Let Us PreyJamie Lee Scott

Let Us Prey

In the first book of Jamie Lee Scott's USA Today bestselling series, private detective Mimi Capurro takes on a bodyguard client only to end up investigating a murder.

If you like your mysteries with a bit of humor and snark, this murder mystery series is perfect reading.

The Players:

Mimi Capurro: Owner, Gotcha Detective Agency

Charles Parks: Computer forensics, Gotcha Detective Agency (also Mimi's best friend)

Nick Christianson: Homicide detective: Salinas Police Department (Mimi's old college fling)

The Case

When Mimi is hired to protect a New York Times bestselling author on her book tour, she never expects she'll be embroiled in a murder investigation. But that's exactly where she finds herself when the author's assistant is murdered.

Making matters worse, Mimi comes face to face with an old college fling, who happens to be the homicide detective on the case.

Mimi, along with her snarky co-worker, Charles, worked to find the killer alongside the homicide detective, whether he likes it or not.

Follow the quirky and fun characters of Gotcha Detective Agency on this wild ride.

Books in the Gotcha Detective Agency Mystery series in the series:

Let Us Prey

Textual Relations

Death of a Sales Rep

What a Meth

Bad Vice

Electile Dysfunction

Who Gives a Split

Mary Had a Little Scam

Trespassers Will Be Prostituted

The Knife Before Christmas

A Lie in Every Truth

What readers are saying:

"Let Us Prey is up on my list of favorite novels ever. It's something I know I can pick up and read over and over without getting bored." Bookend Babes reviewer, Stacy J 

"This is a light and funny PI novel/mystery with interesting, well-developed characters and excellent twists and turns." Bente Gallagher (Jennie Bentley) NYT Bestselling author of the DIY Mystery Series for Berkley. 

This is the 3rd edition of Let Us Prey

Let Us Prey (Jamie Lee Scott) Book Discussions

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Jamie Lee Scott - Let Us Prey Book Reviews

I'm glad I chose to read this book!I hesitated a couple of times when I first read the description of Let Us Prey before I decided to give it a shot, but I'm glad that I decided to read it. Let Us Prey is a fun murder mystery with a bit of romance thrown in. It's written completely in first person from the perspective of Mimi, a private investigator. While I wish the author had alternated perspectives of the first person, the story flows and I was able to easily follow along. The story starts very abruptly. We meet the investigator; she meets an author and her assistant; and a few hours later, the assistant is murdered. I would have liked a bit more depth in the story in the early scenes, but as the story moves forward, additional depth into the background of the victim is provided and the reader gets to know her better. After the initial chapter or two of abruptness, the story is well written, flowed well, and provides great detail into the scenes and storyline. The story delves into an area of which I am not familiar - vampire mysteries and role-playing games. The author provides such elaborate details and descriptions of these aspects of the story that my lack of background didn't impede my ability to understand and enjoy the story. I found myself turning the pages faster and faster as the mystery deepened so that I could follow the clues that Mimi was following to determine who killed the assistant and was threatening her. The author introduces a number of characters, including a former love interest, Nick, as well as members of Mimi's agency. We really get to know Charles, as he plays a critical role in the investigation of the assistant's murder. Charles is a delightful character with a fun personality. Nick is the other principal character in this story and the author does a nice job of developing a character with a troubled background and a history with Mimi which creates an amusing tension between them as this investigation proceeds. The murder story is wrapped up nicely by the end of Let Us Prey, but the author has definitely left open the possibilities of a budding relationship with Mimi and Nick, and further mysteries being solved with the help of Charles, Gemma, and Jackie. All in all, the author provides a fun murder mystery with a surprising villain, and lays the groundwork for future "Gotcha Detective Agency" stories, a developing relationship between Nick and Mimi, and future stories featuring the other members of the Gotcha Detective Agency..Score: 4/5

Let us preyThis was a real good read! It had it all. There was murder,suspense,good characters,and romance..Score: 5/5

Let Us PreyGood characters and plot. A bit hard to put down by the middle of the book..Score: 5/5

Let Us PreyGood reading with a surprise twisted ending..Score: 4/5

Characters in DramaI liked this interesting story, don't get me wrong; but saying nice things doesn't give an author ideas for improvement. Room to develop at least 3 parts of this fun story to make it more suspenseful and not so expected. Very likable characters that could be more fully developed: Sebastian wasn't believable. Susan needed more attention. Everybody liked everybody and left little room for tension. The strong lead didn't have the strength we were told to expect at the start. The wrap up at the end needed some hints to make it more believable..Score: 3/5

Let Us PreyThis is a fast-paced, humorous mystery. It has a solid plot line and great character development!.Score: 4/5

Great read for a murder mystery loverQuick and easy read! Lots of twists and turns to keep you flipping the pages as quick as you can.Score: 5/5

It needed workLet's start with the fact it was a free book. I do like that and the opportunity to find new authors. The book was a fun read, and I enjoyed the characters which hopefully develop in further books. Mimi is a special agent turned PI. I found this hard to get into while reading the book because she certainly lacked PI skills. I suppose I expect a special agent to be smart, deductive, strong. None of that was happening. She had some tough cookie moments, but they were rare and fleeting. The threatening phone calls...and she kept writing them off as pranks??? That frustrated me! Rarely do I peg the "murderer" but I had this one figured out before being half way through the book so plot was way thin and easy to figure out. I hope the rest of the books develop, but not sure I will purchase any..Score: 3/5

