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Who is Dave Grossman?

David Grossman (born 1954) is an Israeli writer. David Grossman, Dovid Grossman or Dave Grossman may also refer to: David Grossman (director), American film and television director David Grossman (journalist), British journalist Rabbi Dovid Grossman, Talmud lecturer Dave Grossman (author) (born 1956), author who has specialized in the study of the psychology of killing Dave Grossman (game developer), game programmer and game designer David C. Grossman, American pediatrician.. An author best known for his 1995 memoir of childhood abuse, A Child Called It.

At the age of 12, Dave was removed from an abusive home and placed in a series of foster homes. In 1979, he joined the Air Force and later became an author of memoirs and self-improvement books.


August 2017 - We are very excited to announce that writer/producer David Goldblum of Conscious Contact Productions has acquired the film rights to Dave Pelzer's, #1 New York Times bestselling book, A Child Called “IT” which was on the New York Times Best Sellers List for a record breaking six years. Tamlin Hall, whose film Holden On has won multiple awards around the country is attached to direct. Dave Pelzer is adapting the screenplay alongside Goldblum and Hall. The movie is in pre-production, with production set to begin in Spring 2018. A-List talent are already circling the project. Be sure and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates. https://www.facebook.com/AChildCalled....

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Hometown: Daly City, California

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