Ship of Fools

The host of Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson Tonight offers a blistering critique of the new American ruling class, the elites of both parties, who have taken over the ship of state, leaving the rest of us, the citizen-passengers, to wonder: How do we put the country back on course?

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The ship of fools is an allegory, originating from Book VI of Plato's Republic, about a ship with a dysfunctional crew: Imagine then a fleet or a ship in which there is a captain who is taller and stronger than any of the crew, but he is a little deaf and has a similar infirmity in sight, and his knowledge of navigation is not much better. The sailors are quarreling with one another about the steering––every one is of the opinion that he has a right to steer, though he has never learned the art of navigation and cannot tell who taught him or when he learned, and will further assert that it cannot be taught, and they are ready to cut in pieces any one who says the contrary. They throng about the captain, begging and praying him to commit the helm to them; and if at any time they do not prevail, but others are preferred to them, they kill the others or throw them overboard, and having first chained up the noble captain's senses with drink or some narcotic drug, they mutiny and take possession of the ship and make free with the stores; thus, eating and drinking, they proceed on their voyage in such a manner as might be expected of them. Him who is their partisan and cleverly aids them in their plot for getting the ship out of the captain's hands into their own whether by force or persuasion, they compliment with the name of sailor, pilot, able seaman, and abuse the other sort of man, whom they call a good-for-nothing; but that the true pilot must pay attention to the year and seasons and sky and stars and winds, and whatever else belongs to his art, if he intends to be really qualified for the command of a ship, and that he must and will be the steerer, whether other people like or not––the possibility of this union of authority with the steerer's art has never seriously entered into their thoughts or been made part of their calling. Now in vessels which are in a state of mutiny and by sailors who are mutineers, how will the true pilot be regarded? Will he not be called by them a prater, a star-gazer, a good-for-nothing?..

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Ship of Fools - Tucker Carlson Book Reviews (352)


Educational5 star

I enjoy the detail you use in explaining the background studies that the left fail to fully explain to exploit there opinions. Good read and very well thought out 55


Amazing!5 star

So accurate and true 55


Ship of Fools5 star

Very enlightening! Honestly written and makes you think about what in the world is going to happen to America and the American people in the future of this country if things do not change! 55

Kika F

A ship of Fools5 star

A MUST read! Tucker shows the hypocrisy that exists within the Democratic Party and how the media forces this “idiotology” down our throats. 55

G u i s e

Weak1 star

nonsense. 15


Strange1 star

How can people leave reviews for a book they haven’t read yet?! Makes no sense, just because you admire/like someone doesn’t mean the book is going to be good. What has this world come to?! 15


Great book5 star

Tucker Carlson is an amazing author! I'd love to meet him one day. He seems like my type of guy. 55


Drags quite a bit1 star

I try to keep myself a strict independent, that said there are 2 points that really drag this book down. One Carlson aims to be witty or perhaps funny. And it’s just not his strong suit. Second. It’s meant to be an opinion piece. But he relies so heavily on straw men arguments and 1/2 truths, it takes the pleasure out of it. 15


Hard to put down!5 star

Extremely well thought out and written. Full of truth and common sense. 55

Stasey Elizabeth

Not intelligently written1 star

But at the same time, too intelligently written to believe Tucker Carlson actually wrote it himself. 15

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