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For David Goggins, childhood was a nightmare - poverty, prejudice, and physical abuse colored his days and haunted his nights. But through self-discipline, mental toughness, and hard work, Goggins transformed himself from a depressed, overweight young man with no future into a U.S. Armed Forces icon and one of the world's top endurance athletes. The only man in history to complete elite training as a Navy SEAL, Army Ranger, and Air Force Tactical Air Controller, he went on to set records in numerous endurance events, inspiring Outside magazine to name him The Fittest (Real) Man in America.

In Can't Hurt Me, he shares his astonishing life story and reveals that most of us tap into only 40% of our capabilities. Goggins calls this The 40% Rule, and his story illuminates a path that anyone can follow to push past pain, demolish fear, and reach their full potential.

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David Goggins - Can't Hurt Me Book Reviews

Love this bookCant recommend this book enough. Absolutely loved it..Score: 5/5

Top Notch BookBest book I ever read. It took my piss-poor mindset and hardened it. Stay Hard..Score: 5/5

Well deserve 5 starsAmazing book..Score: 5/5

Life ChangingCouldn’t set this one down, ready to change my life!.Score: 5/5

Life changingFor those who already worked hard day in and day out, this book proves you have so much more to give. Excellent story. Thoroughly enjoyed cover to cover..Score: 5/5

Very good book!Goggins is a beast. The book gives you an insight to why he is the way he is. Its an easy read and keeps you interested throughout..Score: 5/5

5starThis book was amazing!! It’s a must read..Score: 5/5

Life changing book!I read this book in about 9 days and I’m glad I did. It had me wanting to know what was coming next. Suspense building and very informative. My favorite part is “callousing the mind”. We have so much room to grow and we need to realize that our potential is endless! This book will help your grow mentally and physically..Score: 5/5

Great title.Definitely a must read..Score: 5/5

Life changing…Life changing… a definite re-read. There is so much inspiration and wisdom here..Score: 5/5

Amazing Book!This book has changed me and stretched me in so many, Thank you David! Onto my first marathon #stayhard.Score: 5/5

Great man, great book!Very motivating book. Must read for anyone who needs help finding motivation to do anything in life!.Score: 5/5

Really something to think aboutThis book is a great way to see yourself and what you could do to better yourself with the information given. Even if you don’t seek self improvement, this could be a great book for self understanding. In short: Stay taking souls and if you’re not, you’d better be thinking of ways to. Don’t Victimize yourself with a quitters attitude. Be uncommon amongst the uncommon..Score: 5/5

Greatest story ever toldSimply raw and amazing!.Score: 5/5

Book ReviewGreat book!.Score: 5/5

David is the goatBy far the best book I’ve ever read. Full of inspiration and life long strategies to keep moving forward..Score: 5/5

Stay HardWords cannot aptly describe this book, if you’re considering reading, just do it — it just might change your life.Score: 5/5

100% read itMotivating and moving, pushed me to new limits..Score: 5/5

Life ChangingI resemble so much this book. I did not want to put it down.Score: 5/5

Inspiring story of a modern day warriorCan’t recommend this book enough. David Goggins puts it all out there, the good and the bad of an unbelievable life. I thoroughly enjoyed his story and I feel inspired to achieve!.Score: 5/5

Great ReadGreat Read.Score: 5/5

Amazing readRan a 5K and kept saying overpower the governor! It motivated me to finish. I know it’s not much in comparison to Goggins but it’s my starting place. Thank you for such a brilliantly powerfully written book. Such an honor to read. Perseverance and resilience like no other! I’m inspired . This book is a real page turner! Couldn’t put it down! It fueled and motivated me. It woke something up inside of me. I want more and I will get more out of myself! Thank you for writing this book and for humbling allowing us access into your world. Forever grateful..Score: 5/5

Thanking D. Goggins for taking the time.Much to think about. Insightful..Score: 3/5

For the uncommon onesDavid Goggins teaches one how to tap into the true potential of their mental strength - by way of physical training, acceptance of failure and never feeling sorry for themselves. In a society that’s increasingly and overwhelmingly soft, “Can’t Hurt Me” offers hope that there are those who still go hard every day and refuse to be the victim of their environments..Score: 2/5

