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Who is Andrea Bills?

Andrea Bills about coming soon.. Ben Coes is the NYT bestselling author of international espionage thrillers featuring Dewey Andreas.

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Andrea Bills - Hardwired



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Andrea Bills - Exchange of Power


Exchange of Power

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Andrea Bills - Hidden Agendas


Hidden Agendas

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Andrea Bills - Hidden Enemies


Hidden Enemies

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Andrea Bills - Retribution



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Andrea Bills - Weight of Power


Weight of Power

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Marsali Taylor, Bill Kitson, Cara Cooper, J.J. Campbell, Andrea Frazer & Lesley Cookman - A Case of Crime


A Case of Crime

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Christina Jones, Andrea Frazer, Bill Kitson, Caroline Dunford, Helena Fairfax, Tricia Maw, Marie Laval, Cara Cooper, Jane Risdon & David Rogers - Shiver



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Andrea DeSantis Kerr, Robert


Exploring the Gray Zone

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Bill Kitson, Christina Jones, Andrea Frazer, Caroline Dunford, Helena Fairfax, Tricia Maw, Laval Marie, Cooper Cara & David Rogers - Shiver



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