Where the Crawdads Sing

#1 New York Times Bestseller
A Reese Witherspoon x Hello Sunshine Book Club Pick

"I can't even express how much I love this book! I didn't want this story to end!"--Reese Witherspoon

"Painfully beautiful."--The New York Times Book Review

"Perfect for fans of Barbara Kingsolver."--Bustle

For years, rumors of the "Marsh Girl" have haunted Barkley Cove, a quiet town on the North Carolina coast. So in late 1969, when handsome Chase Andrews is found dead, the locals immediately suspect Kya Clark, the so-called Marsh Girl. But Kya is not what they say. Sensitive and intelligent, she has survived for years alone in the marsh that she calls home, finding friends in the gulls and lessons in the sand. Then the time comes when she yearns to be touched and loved. When two young men from town become intrigued by her wild beauty, Kya opens herself to a new life--until the unthinkable happens.

Perfect for fans of Barbara Kingsolver and Karen Russell, Where the Crawdads Sing is at once an exquisite ode to the natural world, a heartbreaking coming-of-age story, and a surprising tale of possible murder. Owens reminds us that we are forever shaped by the children we once were, and that we are all subject to the beautiful and violent secrets that nature keeps.

Where the Crawdads Sing - Delia Owens Summary

Where the Crawdads Sing is a 2018 novel by Delia Owens. It has topped the The New York Times Fiction Best Sellers of 2019 for 20 non-consecutive weeks. The story follows two timelines that slowly intertwine. The first timeline describes the life and adventures of a young girl named Kya as she grows up isolated in the marsh of North Carolina from 1952–1969. The second timeline follows a murder investigation of Chase Andrews, a local celebrity of Barkley Cove, a fictional coastal town of North Carolina. The book was selected for Reese Witherspoon's Hello Sunshine Book Club in September 2018 and for Barnes & Noble's Best Books of 2018. By March 2019, the book reached 1.5 million copies sold...

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Where the Crawdads Sing - Delia Owens Book Reviews (18,985)


Where the Crawdads Sing5 star

Thoroughly loved this book, so real...I swear I could smell marsh musk and feel the heat! Kudos....more, more,more!! 55



What a GREAT book! Loved every minute of it!! 55


Hreat5 star

Love it 55


Where The Crawdads Sing5 star

One of the best books I've ever read. From the syntax and imagery, to the meticulous detailing of nature. The 2 stories within flowed together like the water and sea, as so eloquently described within these pages. 55



This is the best book I have read in years. I was sad when I finished and wanted more. You really get involved with the characters. 55


Where the Crawdads Sing5 star

My favorite book I’ve read in a long time. 55


Not much going for it2 star

Don’t get how this book turned out to be a best seller. The characters were one dimensional and the story line is tedious at times. There could have been a better plot if the author developed the love between marsh girl and tate. And the twist at the very end was just weird. 25


Moving words and creativity5 star

Author painted such a beautiful picture in great words of detail, I highly recommend this read. 55


Extraordinary5 star

This extraordinary book, a first novel, takes your breath away. It is brilliantly written with a beautifully drawn main character that you feel from the first pages. The plot is captivating. What a talent! 55


Excellent read5 star

Loved this book. I could not put it down. 55

Keith Sk.

Great novel5 star

One of the best novels that I have read. Well written and tender. 55


Incredible. This book resonates5 star

Where the Crawdads Sing is a rare delight. Delia Owens has created a character who springs to life from the first pages. The reader grows with Kya as she explores her world of the marsh and takes small, tentative steps into a world that has rejected her. I haven’t read a book that reaches into my soul like this book has in years. 55


Where the Crawdads Sing5 star

My motherly instincts made me want to crawl into the pages of this book and hold and protect Kya. This was the best book I’ve read in a long time. I loved all the nature descriptions and the ending was perfect. 55


Where the Crawdads Sing5 star

Among the very best. Beginning to end, it hugs your heart. 55


Loved it!5 star

I started on a Monday and finished it by Thursday night. It has been quite a while that I found a book that sparked my interest so much and I couldn’t put it down. I have recommended it out to many people. Awesome read! 55


You won’t be disappointed5 star

One of the best books I’ve read in years! 55


Great Read5 star

Loved this book!! 55


You need to read this book5 star

I started this and stopped. I picked it back up months later and am SO glad I did. This book is incredible. It’s all-consuming, poignant, hopeful and beautifully written. I can’t wait to read it again. 55


Wonderful book5 star

I agree with some critics that this book gets a bit wordy but it’s a great story, one even my suspense reading husband enjoyed. It will stay with you long after you finish and I loved the ending. 55

Quicky Lucille

Where the Crawdads Sing5 star

One of the best books I have ever read. I read so many books I just go from the one to the next. Half the time I can’t even remember the story. I will remember this as one. If she didn’t win the Pulitzer she should have. 55

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