Sinful Empire

The Mount Trilogy concludes with Sinful Empire! 

What’s mine, I keep, and that includes Keira Kilgore.
It’s no longer enough to have her in my debt. No longer enough to own her body.
I want something more.
She can try to resist, but I’ll never give her up.
Nothing will keep us apart.
Not her. Not my enemies. No one.
Her debt will only be paid one way—with her heart.

Sinful Empire is the third and final book in the Mount Trilogy.

Sinful Empire - Meghan March Summary

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Sinful Empire - Meghan March Book Reviews (541)


Another most anticipated read5 star

I was so excited to have read this book!! Loved every moment reading it. Meghan March keeps stepping up her game with every book that’s released. And this series shows her growth. 55


Sinful Empire5 star

I could read this book over and over again. I love how much passion Mount has for Keira and how you just know he will do anything for her. The first two books are a must read along side this one. 55


Ramped up Sexy!5 star

The conclusion of the Mount Trilogy brings us a better understanding of Mount himself and the motivations that made him who he is today. Danger continues to lurk around each and every corner and the ride is well worth it. Kiera come into herself in this installment,realizing her power and needs and with that Mount finds his true love. Someone who he would die for and someone who is his equal. Kiera understands his motivations and with that she can forgive his dark nature. Friendships are tested and loyalties are questioned but in the end the Sinful Empire is created. This is a fantastic series and I encourage everyone to give it a read! 55

Samantha S!

Love this king and queen5 star

I LOVE THIS KING AND QUEEN! I don’t want the series to end. It was perfect. Every book. Every sentence. Every word. So perfect. This is book 3. Make sure and read book 1 and 2 first! 55


Sinfully Amazing5 star

Amazing ending to an incredible series. Is their love enough to survive all that life keeps throwing at them? This is one of the best series I have read in a long time. If you enjoy dark, demanding, intense and won’t be disappointed. 55


Amazingly Sinful!5 star

Sinful Empire.-Book 3 in Meghan’s Mount Trilogy.. From book one I could not get enough of this series. With the many plot twists and the angst that kept me on the edge of my seat and with the ending in book two- My mind was baffled.. Book three.. Perfect! I was beyond shocked with who was behind the hit on Mount and Keira! Great Trilogy! I’m Definitely going to read again! 55


Absolutely Epic!5 star

I was ECSTATIC when the 3rd installment finally came out, and I wasn't disappointed. Meghan, you did it again! I always know to expect a twist, yet every time I read the plot twist I flabbergasted! I literally sat with my mouth agape! 😱 I fell in love with Lachlan more in this book! He & Keira are such a perfect match. The only critique I have is that, I want more of them!!!!! I'm loving this darker side of New Orleans. & I love how you allowed Keira to accept her role so early in this installment; she no longer was fighting it. Excellent, excellent book! Very well done. 55


Fantastic5 star

A must read Lachlan and Kiera never know what’s coming loved it! An amazing end to a beautiful SERIES! ❤️ 55

Tracey Finck

Are you ready for the conclusion?4 star

The end of the amount Trilogy leaves your jaw hanging! You wanted the answers? Be prepared for them is all I have to say. Just remember that nothing, including love, is black and white in the Big Easy. 45


Stunning Conclusion5 star

An absolute stunning conclusion to the Mount Trilogy. As this series has done again and again, I was completely captivated as we dove into this finale. The intense story and characters are simply flawless. I simply could not put it down. 55


Amazing conclusion5 star

Out of over 200 books read this year, this trilogy was in my top 5. Amazing, jaw dropping, twists and turns. I literally said “I did not see that coming!” Out loud, and garnered some strange looks. But that’s ok, because they just don’t have Lachlan Mount in their lives yet apparently. Sinful Empire was an outstanding conclusion to this trilogy, I can only hope we haven’t seen the end of Mount and his Queen in Meghan’s books. 55

Angela Kimora

Dark Perfection.5 star

These three books are everything. EVERYTHING. What anti-hero? I FELL IN LOVE WITH MOUNT from GO. Maybe because of my mood? I've been craving dark and dirty lately and I couldn't get enough of these. Now that this is out.....go forth and binge if you've been waiting not so patiently. 55


Epic Ending to a Phenomenal Trilogy!5 star

From beginning to end I was enthralled with Sinful Empire. I devoured every delicious, scintillating, beautiful word. I was thrown into the world that is Mount and Keira and did not come up for air until I read the last word, smiling through the tears. Oh what an epic ending to a phenomenal trilogy! 55


