I'm the bastard child, son to the mistress, my father's backup heir to the Mitchell empire. He sent me to Harvard. I left and became a Navy SEAL, but I'm back now, and I finished school on my own dime. I'm now the right hand man to Grayson  Bennett, the billionaire who runs the Bennett Empire. I'm now a few months from being a billionaire myself. I don't need my father's company or his love. My "brother" can have it. I will never go back there. I will never be the mistake my father made, the way he was the mistake my mother made.

And then she walks in the door, the princess I'd once wanted more than I'd wanted my father's love. She wants me to come back. She says my father needs to be saved. I don't want to save my father but I do want her. Deeply. Passionately. More than I want anything else.

But she's The Princess and I'm The Bastard. We don't fit. We don't belong together and yet she says he needs me, that she needs me. We're like sugar and spice, we don't mix, but I really crave a taste. Just one. What harm can just one taste do?


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Lisa Renee Jones - The Bastard Book Reviews

I love this b*$tard!Lisa Renee Jones has done it again! I loved this book! We start with the meeting between the b*$tard Eric & his step sister, the princess, Harper. Let’s say they get more than friendly, shall we?! Again, they are not blood related & didn’t grow up together, so no worries there! Jump to six years later, & Harper needs his help. She works for his father, but she knows something is off with the business. Neither one has been able to forget about the other, so he agrees even though he has wanted nothing to do with his father or his business. You can read the book to find out why! Eric & Harper’s chemistry is explosive! We got a taste of Eric in her other Dirty Rich books, but this is a stand alone. I was intrigued with the glimpses we got of him, but it was great to really dig into who he is. I love that he has no apologies for who he is. He has his reasons for being a b*$tard, but there is a heart in there. I loved the romance that was developing between Eric & Harper, & the business espionage weaved throughout the pages. I didn’t want to put this book down til I got to the end! I can’t wait to see what happens next, but beware there is a cliffhanger!.Score: 4/5

Addicting, Consuming with Palpable Allure!This embodies everything that makes Lisa Renee Jones the phenomenal writer, of romance, of which I just can’t get enough. So consumed, I could not put this down and read this in one sitting. Edgy, intense, provocative, passionate and full of intrigue, danger, secrets and deception. These characters are well developed and their sizzling attraction jumps off the page. Their push and pull of lust and need is constantly consuming the characters as well as the reader, taking us along for the ride, leaving you breathless and affected. You don’t want to miss this book! Anxiously awaiting what happens next! I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own..Score: 5/5

Could Not Put It DownCould Not Put It Down!!! A great start to another winning duet by Lisa Renee Jones. Eric, oh, Eric - where to begin. He’s a bastard and will tell you that himself, but you need to read the book to find out why. One thing is for sure – you will either love Eric or you won’t, but you will have to make that decision for yourself. Just know that he has he reasons for being like he is and not being able to trust easily. Eric and Harper had an immediate attraction and chemistry from the beginning that you could almost feel coming off of the pages. Harper is part of them, his family, and Eric wants nothing to do with any of them. So Eric walked away from Harper, the princess, 6 years ago. Although, she is never far from his thoughts, Eric never thought he would see her again. Harper walks back into his life and says she needs his help? Is that true or is she just trying to lure him back to his family for them? Eric may not want anything to do with his family, but he will protect Harper from them if she is telling him the truth. They will have to work together to discover what is going on and uncover all of the lies. You have betrayals, angst and have enemies everywhere you turn. Then comes the part where you want to throw your book or kindle up against the wall. Talk about a cliffhanger… How could she just leave us with that? Definitely can’t wait until January 2019..Score: 5/5

One word “Eric”I love, love, love Eric! I wanted to know more about him since reading about his loyalty to Grayson. Eric (The Bastard) and Harper (The Princess) have red hot chemistry that is undeniable but with the secrets going on in this family can they make it? Lisa Renee Jones has done it again. Can’t wait for book 2..Score: 5/5

What a way to start a duetI know I say this a lot but Lisa blows me away with her stories! These 2 are combustible. So freaking good!!!!! The cliffhanger is KILLER!!!! I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!! There are sooo many unanswered questions! And that’s what keeps me going back to Lisa’s books. No one writes romance mystery and intrigue like her!.Score: 5/5

