live in Addison's head and feel her inner battle. True to form, Sordid is still a HOT read from Nikki Sloane. I'm all about Joseph (Three Little Mistakes) but Luka...definitely a fan of Luka! You'll feel a little Addison as you read - should I think this scene is hot? Is it ok that I do? Props to Nikki Sloane for writing out of her comfort zone and going dark for Sordid. To those who say they can't read dark books, give this a try. I think you'll be surprised..Score: 5/5

Hot as hell, pushed dark lines & I LOVED every minute of it!!Holy hell was this book incredible!? With a dark and twisted storyline, I found myself getting sucked in from the start... a story that you almost don't want to read yet can't turn away. Addison is the "perfect" college student, never parties, always does her best and works hard to ensure her future of becoming a surgeon. When she runs into Luka at her very first frat party, the older guy she has been fantasizing about for years, her entire future ends up in his hands... Now she has no choice left but to survive... and she may forever regret it. This story was hot as hell, pushed some dark lines and I LOVED every minute of it!? HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommended dark read!.Score: 5/5

Wickedly wonderfulAddison and Luka are explosive together! Off to a rough start, their unconventional relationship is full of boundary pushing hot as hell sex. Throw in a dangerous family with enemy's in plain sight and it's a miracle anyone makes it out of this story alive. Great original plot, great character building writing as well. A true five star story..Score: 5/5

Amazing and EmotionalSordid is an amazing emotional mind blowing trip to the dark side. (And I loved every moment of the ride!!) I want to give it all the stars!! Addison is a serious "good girl" student with a bit of a crush on her former math PA. Luka is quiet and mysterious but hides a dark side. “The more you fight, the worse it will get. Just accept I am in control now. I own everything.” He made a production of sweeping his gaze downward. “Your body. Your time. Even your choices. Those are all mine now, Addison.” There were some very dark and taboo elements to this story and at times, yes I did question my sanity for how much I love this beautiful story. Nikki Sloane took me out of my comfort zone with this one but seduced me with her gorgeous words. I'm completely in love with Addison, Luka and Nikki!!! "Luka was bad, and the worst part of me hoped he was going to make me be bad along with him. Naughty, slutty, and wrong. I teetered at the edge, wanting him to push me over.".Score: 5/5

Holy Smokes!!!😈Dark, twisted, steamy, sexy. By the end, I was just like Addison Drake. I didn't want to admit I loved it!.Score: 5/5

Not for meAbout 350-pages into the book and I had to give up on it. It was too twisted for my liking with no passion or sexual heat at all..Score: 2/5

It was ok...Although this is a good read I felt myself skimming some of the pages. There was some hype about this story being to dark for a certain book retail site. I didn't see anything like that. I've read darker books than this. So that is why I gave it 4 stars... I was looking for darkness, what I felt I got was a little light shadowing in the corners of darkness. For me, I just couldn't connect to the characters. But with that said... Well you'll have to decide.. 😊.Score: 4/5

Dark, Mind-Bending and Twisted! I loved It!Sordid is not for the faint of heart. It's dark, mind-bending and twisted. I loved it! The story is perfectly told in the heroine's POV. It's her tale of the sordid affair. What was suppose to be simply Addison's attempt at socializing turned into her captivity. While attending a frat party she found herself forcible beneath the man she once thought she loved in secret. Luka Markovic couldn't let Addison walk away with the possibility of her turning to the police. "I can't let you leave. As long as you're in my house, it's my rules. if you don't do as told, there will be consequences." Luka coerces Addison into submitting. He wants to own her, body, mind and soul. His motivations go beyond keeping himself and his family safe but also to keep Addison safe from his families ties. "I could be whatever I wanted beneath him." The beginning of the story is dark, dangerous and twisted. Luka is on a mission to break Addison in order to keep her. It's pretty intense and you start to really wonder where the story is heading. The story is only written in Addison's POV, which keeps you guessing because of Luka's stoicism. Once Luka becomes human, the story begins to move into a different direction. The ending is twisted. I didn't see it coming. I didn't want it to end. I couldn't get enough of Luka and Addison's story. They both have lost and won at the same time. Nikki Sloane writing is captivating, she had me entranced. If you like dark romance you will love this book. 5 Stars!.Score: 5/5

Horrible bookDo not buy the book Unrealistic, there's no way that smart, strong women is going to fall for a rapist!.Score: 1/5

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