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Elizabeth Gilbert is an award-winning writer of both fiction and non-fiction. Her short story collection Pilgrims was a finalist for the PEN/Hemingway award, and her novel Stern Men was a New York Times notable book. Her 2002 book The Last American Man was a finalist for both the National Book Award and the National Book Critic’s Circle Award.

Her memoir, Eat, Pray, Love, spent 57 weeks in the #1 spot on the New York Times paperback bestseller list. It has shipped over 6 million copies in the US and has been published in over thirty languages. A film adaptation of the book was released by Columbia Pictures with an all star cast: Julia Roberts as Gilbert, Javier Bardem as Felipe, James Franco as David, Billy Crudup as her ex-husband and Richard Jenkins as Richard from Texas.

Her latest novel, The Signature of All Things, will be available on October 1, 2013. The credit for her profile picture belongs to Jennifer Schatten.

Books: 34

Hometown: Waterbury, Connecticut

Fan: 21,139

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Elizabeth Lennox - The Prince's Resistant Lover


The Prince's Resistant Lover

4     527
Elizabeth Lennox - The Sheik's Dangerous Lover


The Sheik's Dangerous Lover

4     1707
Elizabeth Lennox - The Sheik's Defiant Fiancée


The Sheik's Defiant Fiancée

4     779
Elizabeth Lennox - The Sheik's Vengeance


The Sheik's Vengeance

4.5     53
Elizabeth Lennox - In the Mood for Romance


In the Mood for Romance

4     32
Elizabeth Lennox - Second Chance Temptation


Second Chance Temptation

4.5     49
Elizabeth Lennox - The Tycoon's Toddler Surprise


The Tycoon's Toddler Surprise

4.5     232
Elizabeth Lennox - Love and Secrets


Love and Secrets

0     0
Elizabeth Lennox - His Secretive Lover


His Secretive Lover

4.5     74
Elizabeth Lennox - His Unexpected Protégé


His Unexpected Protégé

4.5     71
Elizabeth Lennox - Pregnant with the Sheik's Baby


Pregnant with the Sheik's Baby

4.5     72
Elizabeth Lennox - The Greek's Forgotten Wife


The Greek's Forgotten Wife

4     99
Elizabeth Lennox - His Expectant Lover


His Expectant Lover

4.5     78
Elizabeth Lennox - His Captive Lover


His Captive Lover

4.5     106
Elizabeth Lennox - Escaping a Royal Wedding


Escaping a Royal Wedding

4.5     103
Elizabeth Lennox - His Challenging Lover


His Challenging Lover

4.5     94
Elizabeth Lennox - Risky Negotiations


Risky Negotiations

4.5     102
Elizabeth Lennox - Her Secret, His Heir


Her Secret, His Heir

0     0
Elizabeth Lennox - Her Gentle Capture


Her Gentle Capture

4.5     92
Elizabeth Lennox - The Sheik's Gentle Triumph


The Sheik's Gentle Triumph

4.5     29
Elizabeth Lennox - The Billionaire's Pregnant Lover


The Billionaire's Pregnant Lover

4.5     128
Elizabeth Lennox - Forbidden Lover


Forbidden Lover

0     0
Elizabeth Lennox - The Sheik's Baby Surprise


The Sheik's Baby Surprise

5     69
Elizabeth Lennox - His Erotic Obsession


His Erotic Obsession

4     31
Elizabeth Lennox - Craving Him


Craving Him

0     0
Elizabeth Lennox - His Unexpected Lover


His Unexpected Lover

4.5     90
Elizabeth Lennox - Never Dare a Tycoon


Never Dare a Tycoon

4.5     89
Elizabeth Lennox - The Duke's Blackmailed Bride


The Duke's Blackmailed Bride

4.5     73
Elizabeth Lennox - The Greek Tycoon's Lover


The Greek Tycoon's Lover

4.5     36
Elizabeth Lennox - Her Unexpected Admirer


Her Unexpected Admirer

4.5     62
Elizabeth Lennox - The Tycoon's Captured Heart


The Tycoon's Captured Heart

4.5     47
Elizabeth Lennox - The Sheik's Captured Princess


The Sheik's Captured Princess

4.5     43
Elizabeth Lennox - The Russian's Runaway Bride


The Russian's Runaway Bride

4.5     53
Elizabeth Lennox - The Russian's Pregnant Mistress


The Russian's Pregnant Mistress

4.5     113

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Anup Patel, MD; Ian Miller, MD; Jesus Eric Pina-Garza, MD; Elizabeth Thiele, MD, PhD; and Elaine Wirrell, MD, condu…

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