Iron Princess

New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author Meghan March continues the story of her next devastating and damaged anti-hero in Iron Princess.

He’s a mystery. An enigma. 
His very identity is a secret buried beneath layers of deception.
He’s also an addiction I can’t shake. An attraction I can’t fight. 
And then I found out exactly who he is—a man more dangerous than the devil himself.
Now I need him in order to save everything that matters to me. 
I have to pull back. Protect myself from the danger that haunts his every step. 
Which would be easy . . . if I could stop myself from falling in love with him.

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4.5 stars4 star

4.5 stars I enjoyed this book, but not as much as Savage Prince (book 1 in the trilogy). I did not see as much angst or mystery like the first book that had me drooling for this book. The big catch was the ending. Is he dead? Will she forgive him? Is she safe now? Can Tempe and Saxon be together now? Will she want to? I can't wait to read Rogue Royalty to see how this all ends. 45


Always leaves me SITTING ON THE EDGE OF MY SEAT!5 star

Absolutely LOVE this series. Can not wait for the next one. 55

Jessica Townsend

Mind blowing !!5 star

Iron princess Meghan March Reviews on goodreads. Amazon. The book addict. Omg !! You are the freaking queen of cliffhangers !!! That was absolutely breathtaking!! I can’t wait for the last book !!! Seriously woman !! I’m so glad these stories come to you and these people bug you until you write there story !! Whew!! I don’t know where to go from here .... come on may 22!!! 55


Still in love!5 star

I love that we received some answers & learned more about the main male. I love being back in this world Meghan has created, & I still love & felt for Temperance. That cliffhanger was a doozy, but I hope I have guessed what is really happening with that cliffhanger! Again, can’t wait to finish the trilogy with Rogue Royalty! 55

Cabrera j

Whoa!5 star

What in the..... Ok, just when you think it can’t get any better it does! I don’t know how she does it, but Meghan does the unthinkable. The twists and turns in the story proved all my theories wrong. I can’t believe my eyes!!! I need more! Another 5++++ story!! 55


Not 4 me1 star

Wow the storyline is toooooooo incredible! Deleted the book before finishing. 15


Absofreakinglutely BRILLIANT!!!5 star

I’ve been rendered speechless yet again. Just plain shocked stupid. Iron Princess was absolutely everything I hoped it would be—unpredictable, jaw-dropping and downright panty-melting. I know I shouldn’t be the least bit surprised with the kind of ending that was, but I’m still struggling to get my thoughts and emotions together even hours after I’ve already finished and put the book down. My mind is just whirring and buzzing, trying to figure out how or where all of the pieces now fit in the bigger picture. It’s quite rare nowadays to find a story that’s dead set to wreak havoc on your entire being. But this book... this series is the very definition of that. Meghan March just never fails to make me feel like I’m going to topple over and fall off the edge with the next page or next chapter that I read. To have my heart melting and swooning to death one moment, and have my eyes popping out of their sockets the next. I truly crave and relish that unique kind of adrenaline rush I only experience with her words. It just kept my heart pounding on high speeds and had me at the edge of my seat the entire time. It’s one of those books that’s hard not to devour right away. Because you just won’t be able to help it. The action... the constant mind-blowing twists... they’ll definitely make you want more and more. And the thrill it gave me was just sublime. You get a disarmingly sweet, yet strong and bada** heroine—one who’s always put on a brave face and was almost unfazable all throughout. A deliciously sexy, yet broody, possessive and overprotective hero—one who exudes danger and excitement, and an alpha male to the core. Add in some seriously provocative scenes, an undeniably electrifying chemistry between these two characters, a plot that’s enough to induce multiple mini heart attacks... And you have the perfect recipe for a blindingly explosive and unputdownable read. I’m pretty sure I’m not even close to being mentally nor emotionally ready for all this to be over yet—I want so much more of this world and these characters—but I’m also dead anxious to get my hands on that finale already. I desperately want to know what happens next. I just need to know why in the holy hell this book ended that way! And honestly, I now have a very unhealthy, yet satiating addiction to anti heroes, and I only have Meghan March to blame for it. 55


Loved it!5 star

Wow, I thought I loved Savage Prince. And I did, but book two is even more amazing if that’s possible. Temperance is my idol!! I love her! And Tanner, hot doesn’t even begin to describe him. Let’s not forget about the spellbinding story that I finished in a day because I HAD to. And now book three can’t get here fast enough. It took another day for my heart o calm down! Another home run from Meghan. 55


She did it again!5 star

I have loved each and every story from Meghan March. The storylines keep you interested and you fee like you are there in the story. Only wishing the next one could come out earlier 😘 55


Fabulous5 star

Temperance and Kane OMG.... it just gets better and better talk about 🔥🔥🔥! Couldn’t put it down! 55


