After suffering a horrific injury that threatens to end his career, Baden Oulett is about to learn that sometimes a fresh start is just what the doctor ordered.

I worked my whole life to achieve one goal—play professional hockey. As part of the defending Cup champion Arizona Vengeance, I was living my dream until one split second decision destroyed it all. Instead of lacing up my skates and hitting the ice, I’ve spent my days in rehab and physical therapy just so I could walk again. When a coaching opportunity with the Pittsburgh Titans is presented to me, I find myself with a career I had never considered but which allows me to continue being part of the sport that I love.

While my injuries are physical, the same can’t be said for the woman I rescued. Suffering from wounds that can’t be seen, Sophie Winters has withdrawn from the world in fear and guilt. I didn’t know Sophie before that fateful night and have only met her once since, but I refuse to let her face her demons alone. Determined to be a friend, I support Sophie in the only way I know how… by simply being there.

Through our shared trauma, Sophie and I begin to find peace within one another. As we grow closer, what started as friendship becomes more intimate until our broken pieces become one. But can a love born of anguish endure, or will the pain of our past prove too much to overcome?

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Sawyer Bennett - Baden Book Reviews

Great ReadBaden (Pittsburgh Titans #1) was a great read by Sawyer Bennett. Baden Oulett suffers a horrific injury that threatens to end his hockey career. He is a part of the defending cup champion, Arizona Vengeance, and is living out his dream. After one split decision destroyed everything, he is spending his days in rehab and physical therapy in order to walk again. He is presented with the opportunity to coach the Pittsburgh Titans. He suffered physical injuries when he rescued Sophie Winters, and hers are wounds that can’t be seen. It has lead her to become withdrawn from the world due to fear and guilt. He is determined to be Sophie’s friend and not let her face her demons alone..Score: 5/5

BadenJust an OK book. There’s very little chemistry between Baden and Sophie. She’s very hard to like, not much there. This book needs a lot more work. There’s not much to it..Score: 2/5

Great readI absolutely loved this story of Baden and Sophie. It is so true and heartwarming to see them both become whole again and fall in love at the same time. This is a great beginning of another great series by Sawyer Bennett. I could jot put this down. Now I can’t wait for like three or four other books I this series because they all seem to my next favorite. I highly recommend getting to know the new rebuilt titans..Score: 5/5

Nope!I love Sawyer Bennett and all her books. This is the first of her books I was truly disappointed in. I’m not sure I even care about the rest of the series. This does not follow the typical Sawyer Bennet pattern. I want my $5.99 back..Score: 3/5

Starts the new seriesThis is the first book in a brand-new series and it totally tugged at my heart in this story. We get Baden's story here as he becomes a new goalie coach for a new team that has risen from the ashes of a terrible tragedy in Pittsburgh. If you read the Arizona Vengeance series, you know Baden was terribly injured when he saved a tourist from some terrible men. They ended up damaging his spinal Colum terribly. Baden has done awesome, and he can walk in this story, but he has to decide if he wants the new goalie coach job and will give up trying to get back on the ice. It's not an easy decision and its part of the storyline of this book. In Pittsburg he decides to visit the woman that he saved, Sophie and what he finds is pretty bad. While he saved her life and she was not injured on the outside, on the inside she is struggling, and it totally broke my heart. I loved how open Sophie is with Braden and how Braden and her share their pain with each other and are there for each other. This book is a very slow burn and is very unusual in that the two main characters don't even kiss until 80% of the story. It really worked for this story. This is a wonderful beginning to this new series, and I cannot wait for the next story. It's a really different series and some parts of the book were just so sad. But I also love this series and cannot wait to see where the author takes it. I received a complimentary early release copy of this e-book from the author prior to release and am voluntarily leaving a review..Score: 5/5

SwoonBaden’s story is one of inspiration. I love how he encourages Sophie and helps get her out of her comfort zone. Once she sees he is doing ok, it helps her focus on her recovery since she held so much guilt. I enjoyed their story and look forward to reading this new series..Score: 5/5

