A Fool for You

It's been thirteen years since Hope Moore left Devil's Falls, land of sexy cowboys and bad memories. Back for the weekend, she has no intention of seeing the man she never got over…or the two of them getting down and dirty. It's just a belated goodbye, right? No harm, no foul.

Until six weeks later, when her pregnancy test comes back positive…

Daniel Rodriguez hasn't forgiven himself for how things went down with Hope all those years ago. He knows she's better off without him, but when she shows up on his doorstep, panicking because she's pregnant with his baby, he can't help seeing it as a chance to make up for the past.

Too bad Hope has no intention of going along with his plans.

Each book in the Foolproof Love series is a standalone, full-length story that can be enjoyed out of order.
Series Order:
Book #1 Foolproof Love
Book #2 Fool Me Once
Book #3 A Fool for You

A Fool for You - Katee Robert Summary

A Fool for You is a bluesy, proto-soul single recording written by Ray Charles and released by him in 1955 on the Atlantic label...

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A Fool for You - Katee Robert Book Reviews (14)


Second Chance Love4 star

I received an ARC in exchange for a honest review. Hope comes back to Devil's Falls for closure. She never intended to come back to the town she left thirteen years ago, but it was time for her to honor her brother, John. Hope works to set up scholarships for different organizations, so she's decided to honor John's memory with a scholarship. Hope knew she may run into Danny, but she didn't think she'd still love him after all these years as she thought she had long buried those feelings. Daniel has spent the last thirteen years blaming himself for John's death and Hope's injuries. He walked away from Hope when she needed him most. Now he lives the life of a recluse. To celebrate his birthday, his cousin Jules arranges a surprise birthday party. Daniel has been informed he show up, or face an intervention! Daniel is stunned to see Hope at his party and things get a little carried away... Six weeks later, Hope shows up to Danny's house pregnant. He didn't think he'd ever see Hope again, much less have a second chance at a life with Hope. Although Danny tries everything he can think of to persuade Hope into staying and giving them another chance, he fails miserably. This novel is the third in a series. I do wish I had read the other two novels first, but for background information only. It is a stand alone novel. I really enjoyed the novel! I felt for Danny, he struggled with survivors guilt so badly. Unlike Hope, Danny didn't have years of therapy to help him move past the wreck that forever changed their lives. I did want to crawl through my ereader and shake Danny, but he FINALLY came around!!! I highly recommend this novel, especially if second chance romance is your love. 45


Great read4 star

In this third book of the series we get Hope and Daniel's story. Hope left Devil's Falls a broken woman. After a horrific car accident took the life of Hope's brother and her in need of multiple surgeries to repair her injured leg, she can't believe the one person in her life she thought she could count on has walked away from her. Daniel Rodriquez is the only man she's ever loved and seeing him again after all this time will be hard but she has things to do to honor the memory of her brother, so here she is. When the fire and passion between Hope and Daniel once again flares to life and what was suppose to be a final goodbye soon turns into a moment that will change both their lives for ever. A very good story, writing and characters. Definitely a book I recommend. 45


Great Second Chance4 star

An amazing story of second chances, redemption, and forgiveness. Hope and Daniel were together until an accident that claimed Hope's brother's life thirteen years ago. Daniel was driving the car and couldn't forgive himself for an accident no one else blamed him for. Hope has moved on and is working for a successful non-profit when she returns home to Devil's Falls to start a scholarship in her brother's name. Hope never planned to come back once she left again but when her pregnancy test is positive, she needs Daniel for support. Daniel views this as a second chance to make things right, to make up for all that Hope lost in the accident thirteen years ago. I did not read the other books in this series but did not feel at all lost. This book was an intense emotional story. Hope and Daniel have so much to work out between them but over the course of the story they work through all of the miscommunications and misconceptions they have of each other. I felt such a wide range of emotions throughout this story. The other books in this series have definitely been added to my TBR. *I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.* 45

~Mindy Lou~

4 Stars!4 star

This is the 3rd book in the Foolproof Love series and one that I was looking forward too. Daniel and Hope really pulled on my heartsrings in book 2, so I was happy to see them get their own book. While I liked this book, I was also frustrated with Daniel. I hate long seperations, so the fact that it took 13 years for these two to get together again was not ideal, but I can live with it. What was hard was how Daniel kept disappointing Hope. He didn't fight for her, not once but twice. Normally that would have ruined a story for me but I still actually really enjoyed this book despite his shortcummings. I loved seeing all the characters in this book and seeing all of them get their HEA. I would have loved to see an epilogue though. ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 45

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