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Who is Raeanne Thayne?

Raeanne Thayne about coming soon.. I'm not one of those people who knew from birth she was destined to become a writer. I always loved to read and throughout my childhood I could usually be found with a book in my hands. To the disgust of my friends, I even enjoyed creative writing assignments that made them all groan. But I had other dreams besides writing. I wanted to be an actress or a teacher or a lawyer.

Life took a different turn for me, though, when my mother made me take a journalism elective in high school (thanks, Mom!). I knew the first day that this was where I belonged.

After I graduated from college in journalism, I took a job at the local daily newspaper and I reveled in the challenge and the diversity of it. One day I could be interviewing the latest country music star, the next day I was writing about local motorcycle gangs or interviewing an award-winning scientist.

Through it all -- through the natural progression of my career from reporter to editor -- I wrote stories in my head. Not just any stories, either, but romances, the kind of books I have devoured since junior high school, with tales about real people going through the trials and tribulations of life until they find deep and lasting love.

I had no idea how to put these people on paper, but knew I had to try -- their stories were too compelling for me to ignore. I sold my first book in 1995 and now, more than 30 books later, I've come to love everything about writing, from the click of the computer keys under my fingers to the "that's-it!" feeling I get when a story is flowing.

I write full-time now (well, as full-time as I can manage juggling my kids!) amid the raw beauty of the northern Utah mountains.

Even though I might not have dreamed of being a writer when I was younger, now I simply can't imagine my life any other way.

I love to hear from readers. You can reach me at my email address, [email protected]

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RaeAnne Thayne - Snow Angel Cove


Snow Angel Cove

4.5     66
RaeAnne Thayne - Season of Wonder


Season of Wonder

4     53
Gena Showalter, Julia London, Sara Arden, Victoria Dahl, B.J. Daniels, Sarah Morgan, Robyn Carr, Lori Foster, Maisey Yates, Kristan Higgins, Susan Mallery, RaeAnne Thayne & Sheila Roberts - All Romance, All The Time


All Romance, All The Time

3.5     11
RaeAnne Thayne - The Cottages on Silver Beach


The Cottages on Silver Beach

4.5     23
Debbie Macomber & RaeAnne Thayne - A Little Bit Country


A Little Bit Country

4.5     10
RaeAnne Thayne - Snowfall on Haven Point


Snowfall on Haven Point

5     54
RaeAnne Thayne - Evergreen Springs


Evergreen Springs

4.5     39
Debbie Macomber & RaeAnne Thayne - Country Bride


Country Bride

4     9
RaeAnne Thayne - Serenity Harbor


Serenity Harbor

4.5     23
RaeAnne Thayne - Redemption Bay


Redemption Bay

4.5     26
RaeAnne Thayne - A Cold Creek Christmas Story


A Cold Creek Christmas Story

4.5     31
Sherryl Woods & RaeAnne Thayne - Safe Harbor


Safe Harbor

4.5     10
RaeAnne Thayne - Sugar Pine Trail


Sugar Pine Trail

4.5     46
Debbie Macomber, Brenda Novak, Sheila Roberts & RaeAnne Thayne - Together for Christmas


Together for Christmas

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RaeAnne Thayne - Riverbend Road


Riverbend Road

4.5     37
RaeAnne Thayne - Wild Iris Ridge


Wild Iris Ridge

4.5     15
RaeAnne Thayne - A Soldier's Return


A Soldier's Return

4.5     24
Sherryl Woods & RaeAnne Thayne - A Love Beyond Words


A Love Beyond Words

5     6
RaeAnne Thayne - Sweet Laurel Falls


Sweet Laurel Falls

5     13
RaeAnne Thayne - Light the Stars


Light the Stars

4     13
RaeAnne Thayne - Christmas in Snowflake Canyon


Christmas in Snowflake Canyon

4.5     19
RaeAnne Thayne - The Holiday Gift


The Holiday Gift

5     14
RaeAnne Thayne - Woodrose Mountain


Woodrose Mountain

5     22
RaeAnne Thayne - Dancing in the Moonlight


Dancing in the Moonlight

0     0
RaeAnne Thayne - His Second-Chance Family


His Second-Chance Family

5     10
RaeAnne Thayne - Blackberry Summer


Blackberry Summer

4.5     34
RaeAnne Thayne - Hiding in Park City


Hiding in Park City

4.5     11
RaeAnne Thayne - The Rancher's Christmas Song


The Rancher's Christmas Song

4.5     18
RaeAnne Thayne - The Daddy Makeover


The Daddy Makeover

3.5     9
RaeAnne Thayne - The Cliff House


The Cliff House

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RaeAnne Thayne - Willowleaf Lane


Willowleaf Lane

4.5     15
RaeAnne Thayne - Dalton's Undoing


Dalton's Undoing

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RaeAnne Thayne - A Soldier's Secret


A Soldier's Secret

4.5     10
RaeAnne Thayne - A Cold Creek Reunion


A Cold Creek Reunion

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RaeAnne Thayne - Christmas in Cold Creek


Christmas in Cold Creek

4.5     7
RaeAnne Thayne - The Christmas Ranch


The Christmas Ranch

4.5     7
RaeAnne Thayne - Endangered



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