Baby StepsBaden, a hockey player with the Arizona Vengeance, suffers a life-threatening, possible career ending injury while rescuing Sophie. While he would never change his mind and run away from saving Sophie, Baden is devastated. He has a long, hard road to recovery and there’s no guarantee that he’ll ever be able to play professional hockey again. When tragedy strikes the Pittsburgh Titans, Baden is presented with a life changing decision. Coach or play… Sophie is not the same carefree, happy, outgoing girl she used to be. Sophie suffers PTSD as a result of the attack. She also feels guilty that Baden has suffered so much as a result of his heroics. Lastly, she is ashamed that she can’t help police with identifying her attackers. So Sophie spends her days locked inside her house, working from home. She gets out to go to her parents and counseling, but that’s about it. When Baden shows up unexpectedly, Sophie is stunned! Sophie thought that Baden was permanently paralyzed and didn’t realize he’d made such a remarkable recovery. They started talking and they clicked. Baden vows to help Sophie battle her demons and find forgiveness. What an AMAZINGLY beautiful, awesome novel! All the feels and MORE! I truly enjoyed every single word and every scene between Baden and Sophie! I shouted with Baden’s triumphs, cried with Sophie’s suffering, and applauded their courage to face their attackers. Baden, Sophie, and their plant are absolutely perfect together! I can’t wait to read more about the rest of the Titans players! I read a gifted copy and all opinions stated are my own..Score: 5/5

Hooked from the very first one!A powerfully moving story, of two broken people, connected by one trauma, that morphs into something beautiful. I’m beyond happy that I chose this story as my first of the year, but now I have a book hangover! I need more, Titans! While Baden and Sophie have a slow burn romance, it’s needed so they both can overcome their own demons and their fears that have paralyzed them. They’re both perfectly imperfect. No one understands what they’ve gone through but the other. They’ve learned to push each other out of their comfort zones that was gradual but needed. And oh so beautiful to watch these two come up from their own ashes. They build up one another and learn to lean on each other when things need brought into perspective. Baden starts out very dramatic, and I love every minute of it. But he’s also such a gentleman. A down to earth, lovable guy that is genuinely humble. The perfect recipe for a book boyfriend. Sophie is very mild and had a lot of growing to do; I feel more than Baden did at times. There are many times when she wants to give up, but Baden makes her tell him her feelings and they work it out. He encourages her. I absolutely loved the emotions that this phenomenal, heartfelt story took me on. It’s everything I didn’t know I needed right now. And don’t be fooled that because this is emotional that it’s angsty - it gives the perfect amount of feels. I felt so many of these scenes deep inside me, I enjoy how Sawyer Bennett can bring out these emotions from a reader. I cannot wait to see their relationship progress in the other stories of the Pittsburgh Titans. PS. I saw those Pittsburgh Easter eggs, Sawyer Bennett - this northwestern PA gal sees you ;).Score: 5/5

Happy for Baden’s story!Good narration by both narrators! Enjoyed that there was a female and male narrator; each fit the characters well, and they have nice tones to their voices. Enjoyed the listen! I’ve been anticipating Baden’s story for awhile now, so I was excited that Baden’s story was finally here! After reading about what happened to Baden in the Arizona Vengeance series; he saved a woman from being brutally attacked, only to be brutally attacked himself, I wanted to read about Baden getting his happiness! After the Pittsburgh Titans hockey team has the majority of its team killed in an accident, Baden is offered an opportunity to be the goalie coach for the Titans, who are trying to bring together a new team. Pittsburgh just so happens to be where the woman he saved, Sophie, lives, so these two have the opportunity to get to know each other better. Sophie has some serious PTSD after the incident; she has trouble leaving her house and feeling safe, and it’s affecting her life. Luckily, Baden is really there for Sophie. Love the premise of Baden finding a new way of life, and the idea of falling in love with the woman he saved. Baden is a wonderful guy! Sophie has a sweet heart. I would’ve liked a bit more passion between them; a very slow burn going on in this story, but I enjoyed reading about them falling love. I also really enjoy the premise of trying to bring the hockey franchise back to life after the devastation they’ve suffered. I’m not totally loving some of the elements for the characters that will have their own books in this series, but I am interested in reading about the female owner, who knows little about hockey, but now runs the hockey team after her brother was one of the ones that died in the accident. Overall though, I’m excited to see how this series progresses!.Score: 5/5

