Five Years Gone

"There is not a doubt in my mind that this book will be one of the top books of 2018 for me.” —5 stars, Julie from Hey Girl HEA

The most brazen terrorist attack in history. A country bent on revenge. A love affair cut short. A heart that never truly heals.

I knew on the day of the attack that our lives were changed forever. What I didn’t know then was that I’d never see John again after he deployed. One day he was living with me, sleeping next to me, making plans with me. The next day he was gone.

That was five years ago. The world has moved on from that awful day, but I’m stuck in my own personal hell, waiting for a man who may be dead for all I know. At my sister’s wedding, I meet Eric, the brother of the groom, and my heart comes alive once again. 

The world is riveted by the capture of the terrorist mastermind, brought down by U.S. Special Forces in a daring raid. Now I am trapped between hoping I’ll hear from John and fearing what’ll become of my new life with Eric if I do. 

From a New York Times bestselling author, Five Years Gone, a standalone contemporary, is an epic story of love, honor, duty, unbearable choices and impossible dilemmas. 

93,000 words/400 pages

Five Years Gone - Marie Force Summary

"Five Years Gone" is the twentieth episode of the first season of the NBC science fiction drama series Heroes. It is the last episode before the three-part finale of season one. This episode was originally known as "String Theory." The title was changed to "Five Years Gone", and "String Theory" was used as the title of Chapter 30 in the graphic novels...

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Holy SMOKES!!!5 star

What an amazing story! This book is a page turner from chapter 1. Definitely NOT the “Military Romance” some people imagine it to be. Such a refreshing story that has never been told before, the characters keep you on the edge of your seat the entire book! I definitely cried during this read but it’s because the characters pull you in and you can feel their emotion through Marie’s words! This book is a must read and totally worth the few dollars to purchase! 55


Five Years Gone5 star

An amazing and complex standalone from Maine Force!!! So many different layers to this story!!! 55


Five Years Gone5 star

Very good book. Couldn’t put it down. 55


Well Written4 star

This was a well written book that was a pleasant read. Quite honestly she ended up with the wrong guy, in my opinion, but I enjoyed the book as a whole. 45

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