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S B Caves about coming soon.. Jeffrey Jacob "J. J." Abrams is an American film and television producer, screenwriter, director, actor, composer, and founder of Bad Robot Productions. An Emmy and Golden Globe-winner, he is known as the creator or co-creator of the television series Felicity, Alias, Lost, and Fringe, and as a director of films including Mission: Impossible III and the 2009 feature Star Trek.

Books: 55

Hometown: New York, New York

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Update:📍Kuala Lumpur. Almost didn't go to the Batu Caves but I'm so freaking glad I did b/c a) it's gorgeous & b)…

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@El_B_Man Actually, there's no archaeological evidence for cave men using clubs. In fact, there's none for "cave me…

Weekday Capo (timtheredmenace)

sell your B(i)CH when the genius's of yesteryear come out of their caves and feel brave enough to mention the word "flippening" (lol)

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@AnjaSReading: Ich bin auf Seite 54/352 bei "Ich weiß, wo sie ist" von S B Caves

Lina Mortensen📝 (linaschreibt)