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Who is Lily Graham?

Lily Graham about coming soon.. Rachel grew up in the D.C. area and graduated from Barnard College with a B.A. in Political Science. She has written many YA novels, including three that she cowrote with her friend and colleague David Levithan. She lives and writes (when she's not reading other people's books, organizing her music library or looking for the best cappuccino) in New York City.

Books: 29

Hometown: Silver Spring, MD

Fan: 1,886

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Lily Graham - The Paris Secret


The Paris Secret

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Lily Graham - Christmas at Hope Cottage


Christmas at Hope Cottage

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Lily Graham - Summer at Seafall Cottage


Summer at Seafall Cottage

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Lily Graham - The Summer Escape


The Summer Escape

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Lily Graham - A Cornish Christmas


A Cornish Christmas

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Owned by the Alpha

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@Hbomberguy >"All feminine acting and presenting children are gay." Graham just unintentionally threw out a homophobic stereotype.

Soul Drop Soup (Lily_Of_Cinder)

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Jeni Zill Onley 09 🌊🌊 (JeniZillOnley)

Graham: Senate Judiciary to probe Clinton's emails. Again.

Debbie J. (Lily_61Warren)

@I_am_Indeed: The Cornish Escape by Lily Graham #FavoriteRead #DualTimeline #REVISIT @bookouture @lilywritesbooks …

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