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Alison Weir is a British writer of history books, and latterly historical novels, mostly in the form of biographies about British royalty.Her first published work, 1989's Britain's Royal Families, was a genealogical overview of the British royal family. She subsequently wrote biographies of Eleanor of Aquitaine, Isabella of France, Katherine Swynford, Elizabeth of York, and the Princes in the Tower. Other focuses have included Henry VIII of England and his wives and children, Mary Boleyn, Elizabeth I, and Mary, Queen of Scots. She has published historical overviews of the Wars of the Roses and royal weddings, as well as historical fiction novels on Lady Jane Grey, Elizabeth I, and Eleanor of Aquitaine... Alison Bechdel is an American cartoonist. Originally best known for the long-running comic strip Dykes To Watch Out For, in 2006 she became a best-selling and critically acclaimed author with her graphic memoir Fun Home.

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Alison Weir Discount Books

Alison Weir - The Lady Elizabeth


The Lady Elizabeth

4.5     61
Alison Weir - Henry VIII


Henry VIII

3.5     35
Alison Weir - The Life of Elizabeth I


The Life of Elizabeth I

4     25
Alison Weir - The Wars of the Roses


The Wars of the Roses

3.5     51
Alison Weir - Anne Boleyn, A King's Obsession


Anne Boleyn, A King's Obsession

4.5     25
Alison Weir - Innocent Traitor


Innocent Traitor

4     36
Alison Weir - The Lost Tudor Princess


The Lost Tudor Princess

0     0
Alison Weir - Elizabeth of York


Elizabeth of York

3.5     12
Alison Weir - Mary Boleyn


Mary Boleyn

3.5     16
Alison Weir - The Children of Henry VIII


The Children of Henry VIII

4     38
Alison Weir - Britain's Royal Families


Britain's Royal Families

0     0
Alison Weir - Eleanor of Aquitaine


Eleanor of Aquitaine

4     10
Alison Weir - The Lady in the Tower


The Lady in the Tower

4     36
Alison Weir - Mistress of the Monarchy


Mistress of the Monarchy

3.5     17
Alison Weir - Queens of the Conquest


Queens of the Conquest

0     0
Alison Weir - The Six Wives of Henry VIII


The Six Wives of Henry VIII

0     0
Alison Weir - A Dangerous Inheritance


A Dangerous Inheritance

3.5     38
Alison Weir - The Princes in the Tower


The Princes in the Tower

4.5     11
Alison Weir - The Marriage Game


The Marriage Game

4     8
Alison Weir - Lady Elizabeth


Lady Elizabeth

0     0
Alison Weir - Queen Isabella


Queen Isabella

4     19
Alison Weir - Caterina d'Aragona


Caterina d'Aragona

0     0
Alison Weir - L'innocente



0     0
Alison Weir - Niebezpieczne dziedzictwo


Niebezpieczne dziedzictwo

0     0
Alison Weir - Captive Queen


Captive Queen

4     36
Allison Weir - Sacrificial Logics


Sacrificial Logics

0     0
Allison Weir - Identities and Freedom


Identities and Freedom

0     0

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