Slow & Steady

Slow & Steady is book 2 in the Alphas Undone series, but can be read as a standalone novel, as it features a new couple.

When Greyson Archer tosses a twenty on the stage of a strip club, the last thing he expects to see are the haunted green eyes staring back at him. Finley should be home raising her infant daughter and baking cookies, not tucking singles into her G-string and giving lap dances.

Greyson can’t deny that he’d like his own private show, but there’s not a chance in hell of that happening. The last time the former Navy SEAL saw her she was dressed in black, holding a folded flag and sobbing that it was all his fault—and he agreed with every single word. He couldn’t do anything to help her then, but he can now.

Finley deserves better than this dingy club, and when an obsessed customer crosses the line, Greyson leads the rescue and will do whatever it takes to make amends for their broken past.

He never expected to want to settle down, but with Finley, everything is different. For the first time ever, he can breathe. But Greyson will have to fight for what he wants in order to keep the woman with the green eyes he’s dreamed about so often.

Slow & Steady - Kendall Ryan Summary

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Slow & Steady - Kendall Ryan Book Reviews (51)


Passion and loyalty5 star

Greyson works hard to prove himself to Finley that he is there for all the right reasons. Fin tries her hardest to fight the growing connection with Grey. A story filled with love, passion, and loyalty. A great read. 55

Bossy sims

The past that brought them together for the future5 star

I couldn't put this book down after I read the first three pages. This story is definitely a page turner and you will keep wanting to know what happens next. Grayson find his deceased marine ex wife stripping at an local night club. Finley has a one year old daughter to care for by herself since her husband died in the line of duty with Grayson. She didn't expect to see him there at her job, but when he saw her. He couldn't just stop seeing her and her dollar. I live the connection between them and how they both have guilt with the past and scared of what the future holds. The only thing that I noticed that this story is shorter than the others but definitely worth reading. My honest review from an advance copy 55

Michell C

Another Sexy Read by Kendall Ryan4 star

This was another quick sexy read from Kendall Ryan. Grey is ex Navy Seal with a past that haunts him. Fin is a woman that's a part of that past. But when Grey comes face to face with Fin after 2 years will he finally let the past go? Or will he let it continue to haunt him? I really enjoyed the plot of this book and the characters created. Grey was sexy, demanding and had such a sweet soft side. Fin was sassy, vulnerable, and head strong. Even thought this was a standalone the characters from Bait & Switch make an appearance. My only issue and I'll try to be vague so as not to give anything away. Was when something happened to Fin, it came across as no big deal like just another day. I thought she would have come across as more panicked. This part of the book was lacking for me. I can't wait for what comes next!! I received a advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 45


Greyson will grab your heart5 star

Love, love, love the Alpha males that Kendall Ryan keeps giving us to enjoy. Greyson feels guilt for Marcus’s death and when he runs into his widow at a strip club, well, this is magnified 100 times over. How can he convince Finley to let him help her and Maple and not see it as charity? He wants to do right by his brother in arms. Of course, how does he fight the attraction he has for Finley while just being a friend and helping out. Finley’s world was turned upside down when Marcus died. She is now doing everything she can to make a life for her and Maple, her daughter, but finds it’s a struggle to make ends meet. When Greyson reappears in her life, she isn’t sure what to think or expect as she carries her anger toward him for Marcus’s death. Will Greyson find a way to break through her walls? Fabulously sexy and quick romance that gives you that Alpha male to drool over with just a hint of suspense for an unexpected twist. 55

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