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Bernard Cornwell, (born 23 February 1944) is an English author of historical novels and a history of the Waterloo Campaign. He is best known for his novels about Napoleonic Wars rifleman Richard Sharpe. And also increasingly for the Saxon / Last Kingdom stories about King Alfred and the making of England. He has written historical novels primarily on English history in five series, and one series of contemporary thriller novels. A feature of his historical novels is an end note on how they match or differ from history, and what one might see at the modern sites of the battles described. He wrote a nonfiction book on the battle of Waterloo, in addition to the fictional story of the famous battle in the Sharpe Series. Two of the historical novel series have been adapted for television: the Sharpe television series by ITV and The Last Kingdom by BBC. He lives in the US with his wife, alternating between Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and Charleston, South Carolina. ..




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그리고 나서 끓이는 거야. 접시에 내놓기 직전에 올리브유를 한 스푼 넣으면 더 맛이 좋지." 영국군 샤프 소령 : "우리는, 그냥 토끼를 잘라서 물에 끓이고 소금 쳐서 먹는데요." -text by Shar…

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