Red War

*Instant #1 New York Times Bestseller*

The #1 New York Times bestselling series returns with Mitch Rapp racing to prevent Russia’s gravely ill leader from starting a full-scale war with NATO.

“Mills is the only writer capable of filling the enormous void left by Vince Flynn.”—The Real Book Spy

When Russian president Maxim Krupin discovers that he has inoperable brain cancer, he’s determined to cling to power. His first task is to kill or imprison any of his countrymen who can threaten him. Soon, though, his illness becomes serious enough to require a more dramatic diversion—war with the West.

Upon learning of Krupin’s condition, CIA director Irene Kennedy understands that the US is facing an opponent who has nothing to lose. The only way to avoid a confrontation that could leave millions dead is to send Mitch Rapp to Russia under impossibly dangerous orders. With the Kremlin’s entire security apparatus hunting him, he must find and kill a man many have deemed the most powerful in the world.

Success means averting a war that could consume all of Europe. But if his mission is discovered, Rapp will plunge Russia and America into a conflict that neither will survive.

“In the world of black-ops thrillers, Mitch Rapp continues to be among the best of the best” (Booklist, starred review).

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Red War - Vince Flynn & Kyle Mills Book Reviews (1,897)


Barely able to finish1 star

Terrible book. I had hope that Kyle would be able to take over for Vince but he just can’t. Besides the characters names, there is absolutely nothing in this story that would make you think it was the same storyline. The dialogue is terrible to the point I had to keep taking breaks away from this book. Even the action sequences were more of a shoot em up instead of thought out plan. Don’t waste your time on this book. 15


Among the best of Mitch Rapp books5 star

Another reviewer wrote that he found Azarov weak here; I think he was at his most compelling and believable. Not that you look to Mitch Rapp for believable story lines! I laughed here and there at comedic comments or episodes that break the tension. That’s pretty rare in a spy thriller, and I like it. 55

rip vince flynn

Disappointed1 star

Not worth the read compared to prior books in the series Characters are poorly interrelated you really don’t care what happens to anyone . By the end rapp is such a disconnected figure you have no sympathy left for him. The plot lines get sillier and more unbelievable as the scenes unfold . 15


I Liked It 👍🏻5 star

From the first page to the last, I loved reading this novel. Some scenes were written with such crisp description I could see and feel everything that was happening. And some parts were even funny. One thing in particular I appreciated was I never felt lost. I always knew who was who and where everybody was, which is hard to do when Rapp is flying from continent to continent. This level of clear writing doesn’t happen by accident. Overall, an excellent read. Bravo Mr. Mills 👏🏻 55

John Nemo

fast paced and well done5 star

Another really good read, fast paced, fun and a quick read. Very enjoyable and nicely done! 55


Red war1 star

The worst of the great Mitch Rapp novels. Eminently missable. 15


Boring and not up to past standards1 star

I have read a good many of past books in this series. It appears that the current writing has lost much of the subtle appeal of Mitch Rapp. This plot is not up to past standards as well. There comes a time to move on. 15

3g(s) Freak

Excellent as always5 star

Another great Mitch Rapp thriller! 55

grady #vinceflynn

Red war5 star

Although this is not Vince Flynn, it’s well worth the read and I look forward to the next adventures of Mitch Rapp. Thanks for not letting his fans down. 55


Yet4 star

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