Beneath The Truth

Rhett Hennessy finally gets his story in the highly anticipated conclusion to New York Times, Wall Street Journal, ​and USA Today bestselling author Meghan March's Beneath Series.
I used to believe there were lines in life you don’t cross.
Don’t lie. Don’t cheat. Don’t steal.
Until I learned people don’t always practice what they preach.
I turned in my badge and gun and walked away from everything.
Then I got the call no one wants, and I’m back in New Orleans.
What I don’t expect is for her to be here too.
Another line you don’t cross?
Don’t touch your best friend’s little sister.
She’s always been off-limits.
Too bad I don’t follow the rules anymore.
Beneath The Truth is the seventh and final book in the Beneath series, but can absolutely be enjoyed as a standalone.
Beneath Series Reading Order:
Beneath This Mask (Beneath #1)
Beneath This Ink (Beneath #2)
Beneath These Chains (Beneath #3) 
Beneath These Scars (Beneath #4) 
Beneath These Lies (Beneath #5) 
Beneath These Shadows (Beneath #6)
Beneath The Truth (Beneath #7)  

Beneath The Truth - Meghan March Summary

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Beneath The Truth - Meghan March Book Reviews (281)


Beneath series3 star

Got one book free and bought the whole series. I generally enjoyed them all. Had a bit of a problem with this one tho (“Beneath the Truth). When trapped in a panic room after learning ur life is imminent danger, having a gratuitous sex scene rather than strategy and action seems the wrong way to go. Just saying......couldn’t even bring myself to read the scene because it was just SO out-of-place. I I can get behind the “life affirming need for sex” in other books but this chapter reads like a cheap porn. I’m disappointed because this author is better than that. In retrospect, I would still purchase this series. Overall it was engaging and entertaining. I enjoy characters that I can “adopt” into my fantasy family. I enjoy humor, quirks and thrills. This series does deliver. 35

Dee Jae Mama

Beneath these shadows5 star

I loved this book, just the right combination of erotica,intrigue and romance. 55


Favorite Beneath book5 star

Definitely my favorite Beneath book. This book touches on the importance of family and loyalty. Whose in your circle, who you think you can trust. Hennessy fights himself, and others, to prove a few things. I was so excited to ha e read this book, even though I didn’t want it to end. 55

Sandie Parsons

The Best5 star

Rhett and Ari's story was worth the wait....Five Star. This book had a real coming home feel to it, not just Rhett and Ariel coming home but me as a reader too. These characters are so well developed, I love that they know each other so well even though they have been apart for a decade they can read each other's faces and thoughts. This is not a second chance book because they never got the first chance. Now is their time. I love that this book is not just a love story but about the love of family, blood related and related by heart. This is a fast paced book that keeps you turning pages filled with some angst, twists and turns and a mystery to be solved. I maybe loved this "Beneath" book the best because it is the last and I will miss these people. This is a must read.... Thank You Meghan March for sharing this cast of characters with me. 55


Suspenseful and Exciting Read!4 star

This is my first book by Meghan March and I could not put it down! Rhett and Ari's story had the right amount of suspense and chemistry that will keep you hooked. Rhett is dealing with his demons of the past and Ari is also managing her own drama with the business empire that she's built. I highly recommend this book! 45

Jenny B AZ

Beautiful conclusion to a series5 star

5 stars does not do this book justice. Every time I read one of the books in this series I thought it was the best but hands down this one was the best. The story has the perfect love story built in with so many layers of twists and turns and then the can't be with best friend's little sister/big brothers best friend element and it is mind boggling. The betrayals and deceptions that Rhett and Ariel have to go through are amazing. This book had me in such a high and anxiously page turning to see what was going to happen next. When you purchase this book just block out your time as you will want to read this in one sitting. Loved every page 55


Amazing!5 star

5 Stars Beneath the Truth by Meghan March is the seventh and final book in the Beneath series. It can be read as a standalone but I highly recommend reading the first six because they are absolutely amazing! I was so excited to finally get my hands on Rhett’s story and Ms. March did not disappoint! From the characters to the plot-it had everything you'd come to expect from her. Without giving too much away, Rhett Hennessy is returning home after being away for quite awhile. With so much uncertainty in his life, he is definitely not looking for love or a relationship. But when his best friends little sister shows up, Rhett is unable to keep his distance. The fiery redhead is unforgettable but off limits. Will Rhett be able to see her in a different light? This book completely blew me away. Meghan March wrote an exceptional conclusion to one of my favorite series. It is so hard for me to put into words what this book and this series meant to me. I have loved every single thing about Beneath the Truth. The characters wormed their way into my heart. The banter between them had me laughing out loud and at some parts, had tears rolling down my cheeks. I felt each emotion they did. While I am sad to know the series has ended, I am looking forward to seeing what's next for Ms. March! 55