MotivationInspiring to dig deeper and see what it is in the tank.Score: 5/5

Good to stay disciplinedMust read book to discipline your self to next level.Score: 4/5

A MUST READFor anyone wanting to push yourself to the next level, be motivated, and grow your mind this is a must read!.Score: 5/5

AmazingEye opening, in how we sell ourselves short all the time, it teaches how to retrain our brain !!.Score: 5/5

1st Book I’ve read as an adultCouldn’t be happier with that decision..Score: 5/5

Great bookExtremely motivating and changes habits.Score: 5/5

Stay HardThis put my mind in a new perspective that I didn’t know I needed..Score: 5/5

WowThe most inspiring book I ever read.Score: 5/5

AmazingEvery helps you dive into your on cookie jar.Score: 5/5

Can’t Hurt MeTouching, moving autobiography!! Was very tough to read sometimes, because of what David endured and chose to put himself through. A wonderful lesson in resilience, determination, discipline and self direction. I wish his experiences weren’t that brutal but I certainly have a learned a lot from this book and especially resilience and discipline. Thanks David for sharing your story with the world and mentoring so many others who felt like they didn’t have a chance at success. When you compete with yourself, there can be no limits!!.Score: 5/5

110/110 best book to readBest book i ever came in contact with this book came at the right time in my life. I really appreciate every lesson he shared.Score: 5/5

Amateur Reader OpinionI was captivated by his story when I heard him on JRE and read more around the web. The book was a good read but didn’t add much that I hadn’t heard. I’m not sure what it’s classified as but I would call it an autobiography with hints self-help. There’s not much actionable advise beyond “dig deeper”. His story is incredible and motivating all the same..Score: 4/5

GoodGreat.Score: 5/5

A book that we need today.Very real and positive..Score: 5/5

Outstanding!!If you’re thinking about it - just do it!.Score: 5/5

Good stuffThis book showed me what a human is capable of. Taught me tons about how to push through tough tasks and live life to your full potential.Score: 5/5

The start of a change.I will come back to this message In 5 years and donate to a charity of your choice. You’ve started a fire..Score: 5/5

Great read! Thank you DavidGreat read! From a Boatswain’s Mate Senior Chief, David have rejuvenated my yearning for challenge, physical, and mental superiority. Thank you for sharing your story, it is motivating. I have recommended it to co-workers as well as my 17 year old daughter. #Stayhard.Score: 5/5

Wow.Life changing book.Score: 5/5

Powerful - Humbling - InspiringCould not put this book down. David Goggins you’re hard m——f—er !.Score: 5/5

Great!Very inspiring story and interesting all the way through..Score: 5/5

Changing my life.This book has changed my life for the better it is a must read for anyone who is going through a continuous cycle of failure doubt and depression David has been through it all and he helps you along the way..Score: 5/5

RebornFor anybody who’s going through a depression this is a must read . I went from having the worst weeks of my life mentally to switching up how I see life I feel like a whole new me is going to be reborn eventually I will have to read the book again to apply the knowledge acquired.Score: 4/5

Changed my life.The most important book you will ever read..Score: 5/5

The bestThis book will grip your conscience and truly make you dig deep into what’s holding you back..Score: 5/5

Must read!This book is super inspirational. It motivates you to get out of your comfort zone, and challenge yourself. Stop listening to the ones telling you it’s not possible. Most of all stop talking negative about yourself, that will hurt you more. It’s your life, what do you want out of it. #youcanthurtme.Score: 5/5

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Life changingThis book changed my whole perspective on life and made me reflect on my own life. Now I tackle pain and daily battles with myself with a whole new perspective. This book can change your life. If you choose not to read this book your making a huge mistake and will continue to perform at 40%..Score: 5/5

Must ReadAmazing read!! If this doesn’t give you the motivation to move forward in whatever direction your in search of, I don’t know what will! Thank you David Googins.Score: 5/5

