American Dirt (Oprah's Book Club)Jeanine Cummins

American Dirt (Oprah's Book Club)

#1 New York Times Bestseller

—Stephen King

“This book is not simply the great American novel; it’s the great novel of las Americas. It’s the great world novel! This is the international story of our times. Masterful.”
—Sandra Cisneros

También de este lado hay sueños. On this side, too, there are dreams.

Lydia Quixano Pérez lives in the Mexican city of Acapulco. She runs a bookstore. She has a son, Luca, the love of her life, and a wonderful husband who is a journalist. And while there are cracks beginning to show in Acapulco because of the drug cartels, her life is, by and large, fairly comfortable.

Even though she knows they’ll never sell, Lydia stocks some of her all-time favorite books in her store. And then one day a man enters the shop to browse and comes up to the register with a few books he would like to buy—two of them her favorites. Javier is erudite. He is charming. And, unbeknownst to Lydia, he is the jefe of the newest drug cartel that has gruesomely taken over the city. When Lydia’s husband’s tell-all profile of Javier is published, none of their lives will ever be the same.

Forced to flee, Lydia and eight-year-old Luca soon find themselves miles and worlds away from their comfortable middle-class existence. Instantly transformed into migrants, Lydia and Luca ride la bestia—trains that make their way north toward the United States, which is the only place Javier’s reach doesn’t extend. As they join the countless people trying to reach el norte, Lydia soon sees that everyone is running from something. But what exactly are they running to?

American Dirt will leave readers utterly changed. It is a literary achievement filled with poignancy, drama, and humanity on every page. It is one of the most important books for our times.

Already being hailed as "a Grapes of Wrath for our times" and "a new American classic," Jeanine Cummins's American Dirt is a rare exploration into the inner hearts of people willing to sacrifice everything for a glimmer of hope.

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Jeanine Cummins - American Dirt (Oprah's Book Club) Book Reviews

AMERICAN DIRTStereotypes and a storyline that makes a cheap soap opera seem credible by comparison, written by a woman “brown-washing” her mainstream-white background and claiming familiarity with the “immigrant experience” of Latinx people due to her “immigrant” husband... who’s from Ireland. It’s shameful that the publisher, and Oprah, gave such publicity and promotion to this phony when there are authentic Latinx authors writing authentic novels and not getting published..Score: 1/5

Simply well doneThis story captivated me almost immediately. Coming from illegal immigrant parents myself and reading this book had me in tears. My parents stories were brief but I’m almost certain they encountered the same obstacles as the sisters. I loved it and the reader had was done so well..Score: 5/5

A real page turnerI couldn’t put this book down! I felt like I was making the escape from Mexico and places beyond right along with the migrants. The writing is fantastic!.Score: 5/5

It’s a NOVEL, people! Not a memoir.Great, hair-raising story from start to finish. I couldn’t put it down! I highly recommend it. Cultural appropriation? I didn’t see it. At no point did the author suggest it was her personal story. Like all good writers, she researched her subject and wove what she learned into the storyline. It is common for novelists to write about topics beyond their own experience. I don’t see how this is an issue..Score: 5/5

Good but predicted the endingI was half way through and new how it was going to end and was correct..Score: 3/5

American DirtGood read.Score: 4/5

American DirtThe book was as predictable as a Hallmark movie. I thought it was going to be a better told story..Score: 1/5

Trail of TearsWhen we hear about illegal immigration, it is numbers of unambiguous people looking for a better life. The thousands of people are faceless and ready to invade our country. This book shows us the blood, sweat and tears of the journey along with the pain and problems that compels them to flee their homelands. The drug cartels have so much power and corrupt every level of government. This book holds your attention and begs you to continue reading to the end..Score: 5/5

Must Read!Could not stop reading after those first 7 pages... hooked instantly!.Score: 5/5

American DirtA gut-wrenching story of the brutality of narcos, the courage of those driven to abandon their country, the challenges of the bestia, and ultimately the hope of starting over. Hard to put down, necessary to put down to sleep..Score: 5/5