Explosive!!!This was a surprise for me. I really wasn't expecting to love Eric's story so much. We got a few scenes with him in previous Dirty Rich series but he didn't stand out to me at that time. However, I was completely enthralled. Eric is done with his father's family but it only took Harper to pull him back in. He has never stopped thinking about their time together 6 years ago. Even though he fears she is just like the rest of his family, he wants her. If Harper is in trouble, he will protect her but he fears she is lying to him. There was so much to uncover in this book. The family is full of secrets and lies and I enjoyed following along as Eric and Harper dug in to find the truth all the while Eric is trying to learn to trust Harper. Their attraction is explosive and I love them together. I got to the last page in the book and couldn't believe it was going to end there. I literally screamed no! I'm going to need that second book ASAP. Just as Harper and Eric start to solidify their relationship a bomb was dropped and then something else happened that I won't give away in my review but I need to know what happens next!!!.Score: 5/5

Could barely finishRepetitive to a fault. He's a bastard, he's not a Kingston, they're not brother and sister - those plot points were hammered to death. I'm always curious to know what happens in the end but this time I'm cutting my losses and walking away, curiosity be damned..Score: 2/5

Desperate for more4-4.5 Stars I had to pick my jaw up off the floor and get my thoughts in order before I could write this. Wow! Jones, once again, delivered a shocking and thrilling story; a finely crafted story filled with secrets, lies, and suspense. These characters are so deep. We see their strengths and their weaknesses but we never truly get the full picture. I’m eager to see them in their entirety. Jones writes incredible mysteries with list of moving parts. How she’s able to make everything come together, I don’t know, but she does. Throughout The Bastard, she lays the pieces out for us. As the story goes on, the questions and anticipation build. She leaves us dangling at the end, frantic for more!! I need to see how things will play out!.Score: 4/5

EhhhhThe two main characters have annoying tendencies about them. The way “The bastard” is used TOO often as an excuse/ description. Harper is supposed to be these strong female however she is written as more naive than anything else. Not my type of character builds..Score: 2/5

Not sure about this oneI am a fan of this author but The Bastard had too much back and forth between the main characters on their respective trust issues. This includes both dialogue and long passages with internal thoughts. Became a bit monotonous re hashing same issue..Score: 3/5

A great readFirst off let me just say this book is amazing. Harper aka the Princess works for the Mitchell Empire. She finds stuff going on at the empire that is dangerous. She needs help to prove what's going on at the Empire. She can't trust no one but Eric but she knows that he wasn't treated well from his father that he wont come help her. Eric aka the Bastard works with his best friend Grayson. His life wasn't all that easy. He wants nothing to do with his father empire. He cant stop thinking about Harper. Harper comes and ask Eric for help. Will he come and help her? Their connection is amazing. She cant stop thinking about him. She feels like he is dangerous and he feels like he cant trust her. I just love them together. I cant wait for the second book. I highly recommend this book. You wont be disappointed. Can I get an Eric?.Score: 5/5

Book 1 The Bastard and PrincessI am an ARC reader but I give my honest opinion. Oh my, a family feud. Multiple families intertwined through business.... Eric being The Bastard and Harper being the Princess but watch out for Father and Heir when money and power is involved. In true Lisa Renee Jone’s style I can’t wait for the next book!.Score: 5/5

Omg! The Bastard is RealOmg! The Bastard is Real...and I cannot get enough. I seriously thought my heart was going to stop when I realized there were no more pages. Wowza what a cliffhanger, Lisa Renee Jones you out did yourself, I am on pins and needles awaiting book 2 #TheBastardIsReal.Score: 5/5

Must ReadThe first of two books in the series Filthy Duet. This book has you screaming NO!!!! at the end of the book. Eric and Harper’s story is a complicated one. Eric is a result of a billionaire’s affair. Harper is the princess of the family and his stepsister. They shared one night six years ago and he still thinks about her. There are secrets and lies and who do you trust in this book. There is a cliffhanger that will make you beg for the next book The Princess to come out. You will be on the edge of you seat through the book..Score: 5/5

Spectacular!Oh my goodness!!! I need to read The Princess like yesterday! Lisa, you’ve left us in suspense. How could you? Just kidding! Once again you’ve written another spectacular book! And as I always say about your books, they have character’s from other books, pulling it all together! The heartache that both, Eric and Harper have endured, is so sad. But how they’ve managed to move on from their pasts and into a future (hopefully) together is remarkable! There are still many unanswered questions when the book ends. But that just makes you get ready for book two, The Princess. Can’t wait to get those questions answered. Can the bad boy, genius, bastard and the princess have a happily ever after? I sure hope so!.Score: 5/5

