Boss Man

From New York Times Bestseller, Vi Keeland, comes a sexy new standalone novel.

The first time I met Chase Parker, I didn’t exactly make a good impression.
I was hiding in the bathroom hallway of a restaurant, leaving a message for my best friend to save me from my awful date.
He overheard and told me I was a bitch, then proceeded to offer me some dating advice.
So I told him to mind his own damn business—his own tall, gorgeous, full-of-himself damn business—and went back to my miserable date.
When he walked by my table, he smirked, and I watched his arrogant, sexy ass walk back to his date.
I couldn’t help but sneak hidden glances at the condescending jerk on the other side of the room.  Of course, he caught me on more than one occasion, and winked.
When the gorgeous stranger and his equally hot date suddenly appeared at our table, I thought he was going to rat me out.
But instead, he pretended we knew each other and joined us—telling elaborate, embarrassing stories about our fake childhood.
My date suddenly went from boring to bizarrely exciting.
When it was over and we parted ways, I thought about him more than I would ever admit, even though I knew I’d never see him again.
I mean, what were the chances I’d run into him again in a city with eight million people?
Then again…
What were the chances a month later he’d wind up being my new sexy boss?

Boss Man - Vi Keeland Summary

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I love Bossman!4 star

4.5☆ I loved Bossman! It was super funny, cute, and sweet. I really enjoyed the storyline, while quite sad at times, it kept me sucked in from start to finish. At first I was confused about Chase's chapter's and why it was 7 years ago, but it makes sense after a while. I do wish we got a couple of present tense chapters from his perspective other than the end though. Chase is a wonderful character. He has a tragic past, but you wouldn't know that from how he acts around Reese. He's a huge flirt and it's hilarious. I love his relationship with Reese and how they complement one another. The epilogue is super cute and it made me love Chase even more, again I just wish we got a little bit more of it. Bossman is a wonderful book and I highly recommend it! 45

lovely music

So sweet butter cup!5 star

It's a lovely story with a great romantic feel. The characters were full and interesting. You felt like you were right there hoping along with them through fears and second chances. Well worth reading! 55


Boss Man5 star

Oh this story, these two people, Chase and Reese. It is heartbreaking and heartwarming. Funny and sexy. Don't focus on the what ifs, focus on what is. My favorite quote ever. This love story is so rich and textured. Couldn't put it down from start to finish. Vi Keeland is one of the best writers out there. 55


Good Beginning Ok ending4 star

The beginning started out great, I loved how she wasn't into him so quick but the ending seemed quick. I wish there was more to the ending. 45


Love this author5 star

Great book 55


Loved this story5 star

Great read !! 55


Couldn't put it down5 star

Laughter, check! Tears, check! Swooning, check! All components of a great read, check! Definitely recommend! 55


Perfect balance of humor and romance4 star

This book had the perfect balance of humor and romance. The chemistry between Chase and Reese had me hooked from the very beginning. I loved their playful banter and the flirty (and dirty) innuendo between them. It was a bit of a slow burn for them to take their relationship to the next level, but it was the perfect build-up for me and really helped develop the characters and get me invested in them. It also made the ending all the more enjoyable and sweet. Chase was a huge reason (if not the reason) for why I enjoyed this book so much. His dialogue was hilarious and sexy. His little "stories" had me giggling and smiling like a fool while reading this book. I was definitely rooting for him and Reese and I liked how his past was slowly revealed. *SPOILER* Sadly, Chase is also the reason why this isn't a 5 star read for me. In general, I'm not a fan of the dead ex storyline, and I felt that it was a little over the top in this book. The whole revelation about the origin of the murder weapon and then Chase's guarding/stalking of Reese's apartment was melodramatic. I understand there needed to be a deeply emotional/traumatic event in his past to explain his current situation, but it still felt like too much. Overall, this was a fantastically fun and sexy read that I could not put down. Having to look at the cover wasn't terrible either ;) It's the first book that I've read by Vi Keeland, but I'm sure it won't be my last. 45


Bossman5 star

Ok! I really love this book! I had to let my friend know about it and she loves it too! It's funny and sexy and I couldn't put it down! I was sad that it is a stand alone book as I would have love to know what the future held with this two! 😀 55


Had my attention from the first chapter5 star

Read this book! I was laughing out loud (yes loling). It was a good book and really funny. I loved the banter between the two characters. It was a complete story where there was a start and finish and I didn't feel like it was rushed. Of course I wanted more but that's because I fell for the characters! Trust me and read it! 55

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