Southerlands: The Complete Collection

Fall in love with the Southerlands in this complete collection of all eight full length novels and a bonus novella!


Town doctor Jude Southerland is known for two things: saving lives and ducking marriage. So when he ends up spending time with Autumn Maddox, people notice. Jude’s determined to be her knight in shining armor, but Autumn gave up on happily ever afters, small southern towns, and herself a long time ago. Can he convince her their love is meant to be?


Chef Bailey Southerland and farmer Trace Campbell have been dancing around each other for years. When another man expresses interest in more than Bailey’s cooking, Trace has to dig his head out of the dirt and put his heart on the line or risk losing the woman he loves.


Jude asked Autumn to marry him, and she said yes. But an unexpected surprise leaves everyone wondering if they'll make it to the altar on time.


Neither single mother Summer and recovering soldier Travis are interested in a relationship, but a practical arrangement might be just what their wounded hearts need. And just because they aren’t looking for love doesn’t mean it won’t find them.


Rachel Southerland’s life runs on a tight schedule, and Ian Maxwell hasn't worn a watch in years. Can they work together to find something richer than either of them imagined or will they miss seeing the love standing right in front of them?


 Samantha Braxton is the only child of emotionally distant parents. Growing up, she had everything a child could want except the love and warmth she craves. Will Blake Southerland’s big pushy loving family overwhelm or charm her and will the clash of their cultures be one more wedge between them or will the beautiful English rose help the jaded businessman find his way home?


Before Taylor Southerland can figure out her next move, she has to finish her job, which means finding a way to work with the fast talking Yankee, intent on planting his sexy broad shoulders and tattooed biceps in her path. Matthew Thorne doesn't need a spoiled Southern belle sticking her nose in his business. He wants to finish his work, get back on his bike and move on to the next job. Taylor thinks he’s dangerous and Matthew’s sure she’s trouble, but it doesn’t stop things from heating up between them. Can they see the buried truth or are the biker and the belle destined to stay lost to each other?


Lawyer Andrew Coles needs a date for the next Southerland wedding, one who will keep the pitying looks at bay and make his favorite bridesmaid regret walking away from him. A car accident lands exotic dancer Candy Graham on the wrong side of the law. She needs a lawyer fast, preferably one who can be flexible with payment. A business arrangement solves both of their problems. Until a relationship of convenience turns into something neither can live without.


Adam Southerland is the last man standing. It’s not by choice. He wants one special person to come home to at the end of the day, someone to build a family with, but his job as a cop doesn’t make it easy. Her husband's death in Afghanistan, left Erica alone and her son without a father. Erica and her son need a man in their lives and Adam wants the job. But she’s not falling for a guy who carries a gun. Can he convince her to take a chance on them or will he be left alone again without someone to love?

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