"I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book at no cost from the author"4 star

Really great book 45


Ups, downs, twists and turns5 star

If you haven’t read Ruthless King and Defiant Queen, go read them now. Then read this. This series has been a crazy ride and is worth every moment. There are certain things one comes to expect from a Meghan March book. A strong, alpha hero; a strong heroine; super hot sexy times; twists, turns, and surprises. And of course, an amazing story. This book has the alpha hero, or anti-hero, in this case. I love Mount. He has become a favorite of mine. There’s also the strong heroine, Keira. She is a perfect match for Mount. We get all the twists and turns and surprises with an amazing story that keeps you on the edge of your seat. If I had the time, I would have finished this in one sitting. This is a fast paced story that keeps you reading. What this book does not have is the scorching hot sexy times I’ve come to expect from Meghan. I am not complaining. There is some hotness, but it is mild compared to the other books. There is a significant shift in the relationship between Mount and Keira. We get to learn more about Mount’s past and we get quite a bit from his POV. I loved getting to see what happened to make Mount the man he is. This book does not disappoint with all the ups, downs, twists, and turns. While their story is complete and this is a satisfying conclusion to Mount and Keira’s story, I am still left with the feeling of wanting more. 55


Different dates?5 star

It first said the book will be available on the 17th and now it says the 19th? When is it available? 55

Cheryl Norris

Fantastic Conclusion5 star

There is no way to come up with the right words to describe what I just read. This book (heck, this trilogy) was Meghan's best work yet. Lachlan Mount is unlike any Hero I have ever read, but he is now at the top of my book boyfriend list. This man may think he is all dark and not capable of love, but he shows it every step of the way during these books just how much he cares for Kiera. And can we just talk about Kiera for a moment and how freaking amazing she is?!?! This is again one of the all time best Heroines I have ever read. She goes toe to toe with Mount at every turn and its fantastic to watch her turn into his Queen. This book takes you on twists and turns and there are things that you never saw coming. I had so many theories on who shot at Kiera and Mount at the end of Defiant Queen, but my theories couldn't have been more wrong, and for that, I'm so grateful that Meghan wasn't predictable with this part of the storyline. And the outcome of when Lachlan realizes who did everything and when he tells Kiera, and how they respond, nothing better. I can't wait for every single person to read this trilogy and then I dare you to tell me it wasn't one of the best written trilogies ever. 55


Believe the hype5 star

It’s hard to be on social media these days without seeing people talk about this trilogy. How amazing it is. How Mount has pushed Christian Gray aside and become the man all women will lust after. How this series takes you down a path you never saw coming, to a deeper, darker side of NOLA that you have to see for yourself. You might ask yourself if you should believe all the hype. And I’m here to tell you, you should. I can’t say enough great things about this series. I spent most of Defiant Queen trying to figure out where the story was going to end up, and while I did pick out one thing correctly, I was still so far from right. The twists and turns of the final book in this trilogy had me holding on to the edge of my seat while furiously flipping through the pages to see what was going to happen next. Kiera is by far my favorite Meghan March heroine. She was strong in Ruthless King, stronger in Defiant Queen, and she stepped it up even further in Sinful Empire. There is no one more suited than her sit on the thrown beside the King of NOLA. The give and take between these two characters is fantastic, and I absolutely loved seeing how far she could push him, and what he would do to her in return. I’m amazed at how spectacular this entire series was, each book getting better and better. This book was everything I hoped to would be and more. 55


#MountUp Fabulous conclusion to this phenomenal trilogy!5 star

Amazing! Sexy! Suspenseful! Twists and Turns! Phenomenal conclusion that has everything. A sexy anti hero that you will love and a strong sassy heroine. Highly recommend this trilogy. A must read. 55


Phenomenal read!!!5 star

It’s taken me a few hours to wrap my head around this story. To say I have a book hangover is an understatement. Meghan March has taken Mount, a man I wasn’t sure I even liked at the start of the first book, and has made me fall head over heels for him. He’s grown so much in this trilogy, and he couldn’t have a better heroine than Keira. Seeing her come in to her own, and see a side of her we haven’t seen before is freaking awesome. There are twists and turns throughout this story, and will have you in tears at some parts, and wanting you to kick butt at others. This is the perfect ending to this epic trilogy, that you NEED to read!!! 55

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