Love this bookAmazing story, amazing message. Get it.Score: 5/5

AmazingYou will not regret reading this book.Score: 5/5

Changed my life forever!No words can explain the gratitude I have for David Goggins. He has completely changed my life in so many ways. This book not only saved my life, pushed me toward my goals with the right mindset, and help me achieve those goals in the toughest times, but may be the most important thing I have ever read. Mad respect brother. #40percentrule #canthurtme.Score: 5/5

What if?If this book does not leave you feeling like you are capable of so much more than you currently think- read it again. This honest, inspiring, authentic story will give you hope that anything holding you back from achieving your goals is all in your mind and that you can conquer anything you put your mind to if you are willing to work hard..Score: 5/5

Life changing readThis book helped to put me on a new path of accountability and pushing past limiting beliefs. Best book I have ever read, thank you David!.Score: 5/5

Thank you.Changed my life. Period..Score: 5/5

A must read!A fantastic book that inspires you to push as hard as you can and overcome any obstacle in your path. Has inspired me to make changes to my life. A must read for everyone!.Score: 5/5

Beyond comprehension. AmazingAbsolutely amazing. He has made me think of things I have never even imagined in life. It’s true what they say. Expand your knowledge by reading. Anytime you pick up a book you never know what or when something will inspire you. David is the real deal. I also heard his audio book/podcast. Better then just the book.Score: 5/5

Lucky to read such a fascinating life story.Best book ever. This book helped me a lot to push myself harder and achieve my goals even if they look impossible in the initial stage..Score: 5/5

Life ChangingThis book will push you to go further, and become something you only ever read about. One word...AMAZING!.Score: 5/5

PhenomenalGoggins holds nothing back and shares a truly inspiring story. I’ll be referring back to this book for inspiration throughout my career..Score: 5/5

Worth BuyingI liked this book.Score: 5/5

Can’t Hurt MePowerful Testimony. Thank you for sharing David..Score: 5/5

PhenomenalSooo good! Excellent read...I guarantee you that you’ll start training thereafter..Score: 5/5

InspiringI am a former member of the CAF, A few buddies and I refer to the challenges in the book for training. When asked why we go so hard, why do we do so much leisure PT? Because everyday I wake up I want to forge myself. Making a better human then I was the day before, that could be mental strength or pushing the limits of physical capabilities. Thank you for sharing your story, I can imagine how hard it would be! Keep being you man, never be ashamed of how far you’ve come.Score: 5/5

Fantastic!This book is inspiring..Score: 5/5

Amazing Read. Highly recommend.This is not your typical Navy SEAL book. This is an autobiography of the person on the cover. A coming-of-age story about a kid whom grew up bullied at school and abused at home and With a learning disability. And how he overcame those obstacles and every challenge life put in his way. On top of the ones he purposely sought out and crushed. The author also illustrates in a step-by-step process, how anybody can overcome obstacles in their own life. Regardless where they are..Score: 5/5

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Be prepared for a self - reflection assaultThis is one of the most “in your face” life stories that, I have no doubt, if the individual does some real self audit, calls out their own BS and applies the tools given, can take their lives to a new sense on meaning and purpose. I’m gunna read this again, this time with journal in hand and start to work on building some callouses!.Score: 5/5

Can’t Hurt MeA fantastic and inspirational read. I heard David Goggins on the Joe Rohan podcast and bought the book the next day. It was everything I had hoped it would be. To endure an upbringing such as the one David did and come out of it as such an inspiration for others is a feat to be proud of, and no doubt it took a lot of hard work and discipline to get there. What a champion!! Justin.Score: 5/5

Great book, great adviceVery tough advice, but very truthful. Sometimes the writing was slow and made it a bit boring. But overall, great advice.Score: 4/5

Raw, honest, transparent, inspiring, confronting, amazingIncredible read. This guy has had a life. The principles of success in life, not the seals, not ultramarathons, life, are on full display here. Highly recommend reading this book to anyone who feels they just want to be more in life. In my case it made the excuses I was accepting from myself seem irrelevant. Good job David, keep on the path of most resistance. If you ever come to Australia I will be front and centre to introduce myself..Score: 5/5