Beautifully writtrnThis gut wrenching novel is something everyone should read. So beautifully written and really brings out your empathy through and through..Score: 5/5

Great Read!Great book! Highly recommend!!!.Score: 5/5

Good readA page turner.Score: 4/5

Cultural trauma porn by a white authorDisgusting use of someone using the struggle of others to build a career..Score: 1/5

Read itGreat read. I could not put this book down. I was always worried about Lydia and Lucas’ next move. And If your going to worry about cultural appropriation then don’t read this book cause we don’t want to hear you whine about it and talk trash. There is a reason why this book falls in the fiction category..Score: 5/5

BeautifulIt’s not every day that a story captures my attention from start to finish the way this novel did. Jeanine has an amazing gift for store telling that made me so invested in the characters and what they had to endure. I recommend this book to everyone and I’m excited to read more work by this author!.Score: 5/5

Gave me empathyI will never be the same after reading this book. I lost a few nights of sleep because I could not put it down. I think everybody should read this book and they would have more empathy for the immigrants plight..Score: 5/5

American DirtMs Cummins story was not hers to tell. I found it most annoying that while appropriating someone’s else’s culture , she also peppered the book with Spanish words and phrases. The characters were primarily Mexican and Central American. The narrative was in English yet every now and then an italicized word or phrase would appear. Why? To remind us they were Spanish speakers? Finished reading it solely for my book club discussion. Not worth $15.99!.Score: 3/5

This book made me cryThis book is really detailed and the story telling drew me in, it was longing getting to the point of the story but once it did putting the book down was impossible. I cried at the end.Score: 5/5

Gripping story!So well-written and had me from page 1. Very compelling characters and story line..Score: 5/5

Culturally insensitive garbageThat’s it. That’s the review..Score: 1/5

Absolutely AmazingAs an immigrant myself having come to this country fleeing persecution and poverty I am so grateful someone put this story so palpable and made it so compelling that I couldn’t put it down from the moment I started reading it. Looking back, at my time spent in America, now as an American citizen I can’t help but to think how many people are still in the same situation and this book made me gain a new respect for those poor souls fleeing tragedy, and desperation trying to give their children a new, safer future..Score: 5/5

Must Read!Excellent Book! 100% recommend!!.Score: 5/5

A book to RememberAn unforgettable story of how a comfortable middle class life can change in an instant. This book tells the story of living in a country controlled by cartels. The harrowing journey people will make to escape the horror of their circumstances. The brutal inhuman treatment of innocent people. It is at times heartbreaking and hard to understand ,but also speaks of the spirit and resolve of people to get out and find a better life . This is a story for our time. A must read!!.Score: 5/5

A stressful and engaging storyThis book was fast paced and exciting, describing a mother and son’s journey across Mexico to escape the cartels. It was quite stressful to read at times, but the characters and their relationships were interesting and compelling..Score: 5/5

American DirtA story created “a la Hollywood”, with a political agenda. It downplays the serious problem with illegal immigration..Score: 1/5

American DirtThe irony that the title relays an underlying message on the entirety of the book. The book was not an accurate portrayal of Mexicans and migrante experiences..Score: 1/5

Terrible.The story was not hers to tell. She obviously did not even speak to any Mexicanos..Score: 1/5

Is this a Telenovela!? Or a bookExtremely fictitious it damages the cause way more than it helps. If you portray this story what about the millions of the other stories? does that make them less worthy because of the book exaggerated story? We need real story’s from real people. Sorry but I hated this book..Score: 1/5

Great book!None stop exciting, riveting and heart pounding story. Compelling and heart wrenching as you share the destitution of a migrants life and journey..Score: 5/5

10/10Made me see life through a different perspective..Score: 5/5

American DirtA powerful, riveting story of the journey that defines a migrant woman’s life. The heartbreaking and the hopeful events are intertwined, opening a vista into a world unknown to most People born into the American middle class. American Dirt is a simple title for an unfathomably complex relationship of personal attachment to people, place, and lifestyle. So many stories within this story of a courageous journey..Score: 5/5

