Defiant Queen

Now a New York Times bestseller!The Mount Trilogy continues with Defiant Queen... 

I’m his entertainment. His toy. Payment on a debt.
I tell myself I hate him, but every time he walks into the room, my body betrays me. How can I want him and fear him in the same moment?
They told me he’d mess with my head. Make it go to war with my body.
But I didn’t realize it would be complete anarchy.
I should’ve known better. When Mount’s involved, there are no rules.
I will not surrender. I will not show weakness. I’ll stand my ground and make it out of this bargain with my heart and soul intact.
But he has other plans . . .

Defiant Queen is the second book of the Mount Trilogy and should be read following Ruthless King. Mount and Keira's story concludes in Sinful Empire.

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Defiant Queen - Meghan March Book Reviews (657)


Plot Twists and shockers5 star

Keira and Mount finally begin to move past the first stage of their deal/relationship. Loved how they begun to drop certain aspects of themselves to explore their relationship further. Fans of the Beneath series even got a small surprise in a scene with Mount. That cliffhanger at the end. 😱😱🙈 55


Great as always5 star

I love all of Meghan’s books and have read all of them. I didn’t think I would like Mount’s character but after the 2nd book I saw he was more than just the Ruthless character he is portrayed to be. I can’t wait to read the end of this trilogy. 55


@michellesbookstoread2 couldn’t put it down5 star

THE ANTI-HEROES COLLECTION ...MEGHAN MARCH... Lachlan.. or “Mount” and Kiera... Finally I was able to find out where Defiant Queen left us hanging! As soon as it uploaded to my phone I started reading and hours later i finished the series... Sinful Empire answers the questions, introduces more love, passion, suspense, events, glimpse into the darkest and brightest parts of the characters heart and soul! In the end you’ll realize you were holding your breath thru moments of the book, absolutely in love with the style of writing, characters and story lines... Meghan March does it again!! If you haven’t had a chance to check her out- I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it.. BRAVO 55


Amazing Job5 star

Simply amazing! I will was both excited and concerned about this follow-up book. BUT I was pleasantly surprised by the brilliance of allowing us to get to know Mount better. Again, Amazing Job!! 55


Could be so much better2 star

I didn't feel the attraction between these two. I tried to get into it but there really is no pull. It's a good thing these books are so cheap because they are short. And definitely lacking chemistry. As for all the great 5 star reviews..... I guess that's what happens when you give out a bunch of free books to the bloggers who know that the authors will give them a public shout out. Just look at the dates of most of the reviews. They are written way before the book was even for sale. 25


Beautiful suspense5 star

Love it. We get to see more of mount and what makes him and him and the ending... whew! Can’t wait for the next one 55


OMG!!5 star

Love this series! Can not wait for the final book, I already pre ordered it!!! 55


Meagan March did it again!5 star

I have officially binge read everything Meagan puts out as they are extremely hard to put down once you get wrapped up in the story line and this one has to be my favorites. Strong female Kiera turns the tables on the rough Mount….too bad we all have to wait till mid December for the next one ….bring on Lachlan! 55


Scorching!!!!5 star

I LOVE THIS BOOK!!! This is second book in the Mount Trilogy and it is even better than the first one. Don't get me wrong, the first one was awesome, but this was AH-mazing!!!! I devoured it in one sitting and I'm dying for the final book! Defiant Queen picks up exactly where book one left off. You see how Lachlan and Kiera's bond continues to grow. Kiera's spitfire attitude and Mount's alpha-male persona make for some scorching and intense chemistry. They both are head strong and do not want to give in, but after a while you see their walls beginning to crumble. This series is turning out to be one of my favorites from Meghan. Anxiously waiting for Sinful Empire!!!!! Highly recommend this series. 55


What a Rush!5 star

Woah! What a rush! Meghan definitely stepped it up with this one. Especially after having so much trouble getting through the first book. I found myself not being able to put the book down and dying to know what happened next. I didn’t think Mount could be redeemed...but he’s slowly chipping that doubt away. And Keira, the hellion. Meghan always knows how to write a strong heroine. I cannot wait to read the conclusion to their story! 55


How does she do it?4 star

Meghan March keeps you guessing in this fast paced 2nd book of this series. You get a back story on the dark and powerful Mount, and as a reader it helps you fall for him. You also get more Mount and Kiera which really pushes the story forward. I’m waiting anxiously for the 3rd and final installment of those awesome series! 45


Holy Mount <35 star

"The golden rule. He who has the most gold makes the rules... and gets to determine where those lines between right and wrong are drawn." When I finished Ruthless King, I couldn't wait to get my grabby little hands on Defiant Queen. I HAD to have more of Mount and Kiera's story. Let me tell you, it gets better and better. I didn't think it was possible... but it does. Full of fire and passion between two people working in the business of sin. Meghan March is a master and setting the scene and navigating a love/hate romance that happens in the gray area between light and dark. I can't wait for the final book! Hoping these two get their darkly every after. 55


