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Who is Adam Kay?

Adam Kay may refer to: Adam Kay (footballer) Adam Kay (writer), British comedian, writer, musician, and doctor.. Co-author with Katherine Applegate of Ocean City, Making Out, Summer, Animorphs, Everworld, Remnants, Eve and Adam.

Pseudonymous coauthor with KA of Christy (the TV spin-off books), Sweet Valley Twins, Girl Talk and various Disney spin-offs.

Pseudonymous author of Barf-O-Rama.

Author of Gone, BZRK, The Magnificent 12, Messenger of Fear, Front Lines, Monster and A Sudden Death in Cyprus.

AKA Michael Robinson (restaurant reviews and newspaper features).

AKA Michael Reynolds (legal name) political media producer. (Team Blue).

Books: 52

Hometown: Los Angeles

Fan: 10,102

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Adam Kay - Będzie bolało


Będzie bolało

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Adam Kay - Ça risque de faire mal !


Ça risque de faire mal !

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Adam Kay - Esto te va a doler


Esto te va a doler

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Adam Kay - Le farò un po' male


Le farò un po' male

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Adam Kay - Bude to bolet, doktore?


Bude to bolet, doktore?

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Melting the Snowman

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@OC This is going to hurt by Adam Kay...amazingly honest and so funny 🤣

Angela Burrows (Angela5784)

@LorcanKenny This is going to hurt by Adam Kay @amateuradam is still one of my favourite reads from last year

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When your ‘light read’ holiday book list looks like this... 🔪💉💀 •This is going to hurt - Adam Kay •Unnatural Caus…

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