Great bookGood read..Score: 5/5

Lydia!This is a NOVEL and keep that in mind! The criticism of any Mexican/Latino realism is unnecessary because this is one of the best books I’ve read in years. Yes it’s about fictional characters in a very real world. Beautifully written prose and kept me up reading til 3 am for a few nights til I was sure Lydia and Luca would escape the horrors of the opening shower stall horror. Read this book!.Score: 5/5

GreatLoved this book.Score: 5/5

UnbelievableThis story is utterly spellbinding. It created so much empathy in me for Lydia and Luca throughout their journey that I was in denial when I had finished this book. American Dirt will bring in a new perspective on life and love and how precious it all is. Please read this book!!.Score: 5/5

Stronger Than They Thought!Painful, poignant, powerful story of love, survival, and hope for the future. Mother and a young son’s harrowing journey of losing their entire family to the horrors of the Mexican cartel and escaping to the USA. If this doesn’t touch your heart, nothing will. Neither knew that they could do what was necessary but knew they had to survive..Score: 5/5

A journey I will be a better person for taking...This book made me see a different side of an immigrant. I cried and dreamed I was on this journey. Life changing.Score: 5/5

My heart was in my throatA gripping and revealing story of the pain, trials and hardships endured in the effort you reach American Dirt..Score: 5/5

Like you are right therrThis book was so vividly told. Eye opening and incredibly well written, I found myself sneaking an extra chapter before going to bed..Score: 5/5

SurvivalI can’t imagine being in the position to make decisions of life and death. Surviving the journey is only half the battle. We should not judge others until we have walked in their shoes..Score: 3/5

Why is this being sold still?Who is even buying this now?.Score: 1/5

American dirtComing from an immigrant family, I feel this book lacked certain emotion. I expected more imagery and more raw material that only a migrant can and should write about..Score: 3/5

Thief !This woman stole from prominent Hispanic authors, white washed it, and tried to call it an original piece..Score: 1/5

Viajar al NorteThe early controversy around this book had me reluctant to read it. The charge being that the author was speaking in a voice that was not her own, an experience she did not know, and culture she did not grow up in. But is that not what all creative writing is? Pulling a little bit from ourselves, what is around us, and filling in the rest with imagination and dexterity with the written word. So I tried it and was grateful for doing so. Migration to the US and EU by displaced groups is a hotly debated topic, whether legal or otherwise. Who should come, why should they be allowed, how many, and when. Politicians hold the final say in the rules but the conditions on the ground are what move to ignore them. For too long the wrong narrative has been told about this situation and held up any progress on immigration reform. That’s why it is so refreshing to read a book like “American Dirt” or “The New Odyssey” that tell the stories of who make dangerous and costly effort towards any possibility of hope. Because the alternative is often death with no help from an apathetic or corrupt government. Whether the experience of the author is 100% authentic or not, the stories need to get out there so all of us who are in a position to help can understand the why..Score: 3/5

PredictablePredictable ending and way too long. The beginning was awesome but then the plot dragged on and on..Score: 3/5

Captivating story!Excellent book! I spent many nights not being able to put it down. It’s definitely on my top list of tops books I have ever read. Ignore all the negative reviews. You won’t regret reading this story. Even though it’s a work of fiction, it’s definitely given me a new perspective..Score: 5/5

American DirtA completely political book wanting you to feel that illegal immigrants are wonderful people and have a right to illegally enter the US. Very predictable..Score: 1/5

Riveting and educationalCould not put down.Score: 5/5

Amazing InsightAuthor Jeanine Cummings sheds a thorough spotlight on reasons why people leave the terror of the cartel and make their way North. After the massacre of her entire family there is nothing to do but take her child join the ranks of many seeking refuge in the USA..Score: 5/5

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Guëra author writes guëro fiction.See subject..Score: 1/5

10/10This book is amazing. Highly recommend..Score: 5/5

Great story.This was a great read..Score: 5/5

CaptivatingI read this book in one day into the early hours of the next day. The story was grief stricken enough to leave you as a reader horrified at the struggles migrants have to take. Amazing read..Score: 4/5

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