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Wendy Lacapra about coming soon.. Erin Michelle Sky & Steven Brown, Dragon Authors

As a child, Erin fell in love with llamas and with the books of Anne McCaffrey, whose Dragonriders of Pern series inspired her to become a writer. When she finally met Anne McCaffrey at a fantasy convention some two decades later, she wept uncontrollably throughout the entire affair. She does significantly better with llamas.

Steven Brown spent his childhood reading anything he could get his hands on, sharing his favorite stories with his younger brothers and then acting them out, especially if this required sword fighting on horseback. When they ran out of books, he wrote his own, including his brothers as the main characters by sketching original illustrations on magazine clippings.

Together, they are Dragon Authors, writing science fiction and fantasy novels for teens and adults. They blog about books every day on The Daily Bookaholic at https://DragonAuthors.com.

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