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Kendall Ryan may refer to: Kendall Ryan (cyclist) (born 1992), American racing cyclist Kendall Ryan (novelist) (born 1981), American novelist.. Sylvia Nobel, a resident of Arizona since 1961, is the author of the best-selling Kendall O'Dell mystery series. She is also one of the producers of the new feature film Deadly Sanctuary, based on the first book in the series. The 5th book, Forbidden Entry has now been released. Her breathtaking descriptions of the Arizona desert illustrate her love affair with the state's unique beauty. Her main protagonist, feisty, flame-haired reporter Kendall O'Dell has been described by readers as a modern day grown up "Nancy Drew" or a younger Jessica Fletcher from "Murder She Wrote". Her books are available from Nite Owl Books as well as major booksellers worldwide. Readers can participate in an adventure that provides the true ambiance of the modern west with each based on actual cases gleaned from news articles. The attention to detail and the eloquence of the masterfully written stories, will give the reader a vivid picture as well as present great insight into these well researched contemporary tales. Best yet, her judicious use of language makes readers comfortable sharing these books with teens and seniors alike. She follows the same pattern with the film, Deadly Sanctuary, which has received a PG-13 rating making it suitable for just about everyone!

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