The Sixth Day

Special agents Nicholas Drummond and Michaela Caine take on a criminal mastermind in the next captivating thriller in the New York Times bestselling A Brit in the FBI series. “Coulter and Ellison smoothly mix contemporary political issues with eerie historical legend in this fast-paced” (Publishers Weekly) thriller.

The mystery: shocking.

When several major political figures die mysteriously, officials blame their deaths on natural causes. However, when a small drone is spotted at the scene of the most recent death, it quickly becomes clear to FBI agents Nicholas and Michaela that there’s more to this mystery than meets the eye.

The key: indecipherable.

Dr. Isabella Marin is a language expert, and she’s dedicated her entire life to researching an ancient text that has long been considered indecipherable…that is, until now. When it becomes clear that there’s an alarming pattern between the text and the recent deaths, she teams up with the FBI to find the link. It’s clear that the manuscript is the key to catching the killer. But how?

The case: nearly impossible.

When Nicholas and Michaela uncover plans for a devastating attack on London, they must race against the clock to stop the killer before it’s too late. Not only are they in danger of losing the manuscript—an object of extreme value—but they’re also at risk of losing more innocent lives: including their own.

With their signature heart-pounding tension and suspense, Catherine Coulter and J.T. Ellison's The Sixth Day is “another amazing entry in this ongoing series” (Associated Press).

The Sixth Day - Catherine Coulter Summary

The Sixth Day may refer to: The 6th Day, a 2000 film featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger The Sixth Day: Single Collection, 2004 compilation album by Gackt The Sixth Day and Other Tales, a collection of stories by Primo Levi, with a story titled "The Sixth Day" The Sixth Day (1986 film), a 1986 film directed by Youssef Chahine..

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The Sixth Day - Catherine Coulter Book Reviews (106)


The Sixth Day1 star

Oh my goodness Catherine Coulter needs to stop co-writing with JT Ellison I’m all for the Brit series, however, it’s so redundant and mindlessly detailed especially with the computer language the story could have been written in 300 pages in lieu of the 500+ pages of senseless details Sorry but I give it only a one star JMT 15


The Sixth Day5 star

This is a book that is hard to put down. Really liked the characters and plot. Hope to see another one soon featuring them 55


The Sixth Day1 star

Not up to Catherine Coulter standards. Very dull and quite far fetched Too much into fantasy 15


The Sixth Day5 star

I try to pace myself, I really do when a new book in the series comes out! However, as usual, it was a page turner & I could barely put it down. Terrific as always with a little creep factor I wasn’t sure about in the beginning. Catherine Coulter never disappoints 55


Not Impressed3 star

Disappointed with the ebb and flow and back and forth. Not one of her better books. Maybe better for someone caught up in the cult world, but not for me who likes a good mystery. 35


Chatter3 star

Plot was gone. There was way to much running on in conversations. Meaningless dialogue. 35


The sixth day5 star

One of Catherine Coulter’s best books. Love Nicholas and Mike..kept me in suspense most of the way. Hope she brings both characters back. Rosemarie Frutchey 55

judy - binghanton

The Sixth Day5 star

Fast paced, exciting. Love Coulter, I always learn something during her books. Can’t wait for the next one! 55

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