The #1 New York Times bestseller. Over 3 million copies sold!

Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results

No matter your goals, Atomic Habits offers a proven framework for improving--every day. James Clear, one of the world's leading experts on habit formation, reveals practical strategies that will teach you exactly how to form good habits, break bad ones, and master the tiny behaviors that lead to remarkable results.

If you're having trouble changing your habits, the problem isn't you. The problem is your system. Bad habits repeat themselves again and again not because you don't want to change, but because you have the wrong system for change. You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems. Here, you'll get a proven system that can take you to new heights.

Clear is known for his ability to distill complex topics into simple behaviors that can be easily applied to daily life and work. Here, he draws on the most proven ideas from biology, psychology, and neuroscience to create an easy-to-understand guide for making good habits inevitable and bad habits impossible. Along the way, readers will be inspired and entertained with true stories from Olympic gold medalists, award-winning artists, business leaders, life-saving physicians, and star comedians who have used the science of small habits to master their craft and vault to the top of their field.

Learn how to:
  •  make time for new habits (even when life gets crazy);
  •  overcome a lack of motivation and willpower;
  •  design your environment to make success easier;
  •  get back on track when you fall off course;
...and much more.

Atomic Habits will reshape the way you think about progress and success, and give you the tools and strategies you need to transform your habits--whether you are a team looking to win a championship, an organization hoping to redefine an industry, or simply an individual who wishes to quit smoking, lose weight, reduce stress, or achieve any other goal.

Atomic Habits (James Clear) Book Discussions

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James Clear - Atomic Habits Book Reviews

Fresh perspectiveI needed to rethink my habits and this gave me a fresh perspective. Really working “my system” to change things..Score: 5/5

Thank youWhat a treasure!!.Score: 5/5

I was glued to this bookIf you want to change your habits this give you a great insight on how to do so. We all struggle in our ways to change things, James walks your through step-by-step..Score: 5/5

Simple and effective tipsI recommend this book if you are trying to polish your habits. Both good and bad habits..Score: 5/5

GoodGood.Score: 4/5

A THUMBS UP!!!Great book and a must read 🏆🏆🏆👍🏽.Score: 5/5

It’s the best self learner - Must Read Book bookExcellent way to interpret that’s surely turn you into habit changes and satisfaction . Cue, craving, routine , satisfaction is the way you will automise some of your daily work and spend more time in difficult tasks. Best wishes and must read ..Score: 5/5

Life changingVery easy to read. Very inspiring and interesting. Simple but extremely effective..Score: 5/5

Great bookDefinitely has life changing information backed by science. Great read would recommend to anyone looking to break a bad habit..Score: 5/5

Atomic Habits is Life changing.One of the simplest, yet eye-opening books I’ve ever read. If you’re into self-improvement this book is a must read. You will be surprised how profound some of the smallest changes to your environment and habits can radically change who you are over time. Thank you James for writing such an exceptional book, and helping so many learn how to sustainability refine and better themselves..Score: 5/5

Pseudoscience, anecdotes, and rehashed materialThe title pretty much sums it up. You could probably cut the intro and condense any insight of the book in 25 pages tops..Score: 1/5

YesGood book.Score: 5/5

A solid foundation of self improvementI really enjoyed this book; it continued to add concepts that I hadn’t necessarily considered from a certain point of view, or just plain hadn’t heard yet. It definitely made me think and give way for reflection; I loved it!.Score: 5/5

Excellent planVery detailed approach to creating good habits and getting rid of bad habits. Ive already done a lot of these things and had great success prior to this book. Now i have a better blue print to go by..Score: 5/5

Amazing.I’ve been amazed by the idea of the book, and how we can apply small changes to our habits system that would dramatically change complete how we feel and interact to out habits in our daily life. This is truly a breakthrough book and I recommend it to anyone who wants build a new or remove a bad habits in his/her life..Score: 5/5

