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Who is Lisa Lillien?

Lisa Lillien is an American producer who is the creator of the Hungry Girl empire which includes cookbooks, low-calorie recipes, specialty products and TV shows... Librarian Note: There is more than one author in the Goodreads database with this name. See this thread for more information.

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Lisa Lillien - The Guilt Free 3


The Guilt Free 3

3.5     873
Lisa Lillien - 3 for Free


3 for Free

4.5     7
Lisa Lillien - Hungry Girl to the Max!


Hungry Girl to the Max!

3.5     52
Lisa Lillien - Hungry Girl 300 Under 300


Hungry Girl 300 Under 300

3.5     202
Lisa Lillien - Hungry Girl: 200 Under 200


Hungry Girl: 200 Under 200

3.5     67
Lisa Lillien - Hungry Girl 1-2-3


Hungry Girl 1-2-3

4     37
Lisa Lillien - Hungry Girl Happy Hour


Hungry Girl Happy Hour

3.5     35
Lisa Lillien - Hungry Girl


Hungry Girl

3.5     33
Lisa Lillien - Hungry Girl Clean & Hungry


Hungry Girl Clean & Hungry

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Lisa Lillien - Hungry Girl Simply 6


Hungry Girl Simply 6

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Lisa Lillien - The Hungry Girl Diet


The Hungry Girl Diet

3.5     114

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@ExposingDanWarp: Dan Schneider might be out at Nickelodeon, but he and his wife, cookbook author Lisa Lillien, are still laughing their…

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Hungry Girl Clean & Hungry OBSESSED! by Lisa Lillien

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Diet and Cookbook Author Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien - 355

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Worry is interest paid up front on a debt that may never come due. - Lisa Lillien

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