MUST READHarper is a young business woman who is desperate to find out what is going on in her family's business. The only way to do this is to reach out to the one man that left her 6 years before. Eric, a self made billionaire, considers himself a part of a family not comprised of blood relatives. So, after six years, when Harper approaches him asking for help to the family he despises he says no. The attraction he felt for Harper six years ago though is too strong. He goes back for her and to make sure that she is safe from the family that once turned him away. The chemistry is apparent from the moment Eric and Harper meet. The chemistry is apparent with sexy scenes, hints of romance and the play for dominance. A must read from Lisa Renee Jones..Score: 5/5

IntriguingWell written $$$$complex, the intrigue between characters and the dimensions are not real. I consider the authors story has some links from others 📚📚☝️👵🏻👵🏻🤔Recommend reading 💭🤔.Score: 4/5

It’s a cliffhanger but so worth it!This is book one in the Filthy trilogy and it features Eric and Harper. CLIFFHANGER! OMG! I am so invested in this amazing story. The forbidden love, the action, the mystery and more is outstanding. The anticipation build up is out of this world! Who’s good and who’s bad has you questioning your own judgment. Eric and Harper are explosive together! As soon as I read the last word, I purchased book two! So exciting!.Score: 5/5

Half a book.Hate having to get next book to finish story.Score: 3/5

The Bastard and The PrincessThe chemistry is undeniable! The secrets and lies so deep, so dark. Family means nothing. They all appear guilty. And then what may be the biggest lie cuts the deepest. And then...cliffhanger! Omg! I love reading books by this author. I get sucked in so deep and I practically startle. I definitely curse! 😉 I cannot wait for book two!!.Score: 5/5

The Bastard (The Filthy Duet Book 1)The Bastard is the first book in the Filthy Duet. There is an, I need to pick my chin up from the floor ending! This is Eric Mitchell and Harper (Eric’s stepsister) story and it is a two parter. Thankfully, The Princess will be coming soon. Eric is the right-hand man to Grayson Bennett in the (Dirty Rich Series) but, Eric needs 2 books to tell the whole story. And the Filthy Duet Series can be read separately from The Dirty Rich Series. Plus, Eric is a billionaire in his own right. He doesn’t need his father’s company. Eric is the illegitimate child of Jeff Kingston. Hence, the name of the book. Eric has a half-brother (Isaac) who hates him. Eric wants Harper he always has. But, he walked away after they got together when they had first met. Now he is back because Harper has asked him for his help. Something isn’t quite right with the company of her stepdad owns. I started reading this book as soon as I found out the book was on my Kindle. I couldn’t put this book down until I had read the entire book. Lisa Renee Jones knows how to write a book that keeps you interested until you have read the last word! January 2019 can’t get here fast enough so that I can finish Eric’s and Harper’s story after pick my chin up off the floor ending!.Score: 5/5

Can’t wait for Part IILoved Harper & Eric! This book is the perfect blend of romance and suspense. On pins and needles waiting for the next part of their story!.Score: 4/5

The bastardGood read.Score: 4/5

Review: Filthy Duet 1: The BastardThe Bastard by Lisa Renee Jones is the first part in her new Filthy Duet and while it is also technically book six in the Dirty Rich series this duet can be read separate from the series. Told in dual POV between Eric and Harper this story is both mysterious and sexy. With the underlying drama of the situation these two find themselves in to the steamy, they just can't help themselves moments that literally combust off the page. Eric has fought for everything he has in his life starting with his mother's fight for him to be acknowledged as the bastard spare heir of the Kingston empire ending with his success in life despite the Kingston family and their poison. Harper is determined to be a part of the family she finds herself in. Her father is dead and her mother is married to a Kingston. She is now step-daughter in the Kingston family and desires nothing more than to take her father's company and legacy that was absorbed by the Kingston empire in the marriage and keep it going. But when bad things keep happening she turns to the only Kingston out there she knows she can trust, the bastard heir, Eric. Well-written, well-paced, with edge of your set moments, steamy interactions and a well-built world this was a pleasure to read. Enjoy!.Score: 5/5

So-soBook was so-so. I was irked by the repetitive back in forth trust issues. Felt a bit to excessive. I’m surprised I read the whole book... almost stopped several times..Score: 2/5