Couldn’t Put It Down!5 star

If you’re not reading this author already, I highly recommend you start because she is one to watch! Each book comes at you with intensity and a yumminess that hits you right in the face and keeps you coming back for more. She’s the type of author that makes you think, she can’t possibly top that.....and then does. Each book grows bolder, hotter, sexier, filthier and then tosses in the questions, the fierceness, twists and turns and the OMG!!!!!.....”I have to have more!” moments that are so ridiculously addictive, that I proudly consider myself an addict to Meghan March’s books. Iron Princess picks up immediately after Savage Prince (which was amazing- said in sing-song voice!). Our girl, Temperance, is now faced with a do or die situation and her key to safety is none other than her mystery man from the club! The attraction, the chemistry and the protectiveness is laid out in heaps... and then some. There is an element of angst, self-denial from both and then there’s the whole, something-so-wrong-but-is-so-right situation going on. And let’s not forget the entire life endangering aspect, forced to be with a man who is willing to risk life and limb for you...even though- if the wrong life is presented to him, he will take in a second. This book had me buzzing in the most delightful way and I can’t wait or recommend or love this book as hard as I can right now! In case you were looking for a read that has some mystery, twists, and absolutely white hot love scenes, with a whole bunch of extra content, I’m here to tell you that Iron Princess has arrived for your pleasure. This is book #2 of the trilogy and I can’t wait to see what Ms. March has in store for us next 55

Samantha S!

Can’t wait for book 3!! That cliffhanger though5 star

MM writing is out of this world. Every book of hers gets better and better. Iron princess is book 2... another cliffhanger and it seems like forever until book 3 but I know it will totally be worth the wait!! This book is dark, sexy, hot, it’s everything. Seriously I don’t know how she does it. AHHHHH 55


Intense5 star

Iron Princess is the second part of the Savage Trilogy. While a few questions are answered from Savage Prince, there are more asked in Iron Princess. I was hooked, I was ENTHRALLED. The characters are strong, sexy and determined. The plot just hooks you, and it feels like a fast read. There is a lot going on, but nothing overwhelming. This cast of characters gets under your skin, and the intensity has left me absolutely breathless while I wait for the the conclusion 55


5 Amazing Stars! A must read!!5 star

Once again Meghan March does not disappoint! An amazing ride in book 2 of this trilogy. Hang on because it’s bumpy. Scorching chemistry, secrets, twist and turns and a jaw dropping ending that makes you beg for book 3. 55


An amazing must read!!!5 star

I just finished this book, and wow. Omgah. I just can’t put in to words the feels this book brings!!!! We start to see the feelings develop between these two, and it’s just as explosive as they are in bed.... or anywhere else they get together. From the very first page to the very last, Meghan March will have you drawn in and wanting more! I think I say with every book she writes that it’s my favorite, but she keeps going above and beyond anything I could imagine. A phenomenal must read!!! 55


Getting to know our “Sexy Stranger”4 star

Meghan finally gives us some answers in this second book of the Savage trilogy. Getting to know our “Sexy Stranger” was almost as amazing as getting to know more of Mount. The cliffhangers? Has anyone dubbed Meghan the “Queen of Cliffhangers” yet? Lol She knows how to leave us on the edge of our seats, and I can not wait for Rogue Royalty to come in, wrap up all of the confusion, and give us what we’ve been waiting for!! Great job Meghan!! 45

Wookiee 45

Things are getting hotter5 star

4.5 stars for - Iron Princess - book two in the Savage Trilogy by Meghan March. This book picks up immediately after the cliffhanger ending of Savage Prince and takes you on a ride through the French Quarter that you won't ever forget. Just be prepared that the cliffhanger in the first book was absolutely nothing compared to the one she leaves us with in part two! Temperance Ransom is in trouble and Mount sent someone to help her. The only problem is the man sent to help her comes with all types of issues she isn't prepared to deal with. Growing up she learned never to expect a good outcome so she does what she has to do and hopes for the best. With danger and deceit around every corner she does whatever she can do to survive. The danger, mystery and steam were all dialed up in this one and it left you on the very edge of your seat. With only one book left to go and so many questions needing answers I can not wait to see how MM will weave the rest of the tale in Rogue Royalty! 55


5 plus stars!!!5 star

Wow!!!! Book Two in The Savage Trilogy is fantastic and leaves off where Savage Prince ends. In Iron Princess you finally get the mystery mans name, Kane. He is seriously all alpha. Even his name sounds alpha! Temperance is head strong and so determined to do what she needs to do to run Seven Sinners and continue making art all while worrying about her brother. The chemistry between them is incredibly intense and HOT!!!!! While this book does end with a cliffhanger, it is totally worth it to read now!!!! Meghan’s writing is absolutely addictive!! 55


Yes, that's right, Iron Princess is 10 flames!!!!5 star

I’ll leave this here: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Yes, that's right, Iron Princess is 10 flames!!!! The chemistry that is between the pages of this book is off the charts!!!! I knew from reading The Ruthless King series and Savage Prince that Temperance was going to be a force to be reckoned with and she is proving that to be true! I need more STAT, how am I going to wait for Rogue Royalty?????? 55

Christine Miller28

What a ride!5 star

This is book 2 in a 3 book trilogy. Don't read this one without reading book 1 and be prepared for a cliffy leading into book 3. This book gave me so many of the answers I was begging for after the end of book 1. Temperance and Kane's relationship progresses as well as we see her struggle with the fine line between love and hate for this man that consumes her. Kane wants nothing more than to make Temperance his, but he knows that is not something that he can have in his life. The writing was powerful and the feelings that these two feel for one another pour off of the pages. It was so well written and so much feeling. And the story is absolutely perfect! There is so much intrigue and suspense and I love how this trilogy wraps into some of Ms. March's other books. It's story telling perfection! I can't wait for book 3! 55

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