Confessions of a Former Puck Bunny

Confession #1: I used to be a puck bunny, but after a hockey player broke my heart, I gave up all things hockey. Now I'm just focused on finding a way to pass my math class so I can graduate college.

Confession #2: Ryder "Ox" Maddox's deep, sexy voice sends fuzzy tingles through my entire body, and I'm powerless to stop it. Which is a big problem since the hot, surprisingly funny hockey player is my new math tutor.

Confession #3: I can't stop thinking about how ripped Ryder is from all his hockey training, and how fun it'd be to cross lines with him.

Confession #4: I kissed a hockey player and I liked it.

Confession #5: If I'm not careful, I might relapse and fall for Ryder, and then I'll be totally pucked.

Each book in the Taking Shots series is STANDALONE:
* Getting Lucky Number Seven
* Anatomy of a Player
* Crazy Pucking Love
* Confessions of a Former Puck Bunny

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AMAZING!!!5 star

I have loved every book in this series and Lindsay and Ryder were no different. I am so sad to see this series come to an end!! Lindsay was a puck bunny before falling for a player and getting burned. Now, she's not in any way interested in hockey players or hockey parties or anything at all to do with hockey. Until she meets the intensity that is Ryder "Ox" Maddox and needs his math tutoring skills in order to graduate on time. Since Ryder is younger, he doesn't really know anything about Lindsay's past. What he does know is that he is drawn to her and once he sets his sights on something, he achieves the goal. I couldn't put this book down but I never wanted it to end. I'm definitely going to miss the characters in the Taking Shots series. Lindsay and Ryder's story was a perfect end to a lighthearted, sweet, funny, heat filled series. *This is my voluntary review of an advanced reader copy* 55


Loved it5 star

I have loved the other three books in this series and happily this one did not disappoint!! I was afraid I wouldn't like the heroine in the story but I so did. For a lot of years Lindsay Rivera was that girl. The girl that threw herself at hockey players. Yep, a real puck bunny. After realizing she would never find her forever guy this way and also that she was acting way too much like her mother, Lindsay has sworn off hockey players. Apparently that also meant giving up on men since no one else seems to rev her up in the same way. Now of all times Ryder "Ox" Maddox seems to be putting himself in her path. Relentlessly! He's determined to get her to give him a chance. She's determined to stay strong and resist him. Let the fun begin! This is a fantastic college hockey series and this book is one I would recommend to everyone. 55

Christine Miller28

Love on the ice!4 star

I really enjoyed this read. Lindsay is a senior in college and was all about cozying up to the hockey players earlier in her college career, until she made the mistake of falling for one of them and he broke her heart. Now she stays far, far away from that crowd. When Ryder meets Lindsay, he is drawn to her, but she wants nothing to do with him. When he ends up getting her attention by tutoring her in math, he is hoping he can move out of the friend zone. Ryder and Lindsay were easy characters to like. I found myself rooting for Ryder and hoping that Lindsay would give him a chance. I loved the hockey boys and the close friends that Ryder had. I loved how the girls instantly took Lindsay into the fold. It was a great group of friends that made the book so enjoyable. What I loved most though is that in a way Ryder and Lindsay both saved each other. Ryder found out there is more to life than hockey and Lindsay found out that she really didn't want to be alone and it was OK to let people into her life. This was a good read. 45

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