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@scopeofgold @mzprettyfeet @Sal_Robins Thanks. I try to not be that white lady talking over people. There’s enough…

Téa Smith (tealou)

@wesyang: "Asking to see the data" is one of the white defensive strategies that Robin DiAngelo identifies as indicative of "White Fragi…

Young Yung Youngin (NoConnerButEric)

@kristatippett: Heads up (w/ Resmaa's correct twitter handle!): the wise @ResmaaMenakem joins @onbeing again - this time together with R…

jamithrax (e_j_hayes)

@DrKarlynB: Guys, I hate to break it to you but Robin DiAngelo is charging way more than this. If she's ONLY charging $12K a day now, sh…

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