Whiskey and Gunpowder

Something old,
Something new,
Something borrowed,

In twenty-four hours, Addison Holmes will be a married woman. Maybe. 

A week to plan a wedding in the south is not for the fainthearted, but Addison (along with the help of her neurotic mother, unreliable sister, and unpredictable Aunt Scarlet) are determined to pull it off. 

There’s just one problem. Okay…two problems. 

Problem #1: The preacher is missing. 

This seems like a bad omen to Addison, and all the best investigators she knows are taking part in the pre-wedding festivities (that’s code for drunk). 

That leaves one man for the task: FBI Special Agent Matt Savage. But Addison isn’t sure he’s the man for the job. She and Savage have a complicated history, and Savage could make the preacher disappear forever if it served his own agenda. 

Problem #2: Rosemarie Valentine is in charge of booking the bridal party for a spa day. Enough said. 

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Whiskey and Gunpowder - Liliana Hart Book Reviews (255)

Mrs. Night Owl

Funny and Entertaining5 star

I think I’ve found a new favorite author!!! This was a funny and enjoyable read. 55


Whisky & Gunpowder5 star

Well, this must be the final book in this series and I must say that I am Sad to see it end. The characters are real and you can’t help but become attached to them. There are parts that are so hilarious that it brings tears. Please if you see this review, start at the beginning of the series with book one. Happy ready!! 55


Whiskey and Gunpowder5 star

Read this in two days, could not wait to read what Addison was going to get into next. Loved the ending! At times I laughed till I cried. My husband said, it must be good for you to laugh out loud! 55


Whiskey and gunpowder5 star

This series gets better with each book! 55


Best series ever!!5 star

Great read. This is one of my favorite authors!! Bitter sweet it ending. Thanks Scott, it was definitely funny!!! Laugh out loud funny!!! Going to have a book hangover from this one. Love LOVE love this series!!!! 55


The End5 star

Great book! I suggest you read the other books before the series but it has enough background stories if you don’t. Addison is still a trouble magnet and solving cases on the fly. Honestly this book had comedy, drama, and romance. If you like this series I suggest you check out the JJ Graves series too. 55

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