A paradigm shift creatorInformation, or rather the effect of information, is highly dependent of one’s emotional state, ie, if someone is in the appropriate emotional state to be ready to apply life altering changes, can be extremely gratifying. When I first picked up this book, mentally, I wasn’t ready for its intended message. Consequently, I flipped through the first couple pages fairly passively acknowledging the message and considering it fairly obvious. I wasn’t inspired. Certain life events occurred after starting this book which changed my emotional state and caused certain aspects of my perspective, unknowingly and organically, to shift and be open to exactly where this book seemed to be heading. Once this acknowledgment took place, I read this book voraciously. The light switch flipped on. Throughout the rest of the process of reading this book many “switches” kept flipping. What was once common sense transitioned to re-applying what was known to a more effective structure suited for creating a sustainable change rather than momentary inspirational blips on a map. This book hit home and it has helped me develop a perspective I once dreamed of but didn’t know how to hone. This started the first domino of a chain reaction which I feel better equipped to direct. I’d love to thank this author. I am grateful for your product. Thank you..Score: 5/5

Easy readThis is good for beginners on self development. Personally felt too simple and sounded like other books I’ve read..Score: 3/5

MehIncludes some nice tips about starting and sticking with goals. Overall I found this take a bit too simple and tone deaf to oppressive variables in society such as class and race..Score: 3/5

Feel like I understand myself betterClarity. That’s one word I’d use to describe Atomic Habits. Imagine you’re wanting to change your life. And imagine that your mind is the sky. Now imagine how many things are up there on autopilot. This book teaches you how to reroute those things (planes; habits), prepare for takeoff (start new habits), and land with intention (end bad habits)..Score: 5/5

Simple not easyGreat read on the science of habits. Much of this isn’t complex but that’s the beauty. It’s all about the execution on how to set yourself up for daily success. I couldn’t recommend this book more if you want to leverage the daily actions that lead to big results..Score: 5/5

GreatGood book, easy to digest 👍🏽 I would recommend to all ages.Score: 4/5

C. Cc cF cu Credcdrrff a Cxzc C dad da CBC wassass z we ex eeeevre W a a S. RV a d dadr x. A d DC EC.Score: 5/5

Started off slowly but...Became the best book I’ve read on personal behavior modification in thirty years. A ~H~.Score: 5/5

Must ReadVery well explained & easy to follow. The summaries are nice to recap. Thank you for this wonderful book..Score: 5/5

SummaryI loved the high- level approach and the summaries of each section of “atomic habits” definite read and will re read again during those “ruts”..Score: 4/5

An Annual ReadReally appreciated this book. Having structure behind creating good strong habits is so helpful. It’s a must read for everyone. I will add it to my list of books that I read every year as a refresher. It’s so worthwhile..Score: 5/5

A good and helpful readAfter reading this book, I got a clear picture about how good habits can be made a part of your everyday life in a systematic manner..Score: 5/5

Book reviewVery helpful!.Score: 5/5

Very good book.It’s a stepping stone of fixing your bad habits and creating new ones; and how to stick with the new habits without seeing them as a chore..Score: 5/5

ExcellentA book that is engaging, inspiring and encouraging. Atomic Habits shows you a method to creating a better path to improving your life by creating lasting habits. Definitely will keep this on my list of excellent reads. Thank you James clear.Score: 5/5

Would recommend!I really enjoyed this book. It hasn’t changed my life in any huge ways (yet), but that’s the point. It’s helped me see very small ways I can make adjustments and I’m excited to see what these changes do for me 1, 5, 10 years down the road!.Score: 5/5

Very good personal-growth book.Very good book. I highly recommend it. This has change my life and how I see progress by creating habits that move me to the right direction. Habits that shape my identity..Score: 5/5

10/10This book is awesome.Score: 5/5

Great ReadIt really broke some things down for me and made think about the habits that are so automatic for me. Already implementing some things and myself and my wife have noticed a change..Score: 5/5

Insightful and practicalThis is the best book about building habits I’ve ever read. It provides both very solid theoretical framework and very actionable tips..Score: 5/5

