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Who is Shalini Boland?

Shalini Boland about coming soon.. Hello :) I write suspense thrillers and dark adventures, and I live in Dorset, England with my husband, two children and our dog. I only write reviews for books I enjoy!

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Now available:
THE BEST FRIEND - a chilling psychological thriller
THE GIRL FROM THE SEA - a gripping psychological thriller
The OUTSIDE SERIES - a twisty post-apocalyptic adventure
The MARCHWOOD VAMPIRE SERIES - an epic supernatural adventure

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The Catastrophe Theory

4     16
Shalini Boland - The Child Next Door


The Child Next Door

4     85
Shalini Boland - The Secret Mother


The Secret Mother

4     115
Shalini Boland - The Silent Sister


The Silent Sister

4     28
Shalini Boland - The Perfect Family


The Perfect Family

4     90
Shalini Boland - The Millionaire's Wife


The Millionaire's Wife

3.5     64

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