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Amy Tan (born February 19, 1952) is an American writer whose works explore mother-daughter relationships and the Chinese American experience. Her novel The Joy Luck Club was adapted into a film in 1993 by director Wayne Wang. Tan has written several other novels, including The Kitchen God's Wife, The Hundred Secret Senses, The Bonesetter's Daughter, Saving Fish from Drowning, and The Valley of Amazement. Tan's latest book is a memoir entitled Where The Past Begins: A Writer's Memoir (2017). In addition to these, Tan has written two children's books: The Moon Lady (1992) and Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat (1994), which was turned into an animated series that aired on PBS. Despite her success, Tan has also received substantial criticism for her depictions of Chinese culture and apparent adherence to stereotypes... Morgan Matson grew up in New York City and Greenwich, Connecticut. She attended Occidental College in Los Angeles but halfway though a theater degree, she started working in the children's department of Vroman's Bookstore and fell in love with YA literature.

Following college graduation (and the proud bearer of an incredibly useful theater/English degree) she moved back East to attend the New School, where she received her M.F.A in Writing for Children.

Amy & Roger's Epic Detour, inspired by Morgan's three cross-country road trips, was published in May 2010. It was named an ALA Top Ten Best Book, a PW "Flying Start" book, and was shortlisted for the Waterstone's Book Prize.

In the meantime, Morgan moved back to California, went back to school again and in 2011 received an M.F.A. in Screenwriting from the University of Southern California.

Her second book, Second Chance Summer, was published in May 2012 and draws largely on her experiences spending summers growing up in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.

Her third book, Since You've Been Gone, was published in 2014.

Morgan currently lives in Los Angeles, though she loves to travel and does it whenever she can. She is currently writing another book, to be published in 2016.

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Amy Tan - The Valley of Amazement


The Valley of Amazement

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Amy Tan - The Joy Luck Club


The Joy Luck Club

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Amy Tan - The Bonesetter's Daughter


The Bonesetter's Daughter

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Amy Tan - The Kitchen God's Wife


The Kitchen God's Wife

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Amy Tan - The Hundred Secret Senses


The Hundred Secret Senses

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Amy Tan - Saving Fish from Drowning


Saving Fish from Drowning

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Amy Tan - Where the Past Begins


Where the Past Begins

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Amy Tan - The Opposite of Fate


The Opposite of Fate

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Amy Tan - El valle del asombro


El valle del asombro

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Amy Tan - La hija del curandero


La hija del curandero

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Amy Tan - Le Joy Luck Club


Le Joy Luck Club

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Amy Tan - Das Kurtisanenhaus


Das Kurtisanenhaus

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Amy Tan - La vall de la Meravella


La vall de la Meravella

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Amy Tan - Ihmeiden laakso


Ihmeiden laakso

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Amy Tan - Der Geist der Madame Chen


Der Geist der Madame Chen

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Amy Tan - Údolie zázrakov


Údolie zázrakov

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Amy Tan - Noyade interdite


Noyade interdite

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Amy Tan - La valle delle meraviglie


La valle delle meraviglie

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Amy Tan - Töchter des Himmels


Töchter des Himmels

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Amy Tan - Jomfruens regler


Jomfruens regler

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Amy Tan - Belles de Shanghai


Belles de Shanghai

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Amy Tan - Valea Minunilor


Valea Minunilor

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Amy Tan - Údolí úžasu


Údolí úžasu

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Amy Tan - Los cien sentidos secretos


Los cien sentidos secretos

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Amy Tan - Forundringens dal


Forundringens dal

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Amy Tan - Klub radosti a štěstí


Klub radosti a štěstí

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Amy Tan - Recuerdo de un sueño


Recuerdo de un sueño

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Amy Tan - Die Frau des Feuergottes


Die Frau des Feuergottes

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Amy Tan - Un lugar llamado Nada


Un lugar llamado Nada

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Amy Rebecca Tan - A Kind of Paradise


A Kind of Paradise

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Amanda Rogers, Ashley Thorpe, Cheryl Robson, Yang Mai Ooi, Daniel York Loh, Stephen Hoo, Amy Ng, Joël Tan, Jeremy Tiang & Lucy Chai Lai-Tuen - British East Asian Plays


British East Asian Plays

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