The DeceptionNikki Sloane

The Deception

I’ve been through hell to get to this place. To wear the perfect white dress and stand beside Royce Hale, the liar I tried desperately not to fall in love with and failed.

Or maybe I’m still trapped in hell because the devil is here too. He lurks at my side, plotting terrible ways to make me his. 

It’s win at all costs in this family, and I know now just how far the Hales will go to get what they want. 

But you can’t survive in a house full of lies without learning the art of deception, and once I become a Hale, I’ll show them exactly what I’ve mastered. 

THE DECEPTION is the third and final book in the twisted Filthy Rich Americans trilogy. It should be read after THE INITIATION and THE OBSESSION.

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Nikki Sloane - The Deception Book Reviews

The DeceptionGreat trilogy! I truly enjoyed the cat and mouse. Loved the characters..Score: 5/5

Amazing series!This is the final book in the series and it did not disappoint! I read it in almost a day, it had me glued to it! The twists and turns and the smut scenes oh my lorddddd! Let me tell you I now want a man like Royce Hale. I also love that she included mythology because I love the tales of gods so now I feel a little more like Marist with my Medusa tattoo..Score: 5/5

This deception was dazzling!What an epic, gasp-inducing, magical conclusion to this series! I gasped out loud during the prologue, and the roller-coaster of this book was on its way! Marist is such a bada$$ in this book! She took her power & wields it with precision. Both Royce and Macalister didn’t know what hit them when she wielded her power, and it was captivating to read. This whole series has been captivating to read, and it is one of my top reads of 2019. A review cannot do justice to this brilliant series that is Nikki Sloane’s best writing to date except to say that I highly recommend you let this series take you on a dazzling journey of Marist finding power and love with inside this filthy, rich American family..Score: 5/5

WellIt’s filthy for sure. Things in these books I have never read on before!😂 kept my interest , but really enjoyed the actually story under all the naughty and down right freak bits.Score: 4/5

Mixed feelings*Spoiler Alert* I have to say throughout the whole series I was rooting back and forth between Macalister & Royce. Ultimately I have to say I was kinda upset she ended up with Royce. Macalister was just so much!!!! Great story line but have to say I was excited when I read the beginning of part 3 & thought she’d up up with Macalister in the end. Kind of a let down, but overall a good series..Score: 3/5

Good!Love this series! Was a little unsure of the direction this was going after the first book, but well worth it! Would love more of these characters...maybe Tate or Vance?? After Macalister is back, of course. That would be amazing!!!!!.Score: 5/5

What...Royce is the most deceitful and unworthy hero I have ever read in my life. He got the girl in the end after selling her like cattle and conspiring to get her sister pregnant — which everyone took in stride. Completely unrealistic. The man who is yes manipulative but honest and loves a girl so strongly ended up in jail. Waited MONTHS for... this....Score: 1/5

Perfect Deception! Checkmate!Wow, talking about filthy dirty! I was actually uncomfortable reading about Mr Hale being in love with his own daughter in law. I’m sure worse things have happened but I don’t want to read about it. Five stars for sure tho, perfect combo of suspenseful and erotic..Score: 5/5

BummedKind of bummed how book three played out. I feel like book two really made you fall for Macalister. After that I really read book three in hopes that things would play out in his favor. Whole series is well written. Just a little bummed I wasted my money for it to end not at all how I wanted it to... sorry for the spoiler but if you’re at all have any hope that Macalister and Marist end up together don’t waste your money..Score: 4/5

DevouredDevoured is a great description for how I read this series. I was distracted from everything until I finished it! Sure it’s twisted but you will love it. Nikki wrote this in such an amazing way. It made you feel so many new things while reading a “romance” novel. I hope this series keeps going even after redemption!.Score: 5/5

DisappointedI was hoping for a different end , royce was not my cup of tea , he didn’t deserve the heroine and the happy ending !!! Still was a wonderful trilogy.Score: 5/5

