The Girls Across the Bay

A bond stronger than blood. A connection that could end it all. 
Madigan Knox and Grace Sheppard became sisters the day they entered their foster home. After living through a childhood nightmare, one brave act set them free, but split them apart into different homes.
As adults, they are reunited in the small coastal town they dreamed of living in as children, but the reality of life in Tall Pines is far from what they had imagined.
When a woman is found dead​ in her home​, Madigan reports on the crime while Grace investigates. A dark connection to the victim is discovered, pulling them both closer to the crime and the traumatic past they are desperate to move on from. 
With old wounds ripped open and dark secrets threatening their bond, the sisters must rely on each other more than ever before to survive.

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The Girls Across the Bay - Emerald O'Brien Book Reviews (457)


The Girls Across the Bay5 star

I give this suspenseful novel 5 stars. It will hold your attention and keep you guessing right to the very end. 55

Avid Reader QC

Fascinating, complex, unpredictable, and ultimately satisfying to read.5 star

Fascinating, complex, unpredictable, and ultimately satisfying to read. 55


The girls across the bay5 star

A gripping read I couldn’t put down. Just about the time I thought I knew who was guilty, I was wrong. Kept me in suspense to the very end. 55

Saucey Cher

Refreshing5 star

A book that had a new plot twist. It didn’t have filthy language. Best of all, it was a complete book with no cliffhanger so you buy the next book. 55


Girls Across the Bay5 star

It was a great story. The ending was sure a big surprise. 55

frosty 12

The Girls Across The Bay4 star

Enjoyed reading. Very good twist at end. 45

Gigi Judy

The Girls Across the Bay3 star

Good story. Good character development. Misspelled words were a distraction. Use of wrong word as in “pouring” when “poring” was appropriate was also distracting. 35


Excellent book5 star

This is a great book. Not only a mystery/thriller that draws you into the story quickly but an emotional tour de force. The characters are so well written that they will stay with me for a long time. “Sisters” Maddie and Grace so believable and so human. This story brings out some of the horrors of Foster care (Even though most foster parents have great hearts and love beyond belief their my Niece Ashlyn and hubby Seth). Some of what the characters went through are probably foster specific, but resonated with my dysfunctional childhood and mirrored some of my own issues. If you want a book with “feels”, this is it. Overwhelming love, anger, tears it’s all there. Do yourself a favor and get this book. 55


Splendid!5 star

This is a superbly written novel with everything for which a reader could ask! Emerald O’Brien’s description of the main characters has such reality imbedded. Their difficulty believing in themselves, questioning whether their decisions are the right ones, doubting their abilities and intelligence...these things are exactly what happens to real people who have suffered grave abuse. With drama, action, completely unforeseen plot twists and more, I highly recommend this book. 4.8/5⭐️ I was given a complimentary copy of this book, but happily give my honest review. 55

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