Eric finally gets his story!Eric finally gets his story! This book has it all, angst, mystery, suspense, intrigue and uncontrollable passion. Eric and Harper are incendiary together, it’s a duet so that of course means there is a cliffhanger and boy does it leave you with lots of questions. I can’t wait for the conclusion. I just loved this book and specifically Eric and Harper. Lisa Renee Jones is a master storyteller!.Score: 5/5

The bastardIn-depth characters, have the understanding of the motivations of each character. Family intrigue. This book shows you what friends should be. Cliffhanger..Score: 3/5

No HEA, no resolution, half a novel.If there is no resolution, no HEA, no HFN - it isn’t a romance novel..Score: 1/5

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4.75 stars-intriguing, engaging, intelligent4.75 stars--THE BASTARD is the first instalment in Lisa Renee Jones’ contemporary, adult FILTHY DUET erotic, romantic suspense duology focusing on billionaire/ Navy SEAL and second in command to Grayson Bennett, Eric Mitchell, and heiress Harper Evans’ story line. Eric was first introduced in the author’s DIRTY RICH BETRAYAL (Dirty Rich #4) but you do not have to have read the previous release to understand or follow the story. As per most of Lisa’s series, there is a slight cross-over with inclusion of some of the characters from the author’s Walker Security series including Blake Walker. Told from dual first person perspectives THE BASTARD follows the building but forbidden relationship between billionaire / Navy SEAL and second in command to Grayson Bennett, Eric Mitchell, and heiress Harper Evans. Six years earlier, Eric Mitchell, the bastard son of Kingston Motors CEO Jeff Kingston met his father’s new step-daughter Harper Evans, a woman Eric dubbed The Princess, but a woman that stirred something deep within our story line hero. A one-night stand followed by the realization of who and what Harper Evans represented further pushed Eric away from his birth right, as the spare to the heir of Kingston Motors. Fast forward to present day wherein Harper Evans is in desperate need of Eric’s help, help Eric isn’t willing to give without a price. What ensues is the acrimonious relationship but growing romance between Eric and Harper, and the fall-out as Eric believes Harper is setting him up to be destroyed by the family who have rejected him from birth. Eric Mitchell knows the pain of betrayal; the heartbreak of rejection; and the loss of someone close but Eric has never forgotten the woman who currently works for the family who all but ignores his existence, a family he is hoping to take down, and destroy. Harper Evans is trying to save what’s left of her father’s legacy, a legacy ‘stolen’ through betrayal but a legacy she no longer controls. Asking Eric Mitchell for help is all kinds of wrong knowing his relationship with the Kingston’s is dangerous and dark, a relationship that continues to fester with secrets and lies. The relationship between Eric and Harper is one of second chances; a forbidden romance, of a sorts, between two people connected by marriage, and the mutual betrayal by someone close. Eric’s distrust of Harper goes beyond their one-night stand, mistrust that continues to build as secrets are revealed. The $ex scenes are passionate, intimate and intense, without the use of over the top, sexually graphic, language and text. The palpable sexual attraction is heavy and real. The world building follows the tempestuous and caustic relationship between Eric Mitchell, and the family thast refuses to acknowledge his existence. As the bastard son of Jeff Kingston, Eric’s presence is unwelcome but it is his relationship with Harper Evans that forces a show down between brothers, and father and son. As Harper and Eric begin an investigation into Kingston Motors, our couple are targeted from both inside and outside the family. We are introduced to Harper’s mother; Eric’s grandmother Gigi; his half-brother Isaac, and father Jeff Kingston. The dysfunctional family dynamics are incredulous-trust is absent; doubt and uncertainty, secrets and lies are facts of life. THE BASTARD is an intriguing, engaging and intelligent story line. The premise is imaginative and energetic; the characters are sassy, spirited and strong; the romance is sensual and provocative. Lisa Renee Jones pulls the reader into a thrilling, impassioned and suspenseful story of family, power and greed. THE BASTARD ends on a cliff hanger-you have been warned..Score: 5/5

The BastardInteresting scenario. Mixed family history with wealth, illegitimate children, love affair. I dislike hangover endings, no conclusion..Score: 4/5

The BastardThe story line seems to be pretty good, but the sex is just too in the way. Then, it’s not even a book, because it ends before the story is complete, so it’s really only a book review. Sorry, I am not inspired to pay for more. I give it a zero star rating, but the review won’t accept less than one..Score: 1/5

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