The President Is Missing

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President Duncan for a second term!" --USA Today
"This book's a big one." --New York Times
"Towers above most political thrillers." --Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
"The plotting is immaculate . . . the writing is taut." --Sunday Times (London)
"Ambitious and wildly readable." --New York Times Book Review

The President Is Missing confronts a threat so huge that it jeopardizes not just Pennsylvania Avenue and Wall Street, but all of America. Uncertainty and fear grip the nation. There are whispers of cyberterror and espionage and a traitor in the Cabinet. Even the President himself becomes a suspect, and then he disappears from public view . . .
Set over the course of three days, The President Is Missing sheds a stunning light upon the inner workings and vulnerabilities of our nation. Filled with information that only a former Commander-in-Chief could know, this is the most authentic, terrifying novel to come along in many years.

The President Is Missing - James Patterson & Bill Clinton Summary

The President Is Missing may refer to: The President Is Missing (novel) (2018) The President Is Missing (video game) (1988)..

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The President Is Missing - James Patterson & Bill Clinton Book Reviews (2,019)


Fun thriller5 star

I loved the twists and turns, and was ultimately satisfied with the story and outcome. It was a fun ride! 55


The President is Missing5 star

Loved this fast read book. On vacation....hated to have to put it down because the plot kept me in suspense and wanted to see how it ended. Hope you two can work together on another one. 55


Excellent book!5 star

If only we had him as president right now.... 55


The president is missing5 star

This was is a very readable book. I could leave the book for the day and night and pick it back up the next day and fall right back into the story line. There were some good twists and turns. Thanks k 55


The President is Missing1 star

Suffered through the book. The worst book I have read of Mr Patterson's and I have read almost all of them. 15


Excellent5 star

The mystery and how interesting it gets... recommend it. 55

PI Grey Dog

Very Good!5 star

Good insights into White House workings. Very imaginative. A good read even for a conservative. 55


Yesterd has way too ndk5 star

HDdmD Favorfgddtrrreeeeeeeeewwwwgahajite app hgfsnx zvfdjsq 55


The President Is Missing2 star

Although I agree with most of what “The President” stood for, the book was very preachy. Some interesting twists, but a bit too long. 25


The President is Missing4 star

While I have always liked President Clinton, his contribution to this thriller is to be way too preachy. The book, while having a page turning plot, seamed a little self-serving. 45


The President is Missing5 star

James Patterson does not disappoint! Superb as Usual! Bill Clinton. I could have cried during the ending ,which I knew was you, Mr.Clinton! God help us! You and Mrs. Clinton are what this country needs so desperately now. You totally understand what this country stands for. Bless you Both! And God Bless America! 55


The President is Missing5 star

This book was not only interesting but also intriguing. I can’t remember any other book I’ve read being like it . It was also a little frightening. 55

Vitamine Mike

The President is Missing5 star

Suspenseful! Intriguing!! 55


Credibility1 star

Who would want to read a book Co author by a rapist? 15

Hike A Mountain

My first Patterson novel, won’t be my last!5 star

Wow! Page turner. Started a bit slow for me but then took off like a dragster! 55


The President is Missing4 star

The President is Missing. A good read. It held my interest despite the technical information through out the story. I recommend reading it for an enjoyable reading experience. 45


Really?2 star

Just read chapter 128. It was a fun read but again, a WHITE MALE was the hero. Redeeming feature...he had blood cancer and couldn't screw every upright female. Lots of preaching about Rs and Ds working together for America. Clinton's input...thanks. 25

Rick Blue

Wow5 star

I could not put this book down. It was a real thriller 55


The President is Missing5 star

Excellent writing. The book is definitely James Patterson at his best, and I mean in the good old James Patterson way. It’s not Republicans against Democrats, but a true honest man trying to do what is best for our country. If you choose not to read this book please read this one short paragraph. Wouldn’t it be great if we could learn from this one simple statement. . . “Our democracy cannot survive its current downward drift into tribalism, extremism, and seething resentment. Today it’s “us versus them” in America. Politics is little more than blood sport. As a result, our willingness to believe the worst about everyone outside our own bubble is growing, and our ability to solve problems and seize opportunities is shrinking.” Excerpt From The President Is Missing: A Novel James Patterson This material may be protected by copyright. 55

Had enough...

James Patterson goes into hiding...1 star

Can you actually believe, The Clintons continue to rip-off the American people any way they can but what was Patterson thinking?🤓 15

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