The One Man

“As moving as it is gripping. A winner on all fronts.”—Booklist (starred review)

“Heart-pounding…This is Gross’s best work yet, with his heart and soul imprinted on every page.”—Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

Poland. 1944. Alfred Mendl and his family are brought on a crowded train to a Nazi concentration camp after being caught trying to flee Paris with forged papers. His family is torn away from him on arrival, his life’s work burned before his eyes. To the guards, he is just another prisoner, but in fact Mendl—a renowned physicist—holds knowledge that only two people in the world possess. And the other is already at work for the Nazi war machine.

Four thousand miles away, in Washington, DC, Intelligence lieutenant Nathan Blum routinely decodes messages from occupied Poland. Having escaped the Krakow ghetto as a teenager after the Nazis executed his family, Nathan longs to do more for his new country in the war. But never did he expect the proposal he receives from “Wild” Bill Donovan, head of the OSS: to sneak into the most guarded place on earth, a living hell, on a mission to find and escape with one man, the one man the Allies believe can ensure them victory in the war.

Bursting with compelling characters and tense story lines, this historical thriller from New York Times bestseller Andrew Gross is a deeply affecting, unputdownable series of twists and turns through a landscape at times horrifyingly familiar but still completely new and compelling.

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The One Man - Andrew Gross Book Reviews (198)


The One Man5 star

Fabulous 55


The One Man1 star

Boring and redundantly written. Yawn. 15


Edge of my seat.5 star

Great book literally kept me on edge of my seat. 55


The One Man5 star

This book "The One Man," by Andrew Gross is definitely in my top ten best books ever! It was brilliantly written, so suspenseful I had to stop a few times and put it down and I even cried...if you read one book in 2017 read this. 55


The One Man5 star

This is one great read. Don't miss it. 55

One great book!

Fantastic read!5 star

Truly, a fantastic read that keeps you turning pages long past when the time you thought you would put it down. Leo was a lucky guy! It just goes to show good things happen when you use your brains. 55

Peter 14

Great Book3 star

Expertly written with an exciting story. Highly recommended! 35


Great Book5 star

This is a well written book that will hold your attention from start to finish. I enjoyed it and highly recommend. 55


Just Who Is . . . THE ONE MAN?5 star

Superlatives are often loosely thrown around when it comes to appraising a novel. In the case of THE ONE MAN by Andrew Gross, all the superlatives that occur to me are more than well deserved. Haunting. Suspenseful. Gripping. Soulful. Thoughtful. So thoughtful. A must read. I really didn’t want to put it down. Even when I finished it. Both a historical and a thriller novel, THE ONE MAN is about hell on earth, perhaps only a fictional one, but so closely tied to the real one on which it’s predicated. It’s about consummate good contrasted with consummate evil. In the end, it about family. And what really counts. Both in and beyond the novel. Both yesterday and today. In reading THE ONE MAN, there are no less than three male characters who could be considered . . . the “one” man. Take your pick, for your own reasons. There are also two female characters themselves equally extraordinary. And then there’s Andrew Gross. For recognizing what’s important and choosing to tell this story, and as well as he has, he might just be . . . THE ONE MAN. 55


Great novel laced with fact5 star

Once you start reading, very hard to put down and weaves an action packed story in with actual events which occurred at that time. Very good read and recommend it! 55

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