Powerhouse of motivationThis book is for courageous people out there, who wanna be successful in what they do. David Goggins is indeed an unbreakable personality. Salute to him.Score: 5/5

Staying hardAmazing book, motivated me to get off the couch and get after it. Stay hard.Score: 5/5

Phenomena, thank you GogginsAmazing book, the messages will be buried deep within my subconscious mind..Score: 5/5

Read, Apply, Benefit.David is an inspirational man, and he will inspire and teach you to reach your utmost potential. He has inspired me to move to a place I love, relese my own motivational book ‘Swimming in Puddles,’ and to start a small YouTube channel..Score: 5/5

Cant hurt meBrilliant.Score: 5/5

InterestingA great book - makes you evaluate your own life. Callous your mind and ask what if?.Score: 4/5

YeahDasRightMany tools in this book you can apply in your own life no matter what stage in life you’re currently in👌 #Canthurtme.Score: 5/5


Loved itAbsolutely amazing read, motivates me to go harder and never give up, what if!.Score: 5/5

Its never too late to startDavid’s book details his life, his failures and his accomplishments. I feel like reading this book might just be an accomplishment in itself. You love sought it out and got to the end. Maybe, just maybe, what David sets out in perfect detail throughout this book is followed, could be enough for the reader to decide that it’s never too late and that “what if” it just all might be possible for you? Truely a great read an honest account of a life spent having a go! I loved it..Score: 5/5

You’ll alienate all you’re friends and family.Loved the book and annoyed almost everyone I know with constant references to working out and being a hard guy. I should mention...I’m basically the Michelin Man, very funny..Score: 5/5

EmpoweringAn inspiring story and one of the best books I have read. David I believe you truly are that “one warrior”..Score: 5/5

Truly eye openingThis book should be taught in schools globally..Score: 5/5

An inspiring read!! Couldn’t put the book down from start to finish. A truely remarkable story.An inspiring read!! Couldn’t put the book down from start to finish. A truely remarkable story! Thank you for giving me some more lift and a push in life, not just physically but mentally too..Score: 5/5

Epic!Unbelievable.Score: 5/5

RecommendWhat a great motivational book.Score: 5/5

Most inspirational bookMost inspirational book I’ve read in my life. Has completely shifted my perspective on what I thought was humanly possible. Thanks David for your story and service..Score: 5/5

Very inspiringThis book has inspired me & made me determined to fight the battle in my brain. I’m going to become a somebody as soon as possible. Thank you David Goggins. You’re amazing.Score: 5/5

The key to success/happinessThe best book I have ever read. Will read it over and over for the rest off my life. Would do anything to be able to sit and have a conversation with this man..Score: 5/5

GogginsAmazing book.Score: 5/5

Best book.THE BEST BOOK seriously, it has changed the way I see things. Everyone should read. Stay hard!.Score: 5/5

Can’t hurt me reviewNot bad.Score: 3/5

WowUnbelievable read. This guy is a beast. #stayhard.Score: 5/5

An amazing book about an amazing personAs above.Score: 5/5

Highly recommendRaw and truthful account of what can be borne through adversity. From a harsh childhood to a phenomenal athletic career, this book covers off on Davids life but also examines the way we intervene on our own inherent ability to persevere. Loved it, very insightful.Score: 5/5

Speechless👏.Score: 5/5

What -a navy seal - if?An interesting read, didn’t know the human body and mind were so resilient. Some descriptions of the navy seal training were hard to imagine as real, but as the author says, what if?.Score: 4/5

Raw and realAbsolutely incredible. Woke me the f up. Bless this man! He is a beast..Score: 5/5

Amazing! Loved every momentIt’s not often I pick up a book that I can’t put down and at the same time be truly Inspired by it. This book motivated me when it wasn’t ment to, but his story and his mindset is so influential it’s hard not to be motivated. I read this on my iPad but I will know doubt by a hard cover copy and keep it on the shelf like I am the one who’s proud.Score: 5/5

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