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Who is Nuala Ellwood?

Nuala Ellwood about coming soon.. In the beginning Katharine Eliska Kimbriel was nominated for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New SF/Fantasy Writer. Katharine’s work has long straddled the line: “too literary to be commercial, too commercial to be literary” – she has a list of itinerant occupations to prove it.

Published novels include the historical dark fantasies NIGHT CALLS, KINDRED RITES, and SPIRAL PATH. On the science fiction side you will find FIRE SANCTUARY, FIRES OF NUALA, and HIDDEN FIRES, stand-alone tales that take place on the same planet.

Katharine is managed by a Burmese cat and a handful of gargoyles. Her occasional hobbies have included ballroom dancing, brewing beer, antique roses, and macrobiotic and paleolithic cooking. She resents having her age required for this blog and so chose her current favorite age.

Go to for the most recent publishing info; she posts at Goodreads and at her blog ( which runs downhill to Facebook, Twitter, My Space and other points east. She also is a founding member of Book View Cafe (

Books: 14

Hometown: Sun-Return, Michigan Territory

Fan: 89

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Nuala Ellwood - My Sister's Bones


My Sister's Bones

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Nuala Ellwood - Day of the Accident


Day of the Accident

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Nuala Ellwood - Der Unfall


Der Unfall

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Nuala Ellwood - I segreti di mia sorella


I segreti di mia sorella

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Nuala Ellwood - Kości mojej siostry


Kości mojej siostry

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Nuala Ellwood - Ceux qui te mentent


Ceux qui te mentent

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Nuala Ellwood - Was ihr nicht seht


Was ihr nicht seht

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My Sister's Bones by Nuala Ellwood is that book..

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@JaneCorryAuthor: Thanks to my friend and author Nuala Ellwood @nualawrites for spotting my Penguin poster of #ILookedAway in #York , #3…

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Thanks to my friend and author Nuala Ellwood @nualawrites for spotting my Penguin poster of #ILookedAway in #York ,…

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