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Karen White is a New York Times bestselling American author of more than twenty-five novels...




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Idk our presidents love carpet bombing Iraq, Lybia, Syria, Yemen and Somalia. I just think that’s a little more c…

David K (DavidKaNight)

if you stormed the capitol idc. White people can deal with their white people shit over there but if you idiots pul…

deonte the alien (the_alienboi)

@RepAdamSchiff: The insurrection was an act of domestic terrorism, fueled by white supremacism and incited by Trump. It was also a mass…

Karen DiFabio🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 (difabio_karen)

@kirkacevedo: WHITE PRIVILEGE. This is how MAGA/Republicans travel to go to an insurrection. #JennaRyan Aka Klu Klux Karen …

cholopty (lionelanria)