Crazy for You

A sweet romantic comedy novella with a splash of fall color and a whole lot of heart!

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author GINNY BAIRD delivers a wholesome and heartwarming story about learning to love again.

Mary Ellen Meeks isn’t looking for love in Paradise, Virginia. She’s aiming to make a fresh start teaching kindergarten at Turtle Creek Elementary. When a wayward rooster arrives on her doorstep one rainy October morning, good-hearted Mary Ellen temporarily takes him in. Then the mischievous fellow she names “Crazy” makes himself at home, turning her whole world upside down. Soon she’s chasing her chicken across the street and running straight into her handsome principal: kindly single dad, Wes Johnson.

Widower Wes has never met anyone quite so unusual or intriguing as his pretty new neighbor in Sweetheart Valley Hills. Though he surely can’t become involved with the beautiful blonde with big blue eyes, particularly since he’s her boss—and she’s his daughter’s teacher! Yet the fates and a matchmaking rooster have other plans… As autumn leaves turn bright red and gold, there’s romance in the air in Paradise. And that gives Crazy something to crow about.

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Crazy for You - Ginny Baird Book Reviews (21)

Dawn Pearson

Crazy Fun5 star

There are times when you want a light, feel good, quirky romance. If that's your mood right now, then I encourage you to check out Crazy for You. In this story, the reader is introduced to a young teacher, Mary Ellen Meeks, who's making a new start in a new town while moving on from heartbreak. Lonely in the new town, she welcomes a wayward rooster in her home and soon learns that she's gotten in a bit over her head when the "crazy" bird keeps trying to escape. However, he always escapes to the same place - directly in front of a particularly handsome neighbor, who turns out to be her boss! Widower and single father, Wes Johnson, is surprised when he takes notice of his new neighbor. And, he's doubly concerned that she turns out to be his new teacher at the school. What follows is all around cuteness. Don't try to think too hard about it, just enjoy the silliness and fun as two lonely people are drawn to each other over caring for a rooster. The book is completely clean and suitable for all ages. My rating - 5 stars 55

Joan T Mueller

Zany Romantic Comedy5 star

Right from the first paragraph, this fun and entertaining tale propels the reader to laughter as we meet the main characters. There is a spark right from the beginning between Mary Ellen and Wes. The author created a warm, friendly, and welcoming school as the workplace and the concept of a small town to give a sense of community. Using a rooster for a pet allowed the reader to see into the hearts of all the characters by the sheer zaniness of this pet choice. The adventures of Mary Ellen and the rooster will awaken childhood in each and every reader. This story was a stellar romantic read that emphasized family values and ways to date when you have children to consider. I would highly recommend it. 55


She's crazy alright!3 star

I have to say this is a somewhat peculiar book. It has a sweet storyline about a widowed dad, Wes, his adorable 5 year old daughter, Emma, and her new kindergarten teacher, Mary Ellen, who lives across the street in the same subdivision. Stop right there. First of all, this woman is a crackpot with a pet rooster named Crazy, who strays from her back yard which leaves Mary Ellen running around the neighborhood in her bathrobe trying to catch the wayward bird. I could have overlooked that insanity, but then Wes and Emma build a chicken coop in Mary Ellen's backyard which is grand fun, but why in the world would you encourage a woman to keepy a barnyard animal in the city when there are no hens to keep him company? No wonder he keeps running away! The straw that broke the camel's back for me was when Mary Ellen had to leave school early because she was so absolutely devastated by Crazy's disappearance that she sobbed herself to sleep. Seriously? I realize the growing relationship between these three characters is the focal point of the story but I was way too annoyed by the nonsense with Crazy to enjoy the lukewarm attraction between Wes and Mary Ellen which was wishy washy to begin with. This romance was so squeaky clean they never even kissed each other and I'm sorry, but that is a deal breaker for me. I read a complimentary copy of this book and all opinions expressed in my voluntary review are completely my own. 35


Sweet and wonderful romance5 star

This sweet romance is a very pleasant story about finding romance in Sweetheart Valley, located in Paradise Virginia. Mary Ellen is new to town as a Kindergarten teacher, a job she loved in her past. She had been on hiatus from teaching, and is back to doing what she wants. She meets Wes, her neighbor across the street, when he rescues her new pet, Crazy. Both are surprised when they next meet, as Wes is the principal where she will be teaching. And one of Mary Ellen's students is the daughter of Wes, Emma. Secrets and loss are prevalent in this light, fun, and lovely story. [I received an early copy of this book and I reviewed it voluntarily.] 55


Wonderful5 star

A wonderful sweet read that was pure fun to read. Such great characters, especially Crazy!! Mary Ellen is sweet and kind as well as determined to get a fresh start in Paradise. Falling for her boss, single dad Wes Johnson was never part of the plan. Living right across the street might be a bit of a problem with that though. So will his adorable daughter Emma. Definitely a book I recommend to everyone. 55

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