Heartwarming & Emotional!Wow such a heartwarming and emotional journey that will touch everyone! These characters are so real with an intense connection that will keep you enthralled through their story. I had been waiting for Baden’s story and this story totally captivated me from beginning to the end. Baden Oulett had suffered a horrific injury that left him struggling to get back to his career with the Arizona Vengeance Professional hockey team. He spent months, day after day in rehab and physical therapy trying to walk again. But when Baden is contacted by the Pittsburgh Titan owner and offered a goalie coaching position, he struggles to give up his dream to return to his professional hockey career. He soon accepts after realizing that this offer would allow him to stay a part of the sport he loved. Sophie Winters has been suffering with fear and quilt since her attack. Withdrawn from the world, a totally different person than she had been before. Locked away from everyone and everything. But when Sophie answers her door to find her hero Baden there she can’t believe her eyes, he is walking. She is so happy to see the man who came to her rescue that dreadful night. Baden and Sophie had only met one other time, when she went to thank him while he was in the hospital. Baden is determined to help Sophie. And they soon become close as he pushes her limits and spends most of his down time with her. These two are perfect for each other. Was their tragic meeting fate? What a fantastic start to a new series. I cant wait to get more of these two and meet the new players in this series! Get your copy today!.Score: 5/5

Love Baden but Sophie…Arizona Vengeance is an INCREDIBLE series. The characters are relatable and draws you into the story. By the end, you feel like you’re part of the family. I highly encourage to read that series before this book. Sadly, I’m disappointed in Baden. His character is inspiring, but I’m not a fan of Sophie. Some of her actions contradicted her fears and it was a bit tacky..Score: 3/5

BadenI’ve waited on this book for FOREVER, it seems like.. I wholeheartedly recommend you read the Arizona Vengeance series before you read this.. it’s like a must… I’d give this book 10 ⭐️ if possible.Score: 5/5

Worth the waitWe have been waiting for Baden's book ever since he was attacked for being a good Samaritan. So much has happened since that fateful day. Baden has moved on and is starting a new life. Sophie, the woman he saved, has not. Will Baden be able to pull her out of her funk? Sophie is suffering from PTSD after the attack that happened seven months ago. She can't leave her house. She's scared of the shadows. When Baden shows up at her door and starts pushing her out of her comfort zone, she has no choice but to confront her fears. Will she be able to ever live a normal life again? This is the first book in the Pittsburgh Titans. The subject matter is tough. It is a more emotional story that Ms Bennett's previous hockey series. I'm hoping we get more stories that are emotionally tough, gritty and tackle different social stigma storylines. As for narration, Aiden Snow is my ultimate favorite narrator. That voice is just so enthralling. He has the gruffness and compassion needed for this storyline. Excellent casting. Lessa Lamb (not sure about spelling) is new to me. She had a young, energetic, happy voice. She worked well for Sophie and paired well with Aiden.Score: 5/5

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BadenWhile I have read this since the inception of the Arizona Vengence and Fury teams this is I am guessing the beginning of another spin off for Pittsburg Titans. Baden, paralyzed and then recovered moves to Pittsburg as a goalie coach to put back together the Titan team.Baden could not be more boring. At the end it started to feel like the story was starting but everything until then was flat. Hard to keep up the pace after Dominick and all the others before. Glad that Baden recovered and that he got together with Sophie I think they could have been way more as characters. It was one line not very many peaks except at the end when Coen gets thrown in jail. While I think Baden will become central to the Titans and hoping he replaces that Keller we will have to wait and see. Please please be sure Stone lights the pages on fire otherwise the series is over for me..Score: 3/5