Long awaitedAmazing book. I am disappointed it's over I've been waiting for this book all year and absolutely loved it. There were moments where I couldn't breathe it was so intense and that is a rare find in Books. I need more. I need Vance's story..Score: 5/5

I have to agree with a few commenters hereI really wish Nikki could write a alternate universe where she ended up with her father in law as messed up as it sounds the best erotic parts happened with him not Royce. love the books but the the biggest disappointment was the man she chose. This upsets me sooo much I’m gonna comment on her FB page if she has one give the readers what they want just rewrite the last book as an alter for us. pretty please I would buy it and tell everyone everywhere to read it or at least as a side project you could post on your Facebook write it from the fathers point of view..... very sad cause I loved them soooo much I read it again as soon As I finished the second book and third book He even tells her hell at first it was lust and then it turned to love and how she changed him and I don’t know I just think it would’ve been such a better book it was him I mean Royce couldn’t even tell her he loved her I don’t know they just had so much better chemistry such a shame.. PLEASE IF ENOUGH READERS WANT THE SAME OUTCOME I WILL START A GO FUND ME FOR ANOTHER VERSION OR A LEAST WRITE ANOTHER CONTINUiNG THE STORY WHERE THE FATHER FINDS LOVE AGAIN BECAUSE HE WAS MY FAVORITE CHARACTER.Score: 5/5

Exciting & EroticI really enjoyed this twisted story! Loaded with drama and sexy scenes but also suspenseful. Have an open mind 😉.Score: 5/5

CaptivatingLove the twists this book has. My favorite of the 3, definitely saved the best for last in my opinion..Score: 5/5

The BESTI stg the best book series I read in a while. It’s so sick it’s like good. Worth reading!!.Score: 5/5

EPIC! A must read in this trilogy!What an EPIC conclusion to this phenomenal trilogy. Fast paced, twist and turns and scorching hot chemistry will keep you on the edge of your seat. All the feels in this page turner of corruption and betrayal. Absolutely love the entwining of Greek mythology in this storyline. A must read!.Score: 5/5

Bravo encoreLoved this book so much I was sad when it ended. I wish Nikki would write more books like this. It feels like a modern day “Dynasty”..Score: 5/5

SO GOODEvery book keeps you on your toes. Full of romance, anxiety, excitement..Score: 5/5

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Just a general review of all three booksHonestly I’m high-key disturbed with this trio but idk I’m hella addicted to know what’s gonna happen LOL.Score: 3/5

Amazing trilogy!Intriguing, suspenseful and sexy. Incredible characters! Brilliantly written by and truly talented writer. Thank you Nikki for sharing this riveting story with all of us.💋❤️.Score: 5/5

No Deception, this book is SpectacularOnce again Nikki Sloane delivers in her third book of the Filthy Rich American Series, The Deception. This nail-biting, heart-pounding final installment had me glued to my seat and kindle, taking in every word from the gorgeous cover to the final pages and acknowledgments. Put it simply…I COULD NOT PUT THIS BOOK DOWN! I literally wish I could just soak every last word in and then by some miracle more words would appear! The Deception is not just a modern retelling of some of the most popular myths in Greek mythology; Sloane’s entire series is like a contemporary mythopoeia. Drawn into the lush and dark world of the Hales, its secrets and games come at a price and Marist is tossed between willing and unwilling sacrifice to win at all cost. Marist’s prize? To unconditionally have and be with Royce Hale. The Labyrinth-like plot kept me glued to the pages and there were very little hints to determine the end game. Would Marist succumb to the jealous wrath of Alice? Would the almighty Macalister Hale win Marist over? Can Royce really outsmart his father, the conniving two-moves-ahead Macalister Hale? And Marist, is she prepared to open Pandora’s box and deal with its fallout knowing she could possibly lose the love of her life in her quest to outsmart a god? The Deception is a must read book, and the Filthy Rich Americans a must read series! Five Brilliant Stars! Nikki Sloane has once again outdone herself in this intricately told narrative of wealth, greed, power and deception..Score: 5/5

3*Well written..Score: 3/5

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