Let Us PreySooooo many things in this story just don't jell. Scott's technical skills are good---with exception of personal pronouns. He/him, she/her, them/their present problems for this writer. A few pages in I was grinding my teeth. This is a thin story that moves slowly and doesn't go anywhere. (1) The characters aren't well developed; particularly the killer. (2) There is vampire "activity" but it's play acting--literally. The players meet downtown once a week for purposes that are never clear. (3) The detective's hormones give her grief. She lusts after male upon male. That too goes nowhere. Irritating. Scott may be setting up content for subsequent books. For instance, the detective's husband is believed dead in a plane crash a year prior to this story. Scott mentions this event 10-12 times, making sure the reader knows no bodies or personal effects found at the site. That information has nothing to do with the current events. There are many good books out there. This isn't one of them. Don't waste your time..Score: 1/5

Let Us PreyNot my cup of tea. Simplistic plot you can see from a mile away, the author over explaining throughout. Female protagonist helped by a strong male in a position of authority. Yawn. And setting up a straight character with a gay one to engage in coy behavior or dialogue? It’s insulting..Score: 3/5

EhhI'm a sucker for mysteries especially ones with a bit of romance but this book doesn't do it for me. The characters aren't very interesting and the story moves very slow. There's a paragraph in the book that made me believe the author is a bit racist and that just made me put the book down. Waste of time..Score: 1/5

Let us preyGood read..Score: 5/5

Fun new seriesThis first book of the Gotcha Detective Agency hooked me. I found the characters interesting, and the plot had me guessing who the bad guy was! A quick, easy read that was loads of fun. Can't wait to read the second book in the series..Score: 5/5

Wow!Excellent plot, great characters, a real page turner. I couldn’t sleep until I finished it..Score: 5/5

A Real Page Turner!!!I wasn't sure what to expect with this book, just based on the cover picture. I couldn't put it down!! I loved her writing style and the story moved along so I just had to keep reading..Score: 4/5

Interesting twists and turns!This is the first book I read by this author. I enjoy her style of writing, specifically how the characters are built into the story. This book was fun and interesting — I could see the characters in my mind. I will be reading the next novel soon. Enjoy!.Score: 5/5

Let Us PreyThis should sell you some books. Didn't get through the first chapter. Too gorey, too much information for my liking. No thanks..Score: 1/5

PreyGreat storytelling with a lot of humor..Score: 4/5

Very ooodFast moving, fun and great characters.Score: 5/5

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Lettuce preyNot the lucas davenport kind of prey yet still captivating and easily immersed into. looking forward to the next..Score: 5/5

Let Us PreyGood read. It's a free download so please do. Characters well defined and paste is good. Even some chuckles! Enjoy!.Score: 4/5

Let Us PreyLoved reading this book but I want to know what the future is for Nick and Mimi.Score: 5/5

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Let Us Prey by Jamie Lee ScottLet Us Prey by Jamie Lee Scott Just what I needed, after a bunch of plain, ordinary books - one with a bit of wit, pizazz, light enjoyable thriller. It’s apparently the first book by the author, who is now a well recognised one. Mimi runs a small PI firm, mostly insurance, divorces, etc; but gets caught up in a murder tied to a rich vampire story writer. It’s fun to read, trundles along quickly, and all of the variety of people involved are interesting. A better book than most 4/5.Score: 4/5

Let us PreyEven thought I enjoyed the read, I find Mimi lacking for someone who was a part of the Secret Service. She presents more like "Blonde Bimbo" instead of capable. Her self talk is a little off the grid and this feeds the scatterbrained impression..Score: 3/5

Let Us PreyJamie, what a great read..thoroughly enjoyed the characters, the plot and the funny moments. Loved it. Thanks for introducing me to this. Must get all the others in the series..Score: 5/5

Written well, poor charactersI enjoyed reading this book, however the characters displayed didn’t match well with the backstories associated with them. The main character, even being trained for secret service lacked in many scenes the intuition or traits a secret service person or even private detective should have and that made understanding the plot difficult..Score: 2/5

AmazingThis book was interesting all the way through. The characters are engaging and well rounded, and the narrative is quite fast paced. The author keeps you guessing through the plot, and I never picked the bad guy before the characters found out. I love finding strong female characters, and it was a pleasant surprise to find so many well written characters. I'll be reading more from this author in the future..Score: 5/5

Great book & author!Great, easy reading!!! Kind of reminds me of Sue Grafton’s books! Can’t wait to read more of the series!! Loving Lola in the stories too!!.Score: 5/5

👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽.Score: 4/5

Let us preyI thoroughly enjoyed this book. Has all the right inclusives : Mystery humour & great characters my kind of book! I will definitely be looking to read more of this authors books!.Score: 5/5

A good bookThis is my first book by this author. I enjoyed it and am onto the next one which I am also really liking. I will read the entire series. I like the way Jamie Lee writes and I like her characters too..Score: 5/5

Good ReadThis book is a fast paced light hearted crime novel. Easy to read..Score: 4/5

Let us Prey by Jamie Lee ScottWhat a great read! Murder mystery with humour. Just loved it. GH Redland City Australia.Score: 5/5

Badly writtenCan’t get through it. So poorly written, mangled storyline’s drowning in cliches..Score: 1/5

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