For the record, I’m not going to hook up with my boss.

I'm a lot of things—a screwup, a basket case, a flunky. But when I take a nanny job to be near my pregnant sister, I swear to myself I’ll walk the straight and narrow, which means I cannot fall for my insanely hot boss.

I don't want to be tempted by that rugged rancher. By his chiseled muscles or southern charm or the way he snuggles his kids at bedtime. Ethan Carter won't get the key to my heart, no matter how much I want him. 

Between us, she's the last thing I need as I finalize my hellish divorce. 

What sane man trying to rebuild his life wants a hot nanny with long, sexy hair, curves for miles, and a smart mouth? A perfectly kissable, pouty mouth that I shouldn't notice.

My focus is on my kids and my ranch, not the insufferable siren who sleeps in the room next to mine. It doesn't matter that she wins over my kids in a heartbeat or runs my life better than I do. Tori Duran is the one woman I can't have and shouldn't want, no matter how much I crave her.

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Amazing5 star

This book is amazing I absolutely could not put it down and read the whole thing in a day and a half. Definitely a must read!!!! 55


Reckless5 star

Absolutely loved this book 55

Carli clair

Omg! Awesome!! ❤️❤️5 star

True love story! Couldn’t put the book down!! Definitely worth the read! Now off to find another book by you!! 55



This is probably the best book I’ve ever read. I bought it two days ago and finished it in a day and a half. I literally COULD NOT put it down!!!!! I highly recommend you read it not to mention the chemistry between Tori and Ethan is the amount of passion I had when I met my fiancé 😍 finally a story where people actually fight for love and shows the raw truth that relationships aren’t always easy!!!!! 55


Best book I've EVER read.5 star

Seriously could not put the book down. Usually takes me weeks to read a book, having kids and all. I read this in two day!! Absolutely loved this book. I was so sucked in i may have to start shameless. 55


Loved This book!5 star

Loved this book, the cowboy story is the best part so yes most definitely write one about Logan! 55


O.M.G5 star

I am in need of more Ethan and Tori. IMMEDIATELY! 🤤🤤 55


Loved this book!!!5 star

I couldn't put this book down. The characters are so real and relatable. Tori is awesome and hilarious! I caught myself laughing out loud many times. Ethan is my new book boyfriend - Yum! Get this book! You will not be disappointed. 55

Love this game but need help

Reckless!! What a great book!!5 star

I was scrolling on Facebook when I came across this book I read the first chapter and I was hooked!! This was a great book! I haven’t enjoyed a book since I read the outsiders in 8th grade! I’m 20 now!! You should really write about what happened after they get married if they have kids or not and what happens with the ex!! Also write a book about logan!! I’d give it 100 stars if I could !!!❤️ 55


Amazing!5 star

As a horse girl myself I LOVED it!! Very realistic with the expectations of ranch life! Could NOT put it down. NEED a Logan book ASAP!!!!! 55

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