Blindfold Fantasy

One blindfold.
One woman's deepest fantasy.
Two men with an innocent scheme that changes all their lives.

Playing by the rules is Jayne’s only rule when it comes to life and love, and for good reason. The one and only time she throws caution to the wind, embracing her inner freak and her deepest fantasy, she gets much more than she bargains for.

On the first day at her new job, she is mortified to discover that her sexy new boss, Blake Travers, is the same man with whom she let her freak flag fly one sultry Vegas night. Or so she thinks.

Irresistible CEO, Devin Kirk, was only doing his best friend, Blake, a favor by agreeing to spend one hot night with a woman he'd never see again, fulfilling her blindfold fantasy. Since they were both wearing blindfolds, she’d never know the difference, right? What he didn't count on was having the best night of his life.
When the blindfolds come off, and the truth is revealed, Jayne, Blake and Devin find their hearts in a tangled knot they're not certain they want to untie. Is three a crowd, or can they give their unconventional affair a chance to become the kind of love they never dreamed possible?

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Blindfold Fantasy5 star

Seriously would love to live out this fantasy! 55

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