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Precious McKenzie - Peace, Love, and K-Pop


Peace, Love, and K-Pop

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@Curl_up_nd_dye: c o t t o n 🌸 c a n d y 🌸 s k i e s

Ken Dog Millionaire (McKenzie_Sue)

@k_mckenzie @Khiriah10 I'd be glaring at mine, if I knew where it was. And it's not even a graduate degree. 🤣

OddlucK (jimmyITG)

@kymwald I used to feel like this varied artist to artist, but lately, I've found there is so much content, I can l…

Kourtnie McKenzie (k_mckenzie)

@nya_LOVE_13 @yu_ma7 32のGT-Sが100万する時代に「甘えるな」としか言いようがないっすね…

腹痛プリプリの邪眼サンショウウオ、ボブ (mckenzie___k)