I have one rule: Don’t s**t where you eat.

Several of the women in the condo complex I own would love some one-on-one playtime, and why wouldn’t they? I’m young, fit, attractive, and loaded. Not to mention I’m packing a sizable bulge below the belt. It’s a combination that drops panties on a regular basis. Yay, me, right?

But my cock, troublemaker that he is, has been confined to my trousers by my business partner. A concession I agreed to, and one that’s never been hard to enforce until Emery moves in across the hall. She’s smart, young, determined, and sexy as hell. I want a taste. I won’t stop until I’m buried deep inside the succulent new-in-town brunette.

After being warned about my past, she does her best to steer clear, but I’m about to show her that underneath it all, I’m a guy with a heart of gold and a cock of steel.

My name is Hayden Oliver, and this is my story.

Screwed - Kendall Ryan Summary

Screwed may refer to: Fastened with a screw Slang for having pressure or stress exerted as if having a screw driven in Slang for fornication Slang for in serious trouble..

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Screwed - Kendall Ryan Book Reviews (352)


Screwed5 star

Cute story with lots of steam. Look forward to reading more 55


Needs more steam4 star

Love Kendall Ryan, but this book was lacking in the “erotica” department in my opinion. 45


Screwed4 star

Good 45


Just friends3 star

Friends to more. She moves into his building and is warned by another woman that he is a player to stay away from him. His business partner tells him to stay away from the new tenant. This means that they have to be friends, so they start doing friend things and we all know where that will lead. I enjoyed the read and enjoyed the pace of the relationship. Solid 3.5 read. 35


Screwed in the best way!5 star

This book was fun and flirty. I really enjoyed Emery and Hayden. Even though your "Spidey-senses" tingle telling you to beware of Hayden, you just can't help but fall in love with him. I can't wait to read more by Kendall Ryan. I received a copy of this book as part of a book club. My review is my honest opinion. I loved it. 55


I loved it!5 star

This is the first book I have read by this offer and I will be buying more as soon as I finish this review. I finished this book in a little over a day! I couldn't put it down! Hayden is a rich play boy who gets around and Emery is new in town and has sworn off guys after her last few relationships have sucked. They decide to be friends but things don't just stay in the friend zone! 55


A Great read5 star

I've read sooo many of her books over the past 2 week holiday about 1 every other day. And I've loved each one of them. There isn't a 1 I wouldn't highly recommend. So sit down and start reading. If you want a good story, HOT guys, and passionate sex this is the author you need to read 55


You got me!4 star

I purchased this book because I enjoyed the other books I'd purchased by Kendall Ryan. This particular one started off a bit unpolished but as the story went on it got real good. Like really good. I was reeled in. Sucked in. Then it happened! I ended up having to stop and walk away. I was shocked! I was caught up in this story. It made me extremely angry. I waited a few hours and started reading again. I am so glad I did. I ended up loving it. She got me! 45


Disappointment :(2 star

Read the reviews and thought this would be an amazing love story but it was awful and extremely boring. It didn't hold my attention at all. Don't waste the money. Move on! :) 25

Wisdom w/a Attitude

Great read😊5 star

You won't be disappointed must read great author 55

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