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Who is Sarah Blake?

Sarah Blake is an American writer based in Washington D.C. Her debut novel Grange House, set in Victorian era Maine, was published in 2001. Her second, The Postmistress, a story set in Second World War Massachusetts and London, was published in 2010, and a third, The Guest Book, the story of two intertwined families in twentieth-century Germany and the U.S., appeared in 2019...




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Sarah Blake - The Postmistress


The Postmistress

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Sarah Blake - The Guest Book


The Guest Book

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Sarah Blake - Naamah



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Sarah Blake - Grange House


Grange House

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Geof Huth, Sarah Blake & Didi Menendez - iARTistas



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Sarah Blake - La carta


La carta

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Sarah Blake - Mr. West


Mr. West

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Lillian Zimmerman, Ryan Verzuh, Helena Allison, Jacob Kempa, Kaydee Smith, Kaitlyn Koterba, Roya Blake, Sarah Nelson, Nick Rowe, Dorie Cameron & Katelynn Davis - Old Major's Revenge


Old Major's Revenge

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Sarah Haggarty - William Blake in Context


William Blake in Context

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@mehdirhasan: -Michele Bachmann -Mark Meadows -Blake Fahrenthold -Former GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin -51% of GOP voters h…

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