A must read!I’m just thinking to myself, I wish I read this book the moment it was released. I’m not sure what my life will be life if I didn’t read this book in this season. Thank you James Clear. I’ve been empowered to begin my success journey..Score: 5/5

5, for sure.An absolute must read. And not only is this a must read, it provides the tools for outstanding and constant improvement toward life itself..Score: 5/5

This book helped me finish it lolSo the book is amazing.. very practical and easy to follow. like most books there is a ton of examples or stories that support the point being made.. he’s not repeating himself..Score: 5/5

Must Read!Great Book! My first book I finished this year and thanks to James Clear, I am moving toward establishing good habits! If you’re contemplating reading this book, don’t!.Score: 5/5

InformativeVery informative and great techniques you can implement into your daily routine to build a better life..Score: 5/5

Great book!Great book! Helps you build habits and stick with them. Very motivating!.Score: 5/5

Atomic habitsAwesome book!.Score: 5/5

SreyonjaeLife-changing book. It demands a place on every personal bookshelf!.Score: 5/5

Remarkable-Don’t sleep on this bookI’ve read The Compound Effect, The Slight Edge, and many other habit development books. This book takes it a step further and really illuminates human behavior in a whole new level. Very very glad I finally picked this up after hearing it recommended so many times..Score: 5/5

Atomic HabitsAmazing. Remarkable. Interesting. Recommend to anyone at any age interested in making positive changes..Score: 5/5

Great readThis book is so fun to read and has been amazing in starting to transform my life. It’s been hard to put down. Thank you.Score: 5/5

One of those life changing books...Score: 5/5

Great read!This book is the blueprint!.Score: 5/5

Excellent way to get goingGreat reference and an easy read.Score: 5/5

A Guide to Reprogramming Yourself“Atomic Habits” connects a wide variety of ideas across disciplines to present the reader with some new perspectives on changing your behavior. It’s a solid book with good theoretical and practical advice, but if you already have a hard time with self discipline, I don’t know that it will totally change your life. It may help you navigate it a little better, though..Score: 4/5

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Amazing bookGreat book, easy to understand and very practical. Highly recommend.Score: 5/5

Clear and straightforwardI love this book so much. I love how the author presents his ideas in clear and straightforward ways, this makes the ideas easy to understand and the concepts easy to apply and implement into ones life. I highly recommend..Score: 5/5

Life AlteringThis book saved my life. Bold statement I know but when you start to understand how small little negative habits are eating away at your success, happiness, joy and love it becomes scary to think of what 5 or 10 years down the road looks like. I listened to this book in December of 2018. I only started to apply these tools in February of 2019. I was at my lowest at that point. I was 192lb, drinking at least 2 drinks a day and rarely exercising. I let my business falter and my marriage was heading down a terrible path. This book sparked me, but not only that gave me tangible tools to make the tiny micro changes I needed to do I could get back on track. It started with 5 push-ups and 5 sit-ups. We are almost a year later to the date and I have lost 20lbs. I have completed 75 Hard and am not only in the best shape of my life I feel like I am in elite shape comparatively. My business is thriving and I have had so many opportunities hit my plate in the last 2 months that I can barely keep up. I have fully prescribed to the notion of setting huge goals and then setting the smallest habits to get their. Thank you for writing this book and truly saving my life. I cannot express in words how different 2019 would be had I not read this book..Score: 5/5

Highly educational bookGreat and enjoyable read.Score: 5/5

Five starsReally forces you to reflect and improve your daily habits. This is one of those books that I think everybody should read once. An eye opener..Score: 5/5

Every one read thisGreat book 📚.Score: 5/5

Excellent!By far one of the best books I have read in my life. I have learnt a ton from it, very intriguing and fascinating content, and extremely practical as well. It’s the kind of book that I would recommend everyone to read it. Excellent book..Score: 5/5

Loved itAs a professional sales person and coach it just helped open my eyes to how much there is to know about compound interest and change. Get up and start the habit..Score: 5/5

GreatAn amazing book that will break down the science and motivation behind habits in a clear concise way.Score: 5/5

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