Leeanna Cummings

What a roller coaster ride!5 star

MG this story just drags you in! Definitely a standalone (first I'd read in the series), but now I am going back to read the rest! March is very adept at building both her characters histories and the storyline. Just when I was wondering if it was the end of the story, she throws in a twist! And she is not done there! Many twists and turns, but the relationship with Ari and Rhett stands at the center and endures. I loved how they had known each other for years, each had feelings for the other, but the relationship developed at just the right time. It was awesome to see how a relationship could be the cornerstone when there are problems. And how each came to depend on the other and they were able to support each other and give encouragement. A truly rounded relationship! 55


Beneath Goodness!!5 star

How do I begin to describe the feelings I got with this book showing up on my kindle, I had heart palpitations of the excitement and sadness of the series coming to an end. Rhett's story was something I've been waiting on for years how have three an a half years flown by I feel emotionally invested in every character of the Beneath series. Seriously I feel like I'm saying goodbye to friends, I'm crying (I might be a bit dramatic lol). I can tell you this is one of the few times I have been utterly shocked by a characters actions that I felt like I got slapped in the face. Ariel and Rhett are gah!! I can't with them, they might just be my favorite Beneath couples, seriously shhh don't tell Lucas. I want to talk about all the things that happen in this book, between Rhett and Ariel EVERYTHING!! But I won't because you need to find out for yourself what a prefect ending to this series Beneath the Truth is. The emotional ride you will go through will be one of the best things to happen to you. So go forth and read! This is a standalone and can be read as such but seriously do yourself a favor and start at the beginning with Beneath this Mask, and if you've never read a Meghan March book this is the series for you and you don't have to wait for the next book in the series because they are all out. This has been the best 3 and a half years of reading this series and the best conclusion. 55

Rhiannon P.

Pure perfection!5 star

Beneath the Truth was a spectacular end to the Beneath Series. One moment I was on the edge of my seat, the next crying, to swooning. This has all the feels to the very end. Finally Rhett has his own book! It is beyond anything I expected. Throw in Ari, a smart mouth, sexy, brainiac and you have combustion. Their journey together isn't an easy one, but finally all the answers come out. Be prepared for a mix of emotions. I love this series, I can't wait to see what will be next. 55


Perfect end to a exceptional series4 star

I have been waiting for Hennessy's story for quite a few books now. He was just such a likeable character in this series. The final book did not disappoint. It had heat and twists and turns. I loved Ariel and how smart and quick she was, she was a great addition to the series! I'm sad to say goodbye to the Beneath world but greatly enjoyed reading all their stories and loved the way it wrapped up!! 45


Perfect Finale!!5 star

Holy. Wow. This series ender was a killer!! So much angst, action, love, suspense, hotness rolled into 1 amazing closing!! That epilogue was epic...swoon!!! Rhett is a dream boat and firstly Ari is just BA & 2nd she just kills at as his other half. Loved this gem. ARC given for honest review. 55


Thrilling, Suspenseful and Sexy5 star

This is book 7 and the last in the series, and Meghan March did not disappoint with this story. From the very first page you hit the ground running, with this fast paced story. You've got former cop Rhett Hennessy, being brought back to his home town after a major tragedy occurs, after being apart from his family and friends. He's back in New Orleans determined to figure out what exactly happened, while still feeling remorse for being away from his family for so long. Enter Ariel Sampson, his best friends little sister, who he has sworn to stay away from...only thing is he can't keep his eyes off the beautiful redhead. Ariel isn't the nerdy, awkward book worm she once was, she's grown into a beautiful, smart and wealthy woman, and she remembers all to well her crush on the hot alpha male. From the moment they see each other again, the attraction is sizzling. This story is full of so many twists, and turns, full of suspense and intrigue, and with so many revelations you never see coming. Meghan March is at her best with these thrillers, but she also packs in such emotion to the story at the same time. I loved all of the secondary characters in the story, especially the relationship Rhett has with his family. Buy this book, you'll be glad you did!!! 55