I’m officially in love with the Anti-Hero.5 star

Can I give this baby 27 stars!? Because that’s how many it deserves!! GAHHHHHH!!! OMG!! Lachlan Mount & Kiera Kilgore we met in Ruthless King. Together they burnt up my kindle. Kiera battles with her feelings toward Mount. Why does she want him? Why does he own her body? What is he doing to her mind? How can she want him the way she does when he’s the evil, sinister Lachlan Mount? Lachlan is deliciously deviant on his mission to own Kiera’s fire. She is everything he never believed he could have, and he’ll stop at nothing to have her but he wants her to surrender willingly. Not because she has to. Not because she owes him. But because she needs him. Just when you think it’s going to happen, the shift we’re all waiting for....BAM! Meghan’s evil laughter can be heard (as I imagine her rubbing her hands together) because she’s got you twisted up! Sinful Empire can’t get here quick enough. 55

Wookiee 45

Sassy Queen for the win5 star

5 stars for - Defiant Queen - book two in The Mount Trilogy by Meghan March. This book must be read after book one - Ruthless King - in order to fully understand the story Ms. March has weaved for us. With an epic cliffhanger ending that left me reeling - I can’t wait for the release of Sinful Empire to see just how it all works out. Kiera Kilgore is (as the title states) more defiant than ever throwing sass at every turn. She will have to live up to that fiery redheaded spirit and strong will if she wants to come out on top. Trying to run her business while she’s distracted has admittedly been quite a challenge especially when Lachlan Mount is the one doing all the distracting. She is determined to prove people wrong though, most especially the beautiful man at the center of it all. With such a climactic ending in book two I don’t want to give anything away - just know that you are in for a treat. Now come on book three :) 55


Don’t do this to me!!!5 star

After the ending in Ruthless King I was shaking with anticipation to find out what happened in Defiant Queen. I thought I couldn't be surprised more than I already was with the last book but this one blew Ruthless King out of the water. Seriously not only has Meghan March mastered the art of a cliffhanger to end all cliffhanger but now that she's dipping her toes into the anti-hero, darker side of New Orleans, I can't help but admire how natural it feels to see a darker side of Meghan's brain. I really can't help but to fall in love with her writing even more. Defiant Queen will put you through a gambit of emotions and if you're not screaming at the end there is something wrong with you. If anyone needs me I'll be over here trying to keep busy waiting for Sinful Empire!! "Don't do this to me!! I can't handle this Meghan!" words I screamed to my kindle. :) 55


What a rollercoaster! Defiant Queen will leave you breathless!5 star

Mount is in charge of New Orleans, and his newest acquirement is Keira, and he's not planning on letting her get away. She has other plans. These two, I just can't even. They are reckless, yet intoxicating and scorching hot when they give in to their baser needs. You do need to read Ruthless King prior to diving into Defiant Queen, but you won't be sorry you started this addicting trilogy. I felt that we start to get an inkling of who Mount really is in Defiant Queen, but I loved that we delved deeper into Keira. She's strong, spunky, smart as a whip, and is a serious match for Mount. The dynamic between these two will set you on fire. I don't want the spoil the book by explaining too much, just know that I absolutely loved it, and am dying to read Sinful Empire now! 55


I don’t think Meghan can write a bad book!5 star

Absolutely riveting, this book kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. I could not wait to get this book on my Kindle, and I was not disappointed. Elements that I never could have imagined arose, gasps and size ensued, and we still have one more book to go. Thank heaven we don’t have to wait long, because I️ hate hanging off of a cliff. Everything in this world really does belong to Mount, he has his hands in every aspect. Some characters may meet their demise too soon, too easily, but revenge is well sought. A romance continues to grow that neither character wants, but they can’t resist the magnetic pull. Meghan March is an automatic one click for me, and she should be for you too. 55

Cheryl Norris

Must Read this Book!5 star

This book picks up right where Ruthless King left off, but hold on because the ride that Meghan March takes you is incredible. You find yourself getting into Mount’s head more, and Kiera starts understanding more about him. The sex is hot, the power struggle between the two characters is crazy and hot and sexy. This book surprised me on many levels, but that ending had me like “OMG. No freaking way. She did not just do that. How could she do that?!? How can she just leave us hanging?!?” The ending of this book was crazy. I can’t wait for the next one to find out how all this ends. What happens with Lachlan and Keira? Are they able to work it out and be together? What obstacles will they face? 5 this books is absolutely amazing stars. 55


Holy Mount5 star

Holy Mount! Again, if I didn’t make it clear before, Lachlan Mount is THE man. Anti-hero, bad guy, dominant, whatever you want to call him, he is exactly who needs to control the world! He lives in black and white and all shades in between. Keira never realized the lines were so blurry but now she can’t seem to care. He is getting to her and what’s more, she wants him to. This is the second story in this trilogy and just continues to prove that Meghan March is an evil genius. Ruthless King introduces us to the love/hate relationship between Mount and Keira. The cliffhanger leads to the beginning of Defiant Queen, where we learn a little more about King Mount and begin to see Queen Keira appear. When I found myself yelling at my kindle that it just couldn’t be the end, I realized that Ms. March had done it again. She continues to lead us down this road of cliffhanger heaven and we can’t say no. If you haven’t read Ruthless King, you really need to start there, and then go ahead and get Defiant Queen because you will need it. Way to go Meghan about Sinful Empire.... 55


Fabulous!5 star

Great story! An awesome “anti” hero and heroine in a wonderfully engaging story that is nothing but a pleasure to read. An exciting trilogy that is making it an agonizing wait for Sinful Empire. Meghan March is an outstanding storyteller -a master in the making. 55

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