A Court of Wings and Ruin

Looming war threatens all Feyre holds dear in the third volume of the #1 New York Times bestselling A Court of Thorns and Roses series.

Feyre has returned to the Spring Court, determined to gather information on Tamlin's maneuverings and the invading king threatening to bring Prythian to its knees. But to do so she must play a deadly game of deceit-and one slip may spell doom not only for Feyre, but for her world as well.

As war bears down upon them all, Feyre must decide who to trust amongst the dazzling and lethal High Lords-and hunt for allies in unexpected places.

In this thrilling third book in the #1 New York Times bestselling series from Sarah J. Maas, the earth will be painted red as mighty armies grapple for power over the one thing that could destroy them all.

A Court of Wings and Ruin - Sarah J. Maas Summary

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A Court of Wings and Ruin - Sarah J. Maas Book Reviews (1,168)

Cool beans 121

Decent!4 star

Overall, I’d give this story 3.5 stars. Plenty of action, twists & turns, death, intimacy, and some truths. There are a few scenes that felt forced or didn’t necessarily aide the storyline. But other than that my only real gripe is the whinnying inter monologue by Feyre during critical times. Shake, shake, shake! Uggh! Anyway, overall A Court of Wings & Ruin was entertaining. I have this book in both ebook & audiobook versions. The narrator did a nice job with providing unique voices and appropriate tone inflections for each scene. 45


Magical5 star

Love love love 55


Never stop!!5 star

From the very start of book one I fell in love with this series! It is truly one series I could read forever, and I hope we readers get that privilege! Bring on more books in the series...please! 55


A rare connection5 star

Maas has woven a tale that leaves the readers feeling every emotion its’ characters so heartbreakingly portray. The third book in the series is undoubtedly the greatest and most consuming. This book had me yelling in fear, shaking in laughter and sobbing in grief. But my final emotion was the greatest of all. Thank you Sarah J. Maas for allowing us to be a part of your world. I cannot wait for what you will grace us with next. 55


Amazing yet not satisfying3 star

Half way through the book and I can't put it down. But as I read the second half of the book I felt the book was a bit rushed to be finished. The imagination of the world died and I felt the author just added nonsensical plots to fill in the holes. Hopefully the new book will be a better description of what happened at the end of the 3rd book. 35


Great books!5 star

Love!!!!! Lovvvvvvve it!! 55


The Best5 star

Words can't even begin to describe how amazing this book is. It will always hold a special place in my heart. I never knew a book could make me laugh and cry so much. Hats off to Sara J. Maas for giving us such an incredible story that I will cherish forever! 55


Read the books5 star

I love this book like the other two before it but just a bit more. I love the slow evolution of each and every character especially Nesta... even though she will always be hard as stone she has become a little softer. Thank you sooo much for this wonderful series. I suggest you read this series and any others, like i’m about to do right now.. Can’t wait until 2018! 55


Classic Fave5 star

This series is one of my all time faves. My go-to escape. 55


I literally cried5 star

at the end. If you read it you'll understand. *sobs in a corner* RHYYYYYYYYYS 55


ACOWAR5 star



Excitement5 star

I've been waiting for this for what feels like forever. Now it's finally here and I know that I'll love it. I liked the first, and the second was better. I know that I'll love this one more than the second if not then as much as the second!!!!!!!!!! Fingers crossed for a happy ending with Cassian and Nesta! 55


wig off5 star

cassian and nesta >>>> 55


AOWAR5 star



Can't wait 😊5 star

Love this series.But this says it's 432 pages. On Sarah's Instagram she says it's 700 pages. Maybe the 432 was a guesstimate? I hope 🤞 55

aria black

.5 star

We're shaking 55

I love the night court

ACWAR5 star

I can't wait for ACWAR I am sooooooooooo excited I have waited a year for this 55


I've been waiting for a year...5 star

The dress on the cover is by Charlie Bowater!! 55




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