The Perfect Ending4 star

The funny thing about the title of my review, 'The Perfect Ending', is the fact that I believe it was exactly that without having read all the books in the series yet. That alone should prove the kind of phenomenal writer Meghan March is. This woman never fails to keep me on the edge of my seat. Beneath The Truth is no different. The capacity of the characters love, the gripping tension as the story unfolds, the kind of things you don't see coming but will rock your world, this book just has it all. The only thing I'm missing is that nostalgic feel of the series ending and this book has made me want to go back and start them right away. I can imagine this book, and well this series, can make people feel at home. The love, the thrill, and the passion of this book is everyone one can hope for in a Meghan March read. 45


Loved This Bittersweet Ending4 star

So, so, so, SO happy with this book! The wait for Hennessy seemed to last forever, but it was worth it. Having loved the previous books in the Beneath series, I was a little worried that the conclusion wouldn't be as satisfying. I'm SO GLAD to say I worried over nothing. I loved everything about the characters, the familiar faces, and the bittersweet ending. This series will always be a favorite of mine, that's for sure. 45


Outrageously Addictive5 star

Intense, exciting, and SO sexy, in Beneath The Truth, we finally get Rhett Hennesey's story. We've known him the longest, a constant fixture in the series. I was so excited to finally peel back his layers and get to know him below the surface. Hennesey and his lady don't have it easy, they get a story, that for this loyal Beneath fan, was SO different, amazingly unexpected, and MORE than I could ever hope to get with this fantastic series. Have no doubt, Beneath The Truth is 100% a standalone. Hennesey and his past/present are mentioned in previous books, but a new reader could jump in and read this without any issues or questions. As always, Ms. March delivers a sassy heroine, a brooding, sexy alpha hero, and a storyline that is quick moving, outrageously addictive, and incredibly steamy 55


GRAB THIS NOW! Rhett and Ariel are fantastic!4 star

Hennessy's Book bring it on! ! Yes we get answers and wow do we get them! Plot twists and jaw dropping revelations you're hanging on wondering what! Rhett and Ariel have to love best friends sister!This is that book you need to read don't ask questions you'll ruin it! I'm sorry to see this series end hoping for a novella or 10 in the future (hint ) but love the recap and yes we get a small visit with the gang, 45


Absolutely Amazing!5 star

I feel like I've been wanting this book forever and Meghan March did not disappoint all. Rhett and Ariel's story was heartwarming and swoon-worthy. I blushed, I laughed and I teared up from page one to the very end. I absolutely loved this book. I'd highly recommend to all my friends. I cannot wait to see what is next from Meghan March. Happy reading :) 55


Ho-ly Crap!!5 star

I have read everyone of the books in this series. They have been some of my all time favorite books and I’m sad to see the series end. This is the one I have looked forward to the most and it absolutely didn’t disappoint. It was the perfect ending to the series! If you don’t read this you will be missing out!!! 55


Beneath Rocks!5 star

WOW! Where do I begin? Rhett and begin with, if you haven’t read the rest of the Beneath series, you, now. Each story is a story unto itself but this is a great wrap up and you should have the pleasure of the entire build up. Rhett Hennessy has NOT had a great year. His family is in ruins, his career shot, lost the girl...pretty much an epic fail. Enter the girl next door, Ali Sampson, the little sister of his best friend, the girl who stole his heart but was definitely off limits. She is not the same little geek who he remembered. She was the brainy, beautiful redhead that had adored him for years and she was going to be his. So the love story is set. HEA is the goal. But the meat of the story, the in-between drama is so NOT what you expect. Lots of family drama on both sides, some dangerous cartel connections and explosive action(pun intended). Ms. March once again captures your heart with these characters. You invest in them, you feel their pain and you finally rejoice with them in the end, but not without losing a little piece of your heart. Every couple in the Beneath series has faced their own trials but Rhett and Ali definitely take the prize for the most angst. You see the strengths shine through but also see their weaknesses. The facts are there and they both have some difficulties to overcome but there is never any doubt that they will do it together. Loved this entire series and hate to see it end but Ms. March promises there is a future ahead for all of the couples to show up for a cameo in the next series beginning with the story of the mysterious Lachlan Mount. Can we say YES PLEASE!!!! 55

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