BadenBaden (Pittsburg Titans, Book 1) by Sawyer Bennett 5 Maple Leaf Review "𝘐'𝘷𝘦 𝘤𝘰𝘮𝘦 𝘢 𝘭𝘰𝘯𝘨 𝘸𝘢𝘺 𝘧𝘳𝘰𝘮 𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘵 𝘢𝘸𝘧𝘶𝘭 𝘯𝘪𝘨𝘩𝘵, 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘐'𝘮 𝘯𝘰𝘵 𝘨𝘰𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘵𝘰 𝘭𝘦𝘢𝘷𝘦 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘣𝘦𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘥." — Baden and Sophie will take you on an emotional rollercoaster, pull at all of your heartstrings, and leave you with a huge book hangover. Baden takes a job as the new goalie coach for the Pittsburg Titans. Upon arriving in Pittsburg he decides to look up Sophie to see how she is doing after the attack they suffered seven months prior. Sophie is utterly shocked to see Baden standing on her doorstep. Baden refuses to let Sophie face her demons alone and it brings them closer than either of them are sure they are ready to face. I have been anxiously awaiting Baden's story for a very long time and it did not disappoint in the slightest. Baden, even after everything he has endured, is a total sweetheart and stole my heart right away. Sophie had me cheering her on to overcome her fears and take control, which she does in the most spectacular way. Baden and Sophie stole my heart, had me laughing out loud, and even had me shedding tears. Baden is a great start to the Pittsburg Titans series which is shaping up to be an amazingly emotional journey of moving forward and finding ways to heal, and I can not wait to read the whole series. Although this can be read as a complete standalone, I highly recommend reading the Arizona Vengeance series to get Baden's full backstory. Audio… Aiden Snow and Lessa Lamb were the perfect choices for the voices of Baden and Sophie. They did an amazing job bringing the characters to life, conveying all their emotions, as well as the whole story. Baden is a roommates-to-lovers, slow burn, sports (hockey) romance told in the dual first-person point of view ending in a happily ever after..Score: 5/5

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Great New Series!4.5 🌟 If you are a follower of this author, and had read the Arizona Vengeance series, you will know a little about Baden already and probably like me have been waiting for his book to be released. If this is your first time hearing about Baden Oulett, you are in for a treat with this incredible man. Baden was on the Arizona Vengeance hockey team as their goalie. One night out in Phoenix he sees three men attacking a woman and steps in to help her. They then turn their attention to Baden and beat him to near death and leave him there to die. He suffers multiple injuries and is left paralyzed from the waist down. He has spent many months following to regain his legs and needing to get back out on the ice. Before he is fully recovered, the Pittsburgh Titans hockey organization has a tremendous loss - the plane carrying all their players and support staff as well as a co-owner goes down with no survivors. Baden is approached by the remaining co-owner to help rebuild the team and for him to be the new goalie coach. It’s a huge decision for Baden as he not only wanted to get back on the ice himself but also means moving from Arizona to Pittsburgh and the only one he knows there is Sophie, the woman he rescued. From here on out, everything moves at a fast pace. Baden visits Sophie when he arrives in town and even though they didn’t have much to say in Arizona, the connection they have is boundless. They both have been through a trauma, Baden’s more physical than Sophie’s mental anguish. What they do have is a shared experience that brings them closer together the more time they see each other. You can’t help but love Baden, he is loyal, determined and incredibly dedicated to whatever he sets his mind to. Either being his recovery, new coaching job or helping Sophie overcome her own demons. He is one of those men that truly has a kind and genuine soul. Sophie is much the same, she would help anyone in need, especially those she loves. A violent act may have bought them together, and their wounds cemented their bond, and it seems their connect can’t be broken. What I also loved about this book is how it sets up the characters that will follow. I’ve no idea who their heroines might be - hoping Sophie’s best friend Frankie finds her HEA - but the next three books are about certain players on the team and the grief of losing their previous team mates or others battling their own demons. Looks like this series will be just as fabulous as the Cold Fury and Arizona Vengeance..Score: 5/5

Heartbreaking but also heartwarming!Baden Oulett is a man who has come so far after his horrendous attack. He was a goalie with the Arizona Vengeance and his story is so flipping heartbreaking but also heartwarming to be quite honest. I have been anxiously waiting for his book and I have to say the author has done him justice. The myriad of emotions this book drew out of me whilst reading were alot. I felt, I shed a few tears and laughed too and didn’t want the book to end. Baden has a new job opportunity to help the Pittsburgh Titans rebuild their team from scratch. Moving states, he makes the decision to see how Sophie is doing, the girl he rescued. These two form a genuine friendship and he tries to get Sophie out of her comfort zone. I loved this book so much. The comraderie, support and family just made this a truly wonderful read! Really looking forward to the next stories in this new promising series from Ms Bennett!.Score: 5/5

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